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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Attention by my dear on 8 April 2003 8:49am
In a previous thread, I suggested that there're a thousand reasons a person might post a comment at a forum such as this.

I've been posting my thoughts at this forum for a few weeks now, and in that time a number of forum members have suggested that I'm nothing more than a troublemaker who's 'just trying to get attention'.

Actually, I happen to agree with that statement wholeheartedly.

One of the reasons we post our comments is, in fact, to get attention from others - it's not the only reason, but it's certainly one of the big ones. Seriously - are you going to tell me that when you post a comment at a forum such as this, you hope that nobody reads your comment?

That's absurd.

We all desire attention - this is the reason we participate in forums and in discussions. We exchange ideas because we're tyring to sort stuff out. The reason we talk is because we're attempting to learn. If we knew everything then we wouldn't have to speak at all.

To quote E.M. Forster: "The perfectly adjusted organism is silent."

What makes me laugh is that people who post that I'm 'just trying to get attention' are themselves just trying to get attention! They're attempting to win the approval of their fellow board members.

Simply put: yes, I am attempting to get attention: I feel that I have things that need to be said - things that other people won't or can't say, either because they don't want to express such ideas for fear of being blacklisted, or because they're too ignorant to work matters through and create ideas of their own.

Look, the world was once thought to be flat. People who said it was round were actually burned at the stake for having voiced an idea that was different than everyone else's. "The world is really round..." "You sacreligious swine! Take that back, immediately." "If you sail your boat towards the horizon, you won't sail off the edge. I guarantee it." "You swine!" "No, seriously, you actually can circumnavigate the globe... in fact, you can do it in eighty days." "That's it. We're going to burn you at the stake. Somebody get the matches. Oh, matches haven't been invented yet... well, somebody get the torches, then." "You can burn me at the stake if you like, but it's not going to change the fact that the world is really round." "Listen, guys - you don't have to burn him. Just ignore him. He's just trying to get attention."

When somebody posts a comment that you dislike, instead of suggesting that that person is 'just trying to get attention' why not let that person have their say, and just assume that there's a remote possibility that they could be right and you could be wrong.

In short, I suppose you're going to have to learn to live with me for a while, because, sadly for some of you, I'm not going to be going away anytime soon.

Ciao, babes.
Re: Attention by Miss-M on 8 April 2003 9:16am
Since you're not planning on leaving anytime soon, would you care to tell us a little bit about yourself? Location, interests, etc?

Re: Attention by my dear on 8 April 2003 10:00am

My real name, as chance would have it, is Michael. I'm a 35 year old male who longs to travel the world, but am stuck at home, chiefly because of financial reasons, and because of illness in the family.

If one is unable to travel, then the next best thing one can do is to read a travel book, or to watch a travel series on television. I happen to think that Michael Palin is one of the very best travel presenters on the globe (he and Keith Floyd are my heroes).

I presently live in Vancouver, British Columbia, but recently I bought some property in Baghdad, which I sold in order to buy some property in Chernobyl.

If you continue to read my posts, then possibly you'll eventually learn that I'm not as insensitive as you think I am. Then again, maybe you'll decide that I'm even more insensitive than you originally thought?

My advice: buckle up, baby, because the ride is almost always bumpy when you ride with me.

Ciao, babes.
Re: Attention by Layla on 8 April 2003 10:15am
yeah come on tell us about yourself. I would like to know what you like to do other than analysing and regurgitating stuff, why do I get a funny feeling though that if you do reply then your going to say something mad and untrue so then lots of people write back saying it's offensive and then you'll say: " oh you stupid stupid people yous don't understand a thing - *quote some stuff I read in a fortune cookie* ( wow am I like so smart)" Déjà vu eh?! There's getting good attention and getting bad attention. You know I think I explained this to a 3 year old before. Most people prefer good attention, except maybe in more impersonal places like this where it could be fun to get bad attention - for some. I have to say I find you quite amusing too - I actually never thought you were 35 you seem younger - say my age (20). I thought a 35 year old could come up with maybe more intelligent stuff like that - as all the things you say I could've come up with aged 15. I do believe though that if you don't really know or understand something then you shouldn't talk at all, but you do that all the time. Maybe I do too, but I try not to at least. To me your iq drops 10 points with each post! Sorry I know this is offensive and it's not like I'm a genius or anything but I would be very worried if at 35 I behaved like you. By all means though, as long as things stay impersonal then you can post what you like as far as I'm concerned, as I am just as bad for replying in the first place so I can't say much!
Good luck my dear

There, took the numbers out.
Re: Attention by my dear on 9 April 2003 9:16am
What the?
Re: Attention by Layla on 9 April 2003 9:28am
I dunno where those numbers came from - they aren't curse words though...
Re: Attention by Miss-M on 9 April 2003 9:43am
my dear, did you meet Michael during his recent tour of the US and Canada?
Re: Attention by my dear on 9 April 2003 2:20pm
No, but I would've gone if I'd known he was in my area.

Michael actually passed through Vancouver during his journey for Full Circle. Remember near the end of the series when he flagged down the passing train, and then, later that same day, entered a log-running contest during which he landed in the drink and started wailing: "I want to go home!" - well, that was Vancouver (specifically, it was Squamish).

I remember reading in the local paper that Michael Palin had passed through town a few days earilier - I couldn't believe it. I was so pleased to learn that he'd been filming a new series - it took an entire year before the series finally aired on local television.

In fact, Michael Palin, and Keith Floyd, are probably the only two people on the planet whom I'd que up to meet. I wouldn't mind getting a little attention from Michael Palin - if only for the duration of an autograph signing.

Layla, you've got a very foul mouth.

Re: Attention by Layla on 9 April 2003 3:11pm
look who's talkin!
Re: Attention by my dear on 9 April 2003 4:49pm
I've not generated a single cuss word at this forum.
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