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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Indiana and North Carolina Primaries. by tucsonmike on 6 May 2008 8:46pm
Cannot WAIT for those to be over. Not that it will matter much, the deadlock is still there.

The Democratic Party Convention should make for some entertaining viewing.

Re: Indiana and North Carolina Primaries. by pandab on 7 May 2008 2:18am
Depends on your definition of "entertaining." :+)

I wish it were all over already. Yes, I know I shouldn't be that way, but I'm heartily sick of it. And it's just going to get worse between now and November.

So far, I just know who I'm NOT for. I can't decide between Clinton and Obama, and I seem to be swaying in the wind between them. Neither one has impressed me very much in recent weeks.

Re: Indiana and North Carolina Primaries. by tucsonmike on 7 May 2008 5:07am
The entertainment would be the wrangling and arm twisting and gnashing of teeth @ the convention.

I will figure out which issues are most important for me and vote based on that, though I am now leaning toward McCain (he is a known quantity for me, after all).

I heard some disturbing comments by Michelle Obama today on the Glenn Beck show on CNN. She was very negative. Most Americans admit we have made some terrible mistakes however, we still love our country.

I will vote for the one I have some hopes with, but the enthusiasm is waning.
Re: Indiana and North Carolina Primaries. by johnnythemonkey on 7 May 2008 5:29am
I know very little about U.S politics but it seems to me that the Democrat wranglings over two unelectable candidates ( although I do admire Clinton ) will pathe the way way for Mc Cain. I think the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot.
This is a time when change is needed but regrettably, I don't think America will elect a black or female President just yet.
Re: Indiana and North Carolina Primaries. by Ellerd on 7 May 2008 12:25pm
You guys deserve a medal for the crap you're going through. I don't even live in your country, and I'm thoroughly sick of hearing about Clinton v. Obama. Surely there are easier ways of choosing a candidate. Why aren't all the primaries held on the same day? Why not hold them during mid-term elections? Why must your government make this such an ordeal?
Re: Indiana and North Carolina Primaries. by tucsonmike on 7 May 2008 8:36pm
ROFL Ellerd. I now only download certain news subjects otherwise it is insane. We need to fix the way we elect Presidents. Maybe I will add that to my blog tonight.

JTM, if you only knew how right you are! The Democrats have already blown off one foot. Their party is so divided, this could do it.

Gotta go y'all. I am on lunch & someone needs the computer. I am extorting her, ;-)

Re: Indiana and North Carolina Primaries. by mrsthing on 7 May 2008 10:22pm
Okay, the Indiana and North Carolina primaries are over. 118 delegates remain among the three primaries yet to be held; Obama holds a lead of over 200 delegates over Clinton; neither one of them can get the 2025 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. It's going to be interesting.

I'm leaning towards Obama, despite his inexperience. But I'm disappointed in both him and Clinton for running such nasty campaigns. I don't watch TV, and I don't buy a daily paper, but there's enough crap online. My main worry is that McCain will get us into a war with Iran--he's talked around that a couple of times. Scares me to death.

Here's my idea for cleaning up the primary system:

1) All states and territories have their primaries on the same day.

2) Each candidate gets two or three 1-hour televised interviews (available online as well for viewers who can't tune in) to state their position on 3 or 4 topics per interview (e.g., the economy, foreign policy, health care), with a few questions thrown in from the general public, who will have a couple of weeks before the interview to mail or email questions to the interviewer. No candidate will be allowed to refer to another candidate, but at least one interview will give them time to state why they think they're the best person for the job. Voters can decide whose platform they think is best.

3) Between interviews, candidates may visit states and give speeches and garner publicity for themselves, but won't be allowed to speak about other candidates. There should be some sort of penalty for that.

4) No mass mailings. Save the trees! Well, maybe one--there are a few people in this country who don't have access to TV or the internet.

5) No live or recorded campaigning phone calls. JEEZ, I HATE those!

6) People can put up "Vote For [N]" signs on their lawns and put bumperstickers on their cars and wear "Vote for [N]" buttons or whatever.

7) People can have rallies and events to promote candidates.

Whaddya think? Should I notify the government? LOL!

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