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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
WTC7:The Documentary on BBC2 by bIG bLOGGER on 28 October 2008 5:06pm
This Documentary was recently screened by the BBC.It concerned the 'third'Tower,which some think was brought down by a 'controlled explosion' because all 47 stories collapsed and fell so fast and so neat in just over 6 seconds.
It featured comment from Richard Gage,a respected architect and founder of 'Architects and Engineers for Truth re 9/11'.

Any views?
Re: WTC7:The Documentary on BBC2 by perfectbitch on 28 October 2008 5:37pm
I saw this documentary and I couldn't decide strongly either way although I lean away from the controlled explosion theory. For any dramatic event, there are scores of conspiracy theories - most of them ridiculous. With corruption, greed and stupidity being such global phenomena, it's not unreasonable to believe in conspiracies.

Re: WTC7:The Documentary on BBC2 by mrsteabag on 28 October 2008 6:04pm
I didn't see the documentary, but nothing this administration's pulled would surprise me. Shock, yes. Not surprise.
Re: WTC7:The Documentary on BBC2 by mrsthing on 29 October 2008 12:21am
I still find it distressing to see pictures from the WTC attacks. I don't think I could watch the documentary. It would probably be good to know beyond the shadow of a doubt if our own government were involved, so we could bring the b*stards to justice, but I'm sure it will reopen huge wounds for people.
Re: WTC7:The Documentary on BBC2 by Lounge Trekker on 29 October 2008 6:00am
It's easy to control explosions, but guiding commercial airliners into buildings? I didn't see it so I can't say.

I'll take 'Sociopathic muslims' for 500, Alex.

Skeptical Trekker
Re: WTC7:The Documentary on BBC2 by Spursfan on 29 October 2008 6:25am
I remember that day so clearly - we were in a hotel in Turkey having arrived the day before. We were getting ready to go down to dinner, and the husband was in the shower. I put on the TV while I waited and tuned to CNN. Up came the now iconic pictures - and for a minute or two I thought it was clips from the latest blockbuster! However, the awful truth dawned and as the husband came out of the bathroom I said 'I think something's happened...'. An understatement if ever there was one!!

I remember all the guests being totally in shock over it - in the 'lounge' there was a stunned silence. No-one could believe what they'd seen and it was the same when we visited our Turkish friends.

I watched part of that documentary B-B and as my husband said at the time, we all love a good conspiracy theory don't we.

Re: WTC7:The Documentary on BBC2 by mrsthing on 29 October 2008 8:41am
One thing I remember vividly was the outpouring of sympathy and generosity from other nations. Iran stopped a soccer game to observe a moment of silence for us! Turkey responded as well--I just can't remember the details. But I bet they wouldn't now.

People in my town were driving down to the dock to look at the smoke rising from Manhattan. I live about 80 miles away, but it was such a beautiful, clear day. I didn't go down. I figured the WTC was basically a crematorium, and I didn't have a right to gawk. It was all over the TV, anyway--you couldn't get away from it.

My husband said, "It looks like a horror movie!" But I thought, "No, they'd be shooting from a different angle, using short shots of people running and screaming and the building collapsing." (Stephen King said the same thing a few days later.) It looked more frightening than a horror movie, to me.

The beautiful service at the National Cathedral was marred by one thing: George W. F***ing Bush invoking God's wrath on the "evildoers" and vowing revenge. I was absolutely appalled at his lack of empathy for the mourners.
Re: WTC7:The Documentary on BBC2 by geordiegirl on 30 October 2008 5:09pm
Worldwide, Judy, I guess it's one of those 'Where were you when Kennedy was shot' moments.' You just never forget.

Everybody, in UK it seemed, wanted to be part of it. We were in Edinburgh & obsevved the 3-minute silence: road traffic seemed to stop,shops,passers-by, everything. And then when we got home again 4 days later, US flags in people's gardens & hanging from windows, everywhere.

Even GWB didn't seem so bad, but that didn't last!

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