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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Call centres. by johnnythemonkey on 2 March 2009 11:06am
I phoned Orange earlier as I have a new debit card and could'nt top up as the old one had expired and the new one obviously was'nt registerd. I did'nt have my card on me ( I surrender them to Meg when I'm on 'the swally' ). I only had what I thought were sufficiant details ( last 4 numbers and security code ). The guy I spoke to was in Delhi and was most polite and helpful and topped me up with £2.50 till I can confirm my correct details.
I did mention you Vibhas ! :)
Re: Call centres. by kazzzz on 2 March 2009 12:31pm
Johnny what an interesting life you lead!!! Splendid news! I'd have gone a fiver if I were you though.
Re: Call centres. by johnnythemonkey on 2 March 2009 1:09pm
£2.50 is what they give you on their 'emergency' top up.
For the few friends I have, £5 is usually enough to do me for ages.
Re: Call centres. by johnnythemonkey on 2 March 2009 1:32pm
Talking about mobiles, I'll tell you all a sad tale. There's this guy in my work ( he's a temp that works with an agency )and his appearance and demeanour tells you that he's a loner. Anyway, he's started working nightshifts and is occasionally on my shift. We have a telly in the canteen and all the guys sit at the table in front of it. This guy sits alone. No one else has ever commented on it or seemed to care and although I've wanted to say " come sit with the guys ", I think it would terrify him.
Here's the sad part and connection with mobiles. One of the girls in work wanted to arrange a shift swap with him and he did'nt know how to use his mobile to give her his number. She ( Dawn) took his mobile to add her number as a contact and told me that he only had one contact on his phone. :(
His name is Norman, so I guess that the contact was his mum !
Some of the girls once told me that they were listening to radio in their dept one day and the theme was ' who would be your ideal date'. The girls tried to engage with Norman and asked him who his ideal date would be ( he's fortyish ). He said his mum.....fcukin Norman Bates !
Really, I felt sad for days about the poor bugger and I'll try to get some of the guys to talk to him......I think he would find me too scary.
Re: Call centres. by mrsthing on 2 March 2009 8:29pm
Is he gay? He may be afraid of homophobic people, had some bad experiences with them.

Johnny, I'd tread lightly and carefully with Norman. Once a person like this gets a friend, they sometimes become obsessed and weird and won't leave the "friend" alone. If he's in his 40s and doesn't have any contacts on his mobile and doesn't socialize, he's probably got mental health issues.

I've had this experience, but fortunately, the guy never turned into a stalker. But he scared the sh*t out of me when he angrily told me he'd get back at me for "leading him on". I'd only been a bit friendly and encouraging, but he took it for love, then took my explanation that I was just being friendly as rejection.
Re: Call centres. by sighthound on 3 March 2009 12:05am
Not having any contacts on his mobile might just mean that he can't figure out the #&^@*&% instructions that came with his phone.
Re: Call centres. by kazzzz on 3 March 2009 12:25am
Kathryn has about 1000 in her phone. I would have a couple of hundred, and my Dad has 10!
Re: Call centres. by TERRY S on 3 March 2009 1:41am
You're lucky, Johnny. Orange sent me a check for £20 (ish) and I forgot to put it in the bank so it expired. I called Orange to ask them to send me another and likewise got someone in Bombay. Unfortunately, they couldn't understand me. I tried to explain it to three people at three times each person. No-one could understand me. Eventually, I gave up and put the phone down. So, if anyone from orange is reading this, you owe me a check for twenty-odd quid.
Re: Call centres. by sighthound on 3 March 2009 1:43am
My last phone (it came free with re-upping the contract) was so complicated that I had zero contacts programmed. I really wanted a phone that would just make calls and accept voice messages. I do not want text messaging because I'd much rather talk to people when I'm away from my computer and I definitely do not want a camera in it because my camera takes much better pics but you can't get phones like that anymore.
Re: Call centres. by kazzzz on 3 March 2009 4:13am
Geraldine I bought a phone that had no mod cons ( a few years ago now) from a pc fair for a few dollars, second hand, and it was the best, most uncomplicated phone I've ever owned!
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