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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Swine flu by mrsteabag on 30 April 2009 2:40am
Well, whatcha think, guys? Is this a plague to send us running for the hills as was the one in 1918, or is it getting blown out of proportion? I've had a totally different bug-not the flu, just a cold sans urges to root, oink, or cravings for bacon, but more of an energy drainer than anything. Between naps, I looked at the BBC site and local news for updates. Several schools in the Chicago area have been closed as a precaution. Health officals are reminding everyone to was their hands and cover mouth and nose when sneezing/coughing. Does this scare you? What precautions are you taking?
Re: Swine flu by Lounge Trekker on 30 April 2009 7:06am
If you are around a lot of people it's a great idea to keep some hand sanitizer with you in case you are unable to wash your hands.

I already live 'in the hills' so my chances of surviving this recent epidemic are good.

Lounge Hillbilly
Re: Swine flu by kazzzz on 30 April 2009 7:26am
Our idiotic media has been broadcasting jokes all day, about oinkment and stuff. Hardly joke material when it's killing children.
Re: Swine flu by Spursfan on 30 April 2009 8:28am
I agree Kazzzz.

The illness has been less severe outside Mexico, but health officials are now worrying that it will eventually die down only to return as a much deadlier form. Great.

As someone who has no immune system because of illness (I have to take medication to 'switch it off') I am naturally concerned about the disease. I do have regular flu jabs (and have had the long-term jab against pneumonia) but obviously that wouldn't help me.

Hopefully it will not get to plague proportions - at least that what I'm hoping.

In the meantime both my husband and I are in the midst of heavy colds - as usual after flying !! All that recycled air!!

Re: Swine flu by peripatetically on 30 April 2009 12:32pm
You're right, kaz. It's pathetic how people are making jokes about this. People are dying now, including one in NY. Maryland now has 6 people afflicted--All went to Mexico on holiday or were in contact with someone in the family who did. The one in NY who died was a Mexican child who came to the US recently.

This is actually called a pandemic, not an epidemic. But whatever--- it "ain't" good.

Re: Swine flu by bIG bLOGGER on 30 April 2009 4:21pm
Article/29 April,2009/Global Research.Titled:
"Flying Pigs,Tamiflu and Factory Farms.."
by F.William Engdahl.

This current outbreak of swine fever,an infectious respiratory disease in pigs,highlights once again how insalubrious and dangerous it is to breed,rear and keep pigs on factory farms.

The authorities have apparently traced this fresh outbreak to La Gloria,a small town of 3,000 inhabitants in the Veracruz peninsula in southern Mexico,where pigs belonging to Granjas Carroll are kept in concentration camp conditions,pumped full of antibiotics,not to control disease but to hasten growth,their faeces and urine are coralled into open-air slurry-like 'manure lagoons' and it's thought that the town's drinking-water supply got contaminated by contact with fruit flies which in the Mexican heat multiply rapidly in the manure lagoons,and this in turn infected the human population of La Gloria. The alarm was raised when 1,800 of the townspeople started showing symptoms and feeling sick.

Granjas Carroll de Mejico(GCM) is 50%-owned by Smithfield Foods of Virginia,the USA's largest battery-pig producer. Under the North America Free Trade Agreemnt,the hog carcasses are shipped into the United States over the US-Mexican border and supply large fast-food outlets in the US such as MacDonalds and Subway. Of course,most American consumers have no idea where the pig meat was raised.
Re: Swine flu by mrsteabag on 30 April 2009 5:03pm
I smell another post coming on.
The head of the Chicago health department was on WGN-TV this morning. He explained that an epidemic is more localized, but pandemic meant that it's gone global--remember Pan Am airlines and how they flew all over? That was how explained the term.
Re: Swine flu by mrsthing on 30 April 2009 10:30pm
No sign of swine flu here in CT. I wish the media wouldn't scare people so much--all the giant headlines in blazing red letters, the apocalyptic language--it's hyperbole and exaggeration and it doesn't help anything at all! Can't they just report sensibly and compassionately?

No, they can't, because bad news sells, and panic sells even better. :-(
Re: Swine flu by Ken Dunn on 30 April 2009 10:40pm
If The Sun reporters catch the flu is it swine flu they've got?

(The Sun is a rag tabloid newspaper renowned for investigative slimey reporting allegedly)

The couple who returned from Mexico to Scotland recently and went to hospital in a panic have been released after a few days rest and observation.
Re: Swine flu by canaveralgumby on 1 May 2009 2:09pm
We are a species of Chicken Littles. If we had a nickel in a jar for every time...
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