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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Au revoir by kazzzz on 21 July 2009 10:01am
JTM is off to gay Paree in a couple of weeks. Make sure you send us all a smutty postcard :) France will never be the same again!

Post your travel tips here :)
1. Don't sneeze at the airport of they won't let you on the plane.
Re: Au revoir by Spursfan on 21 July 2009 12:13pm
2. Don't decide to jog to the airport if you live more than a quarter of a mile away or you will fail the 'heat sensor' test and not be allowed on the plane.

3. Don't indulge in frantic passion in the loos on the plane just before you land or you will fail the 'heat sensor' test, and therefore not be allowed into the country you are visiting.

4. When filling in the health form to enter the country of your choice (we have already had to do this to enter Turkey btw) DONT say as a joke that you ARE coughing a lot etc (unless of course you are in which case why are you on a plane spreading your germs to everyone???!).

Re: Au revoir by suzulu on 21 July 2009 12:58pm

5. Watch out for the organ grinders in Paris - don't tell them your Palin's user name. You can if you like, though. :)
Re: Au revoir by Spursfan on 21 July 2009 3:19pm
6. Watch out for men peeing in the street in Paris !!! By this it is not meant that you should keep a look out in hope of said men doing said act, rather it could be rather unfortunate for you (I have seen this !! How rude !!).

7. If you vist Sacre Coeur try not to time your visit at the same time someone decides to attempt suicide by jumping off the roof. (This happened to us - don't know if they survived or not but it naturally put a damper on the visit (I am not being selfish here; it really upset me though at the thought of that poor person)).
Re: Au revoir by suzulu on 21 July 2009 3:25pm
That reminded me, last year I was walking from Gare du Nord in Paris to Gare de l'Est where I had to get my train to Strasbourg and this bloke came out of a cafe and peed at the side of a car right in front of me! No inhibitions at all. This was the middle of the afternoon.
Re: Au revoir by kazzzz on 21 July 2009 3:27pm
8. Don't pack any green tree ants or granulated coffee beans or black eyed peas in your case.
Re: Au revoir by johnnythemonkey on 21 July 2009 3:32pm
My friend told me that the French like the term " Cheese eating surrender monkeys. " He said they consider it an endearment but I don't know whether to believe him. I'll just call them 'frogs', I know they like that.
Re: Au revoir by kazzzz on 21 July 2009 3:39pm
The most amazing part of that statement is that you have a friend.
Re: Au revoir by Spursfan on 21 July 2009 3:52pm
It's an invisible friend, Kazzzz. You've heard of 'Harvey', the white rabbit in the film - this is a monkey!

Re: Au revoir by Amaia on 21 July 2009 4:38pm
We adore being called "frogs".
If you happen to meet a very small dude answering (sometimes) to the name of Nicolas S. , please, feel free to call him whatever you want.

8. Avoid the line 4 of the subway as much as possible. It smells, it's hot and i hate it. However, it's convenient, so you may have to take it anyway.

9. La place des Vosges is considered as the most beautiful square in Paris, near Bastille. I agree, I lived next to it for two years. :) The whole Marais area is lovely as well (it's around the previously mentionned square).

10. Do not hesitate to reply to a rude waiter. There are unfortunately many of that kind in the capital (and they're rude to anyone, not only foreigners).

11. And if you need anything specific, post it here. :D
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