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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
I despair of this bloody country. by johnnythemonkey on 1 August 2009 10:33am
Who ARE these people ? Don't they ever think that they may be in the wrong job ?

Re: I despair of this bloody country. by peripatetically on 1 August 2009 1:27pm
That's appalling, to say the least. Abominable.
Re: I despair of this bloody country. by tucsonmike on 2 August 2009 2:18am
I posted a comment on the Daily Mail's website. Shocked...
Re: I despair of this bloody country. by bIG bLOGGER on 2 August 2009 1:54pm
This poor chap was hit by a car whilst walking on an unlit country road in Spalding,Lincs at 11pm. Perhaps that was an unwise thing to do,also we don't know what speed the car was travelling when it hit the victim. He was then hurled unconscious into a fairly deep drainage culvert where he lay for ages unattended.
Surely if the victim had any chance at all of being saved,then the driver,who had the grace to stop after the accident,and being responsible,should have thrown caution to the winds and jumped down into the culvert and dragged the victim out of the water to relative safety to await paramedics or could even have taken him to hospital straightaway in his own car.
But that didn't happen. The question is,why did the 999 operator tell the driver to stay in his car and not try to find his victim?? After all,we are not dealing here with a fugitive bank robber who might be armed and dangerous.
Re: I despair of this bloody country. by canaveralgumby on 2 August 2009 4:46pm
These "first responders" need to study all the footage of both professionals and good Samaritans rescuing people from raging rapids. What could they have been thinking. A lot of people "taking orders" and not one who just says, hell with you guys, I'm going to do the right thing.
Re: I despair of this bloody country. by Lounge Trekker on 5 August 2009 2:24am
Ridiculous indeed. Our society is being trained by the movies. Injuries in movies are rarely followed by someone acting in a correct way in order to prolong the life of and reduce further injury to the victim.

This is exacerbated by the current state of our society in legal terms. Fear of legal backlash reduces the likelihood of good samaritan action. If you do the best you can given your knowledge and experience you should be exempt from legal action. We were taught in advanced first aid that we are 'protected' by a so-called Good Samaritan Law. I say that may be true but in law he with the deepest pocket wins.

It is a litigious society run by lawyers and those who pay them the most...insurance companies. And with regards to everything else, even absurd and stupid activities the attitude hollywood seems to promulgate is 'yeah, it might cause you suffering or even death - but you (or your estate) can always sue'.

Tortus Loungous

Re: I despair of this bloody country. by kazzzz on 5 August 2009 7:03am
I'm glad this sort of thing didn't happen in the bushfires we had this year, or the fatalities would have been a lot higher than they were.
Re: I despair of this bloody country. by tucsonmike on 5 August 2009 8:48pm
I am now friendly with the news anchor of the Channel Four news in Tucson on FB (Kristi Tedesco). I had the link on my FB page and she looked @ it.

She responded smugly with "This would NEVER happen in Tucson!"

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