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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Lockerbie terrorist by canaveralgumby on 20 August 2009 8:24pm
I'm livid. Can anyone explain the justification of this to me?
Re: Lockerbie terrorist by mrsteabag on 20 August 2009 9:55pm
So the UK prison system won't have to foot the tab for end of life care since he has cancer? One of my former coworkers died of it last year. Not cheap.
Re: Lockerbie terrorist by peripatetically on 20 August 2009 11:34pm
Everybody here that has heard the news is screaming about this unspeakable decision. There IS no valid explanation for it, Cori. That damn bastard chose to do what he did and knew the consequences if he got caught. He should have been left to rot in hell where he belongs. Releasing him from prison isn't going to make his cancer go away.

Fran, if MONEY is really the reason you think they released him, then my previous statement is fortified even more. I have heard the Scots call themselves frugal, but most of the world call it what it is------- CHEAP.

And maybe this is how they spell --- COMPA$$ION, the reason for the spineless decision they made today.

Re: Lockerbie terrorist by tucsonmike on 21 August 2009 3:58am
He doesn't have cancer, he IS a cancer.
Re: Lockerbie terrorist by johnnythemonkey on 21 August 2009 11:33am
Are you people really so clueless that you don't think the U.S government approved the decision to release him ?
He was no more guilty of that bombing than you or me.
Patty, why have a cheap dig at the Scottish people when the issues surrounding the whole event were global politics?
Re: Lockerbie terrorist by kazzzz on 21 August 2009 11:40am
It's pathetic, saw him on the news before getting off the plane to a hero's welcome, waving his arms around while the masses screamed with adulation. He will spend his last days worshipped.
Re: Lockerbie terrorist by bIG bLOGGER on 21 August 2009 1:53pm
Bravo!! I am 100% on the side of johnnythemonkey.
I am appalled that anyone would use such an case of mercy being shown here to invoke that old myth that the Scots are "cheap"...The decision of Kenny MacAskill,Scottish Justice Secretary, yesterday has nothing to do with money. Mr al-Megrahi was released "on compassionate grounds" ALONE,because his cancer has spread and THREE doctors who examined him said he would not live longer than 3 months,so he has been allowed to return to Libya TO DIE. That's all there is to it. There is also little doubt that MacAskill's decision was approved by the British Government in Westminster.

The Americans should not be jumping up and down screaming. If they want to do that,then they should be jumping up and down screaming every time Barack Obama releases another convicted terrorist from Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in Cuba.
Re: Lockerbie terrorist by peripatetically on 21 August 2009 2:20pm
Believe me, lots of people are livid about Obama's policy at Guantanamo, not to mention his outrageous healthcare proposals and much more. He's beginning to show the citizens he's not the great one after all. I never fell for that to begin with. yes, his election as the first black was wonderful and showed the world the USA has made steps in the right direction regarding race relations. But more than anything, I don't think people voted for him himself. It was more a vote against what had been in place.

Big and JTM misunderstand my post. I inferred that IF money was the reason this bastard was released... I know the Scots aren't cheap! At least the ones I know personally aren't. Couldn't be more generous and free with spending their hard -earned money. Almost go the other way! HAHAHAHA.

Still, what good does it do anyone to die outside of prison than inside? That toad is scum and didn't deserve compassion. His release doesn't impress me as an act of compassion. What a crock. I know some of you will never forgive me for how I feel aobut this. I don't care. Truly I don't. For anyone to side with this action is absolutely unbelievable. I admire NOT the decision made. Are we to think the govt is so much more wonderful for doing this? Oh, hiw lowly the rest of the world is compared to the ones who approved this. Compassion? Pity and concern. No way ought a murderer be pitied and given concern after a heinous act as he committed. MAYBE if he was remorseful. Maybe... But oh noooo, he's going out a hero now and has had the opportunity to know it! God Damn! I consider the govt. decision dispicable. Talk about international relations--- You ain't won any friends on this one.

Re: Lockerbie terrorist by bIG bLOGGER on 21 August 2009 2:57pm
Al-Megrahi is NOT a hero,whatever his welcome might be in his home country. Ironically,even some of the Scots are annoyed now as well,because some Libyans who were chanting and cheering on his return were waving SCOTTISH flags as well as Libyan flags!

THe contempt which has been expressed for this poor man hinges on his having been guilty in the first place,and there exist a multiplicity of reasons why he should never have been brought to court and convicted in the first place.
As JTM rightly points out,Ali al-Megrahi was doubtles set-up as a "sacrificial lamb",so that Libya could be "brought in from the cold"[i.e.from the international political wilderness]in the early '90's:
a) to make Libya cease their nuclear ambitions;
b) so that BP and other big internationals could sign new oil contracts with Gaddafi.

The evidence Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was convicted on was very thin,to say the least,and the other Libyan man [al-Fimah] charged with him was extraordinarily released without charge.
Many of the British (including some Scottish) relatives of the 47 British victims on Pan-Am Flight 103 believe there was hardly a chance that al-Megrahi planned the bombing alone,or built the bomb,or acted alone if at all.The deeper you go into the complex background to this case,in fact,the more suspicious you become that it was a set-up at the highest state level and the harder it becomes to come down hard on one unfortunate Libyan individual.
Re: Lockerbie terrorist by johnnythemonkey on 21 August 2009 3:07pm
If I thought for one minute that Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi was guilty of the crime he was convicted of, I would be the first person to say " Let him rot in jail. "
I don't believe that he was and the issues involved are complex and duplicitous.
I am neither intelligent enough nor informed enough to make judgement about the dark politics behind the WHOLE event.
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