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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Washington DC by Loretto on 16 July 2010 2:34pm
Just wanted to check in with everyone! hope ye are all doing well. If I start charging for this "visit for a couple of weeks" gig I could be a millionaire! I am enjoying it though.

We took my 13 year old twin nephews, my 15 year old niece, my 22 year old nephew and my 11 yr old son to DC last week. It was hotter than hell, but we did a lot.

The Mall, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Arlington, The White House, The Capitol, The National Archives with the Declaration of Independance, Constitution and Bill of Rights, Air and Space Museum, and my personal favorite, The Newseum. I'll post a few pics of our trip on Flicker later.

I also spoke to a very interesting character called Start Loving. He has been sitting in silent protest outside the White House for the last 8 years, and he took over from the guy who has been doing it since 1981. I didn't feel comfortable calling him Start so I stuck with the more formal, Mr. Loving. I'll do a video of my chat with him. He was a character.

We are off to Belgium, France and the UK in August and then we take my son Sean to Nova Scotia, keeping in touch with our Celtic roots!

Re: Washington DC by suzulu on 18 July 2010 12:15pm
Glad you had a great time in Washington D.C.
Re: Washington DC by Spursfan on 18 July 2010 3:44pm
You took 3 teenagers (and a 'nearly' teenager) away? Are you MAD, woman?


Sounds a great trip though. Look forward to the pix.

Re: Washington DC by tucsonmike on 18 July 2010 8:27pm
Oh wow! sounds like some interesting travel.
Re: Washington DC by Loretto on 18 July 2010 11:39pm
We sure did have a great time in DC Suzulu. The favorite part was when we all decided to do our own thing on the last day and I got to spend almost 4 hours in the Newseum. Really interesting place. I saw Tim Russert's office, boy do I miss him as a journalist on Meet the Press.

We are looking forward to our quick trip to Europe this August. It won't be the last trip, because there are parts of Europe that I want to see and let's face it, in the 17 years since I emigrated from Ireland, there have been lots of changes.

Hi ya Anne. Yes I am completely mad! But the niece and nephews are great, Sean is not a bad kid either mind you. I wanted the Irish crew to see the White House etc, the Roosevelt memorial was a very interesting place, that's all I am saying....interesting.
Re: Washington DC by Spursfan on 19 July 2010 9:31am
I'm sure they are, Loretto - I was only kidding! But I could imagine you saying "Shall we go to the White House today?" and getting "It's BORING!!!" or "Speak to the hand..!!" HAHAHAHA!!

Our granddaughter Sophie was 'Kevin the Teenager' from about age 8, but when she actually BECAME a teenager - WOW!! Watch out!! We were bringing her and her bother up at the time and she was very hard work!! She was loving still, but everything (from trips out to getting homework done to doing jobs around the house) ended in a shouting match or dramatically heavy sighing.

On one particular occasion I can remember being in a meeting at her school with Sophie, the husband, the deputy headteacher, and one or two others about some subject she wanted to do and at one point she put her fingers in her ears and went 'la la la!!' when the deputy head was talking!!! She wasn't punished !! I would've had a House Report or been expelled or at the very least a detention!!

Trouble was, she knew I'd been the same with my parents - but not, I might add, at school - so she'd say 'We know where I get it from, don't we Nan?!!'.

Now she is 19, in a long term relationship, and has a daughter and one on the way and she has settled down.

But she still likes her own way - like her Nan !!

Re: Washington DC by Loretto on 19 July 2010 3:33pm
Well she is a lucky girl to have such a fun Nan! My son is beginning to give me the looks, the sighs etc. He's 12 in October. So we are in for a long haul in the teenage years. All we can do is our best. They have to pick up their character traits from someone, I think Sean is a mixture of both grandfathers, trouble.
Re: Washington DC by peripatetically on 21 July 2010 1:25pm
There's no place hotter than D.C in th summer, Loretto. We never go any time after June, if that late. But it's great you go to enjoy so much. Living in Ellicott City, 30 miles NE of D.C. makes it easy and convenient to visit the Capital. We go on a whim because you never get to see everything, not even over a lifetime. Can't wait for some pics!

What was it about the Roosevelt Memorial? The wheelchair, the welfare lines, the dog.....what????
Re: Washington DC by Loretto on 21 July 2010 3:09pm
He was a great leader, no doubt about it peri, but wasn't he also responsible for the internment of thousands of Japanese living in the US when Pearl harbor was bombed? It wasn't the wheelchair, it just was overload I think. The memorial was huge! I need to read more about the man before I form an opinion though. So ignore this rant for now.

Here's the wiki entry;

I loved DC and would love to visit in the fall. Lots of museums that I wanted to check out, but we didn't have the time. Have you been to the Newseum Peri? That was fantastic!
Re: Washington DC by Loretto on 22 July 2010 5:32pm
Here is an animated video of the chat I had with Start Loving, the man who sits in protest outside the White House in Washington DC.

The views expressed are his alone. The interview is not professionally done, as you will hear, I only do these things as a hobby. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think of his views and the video, I'd love to know.


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