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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Britain-is -a- changin' by johnnythemonkey on 28 October 2010 5:56am

Anne, I see that Alfie is the 5th most popular name. Who would have guessed that ! I'm going to convince Chas to give my grandchild a really unusual name..........like John :)
Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by Spursfan on 28 October 2010 9:45am
Yes - well when I told our GP we'd had another grandchild, Alfie, he said he had 4 on his list (our Alfie isn't one of them)!!

And it has to be Alf-ie by the way - NEVER Alf!! Zak said something to Alfie the other week and called him Alf. Simon immediately said 'It's Alf-ie'!!

Where is Anne in the list?!!! When I was at High school there were 5 Annes or Anns in my form including moi!! And also Michael (my husband's real name)?? We didn't have any of THEM in my form (all girls school hee hee) but there were a lot about!

Of course fashions in names come and go. My late Dad (born in 1911) was named Cyril, which I have always thought of as an old fahioned name. I saw a film or play the other day set in the early 1900s and one of the characters said another character had named their baby 'that new-fangled name Cyril'!!

Just goes to show!!
Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by ev on 28 October 2010 2:33pm
Only 2.7% of Britain's population is Muslim, and it's only because so many Muslims call their sons Mohammed that it's 'the most popular boy's name' in the UK.

Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by Spursfan on 28 October 2010 4:07pm
Strangely, though we know many Muslims through going to Turkey, we don't know a single Mohammed (or other spellings of it)! We know men who are called:- Hakan, Ali, Osman, Mustapha, Saban, Tugra, Koray, Murat, Omer, Ozhan, Ahmetcan, Ahmet, Serdar, Mehmet, Hasan, Murat, Tekin, Fahrettin and Ufuk (sorry but it IS a name!!) and many more but no Mohammeds.
Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by Loretto on 28 October 2010 4:55pm
We called our son Sean, because it just a lovely old fashioned Irish name. It means John, Ian in Wales by the by. Ivan in Russia. My own name is fairely uncommon, Loretto is usually Loretta....anyhoo...I married a Kevin just to mix it up a little, but he's a quarter french. he told me when I met him "I am three quarters Irish and one quarter French, but I am more of a lover than a fighter." My response was, "I'm 100% Irish and I'll beat the lover outta ya!"
Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by Ken Dunn on 28 October 2010 7:54pm
I knew a Mohammed but he preferred to be called by his surname as that was less common.
Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by Spursfan on 28 October 2010 8:40pm
I think I have already told you Loretto that my sister's name is LorettA.

When she was born, in 1938 (she is much older than me by the way!!) my Mom wanted it to be pronounced Loretta (rhyming with neater), but the vicar at the christening wouldn't allow it, saying it did not exist like that (which it does). How would he go on today, with the weird and wonderful names? They had to give in and pronounce it Loretta (rhyming with better).

But like me, she has always been known by her middle name (in her case Jean) anyway!!

Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by Loretto on 28 October 2010 8:47pm
No, I didn't know you had a sister called Loretta. And I have never heard it rhyme with Better/Neater. I love accents, honestly. How about putting a bunch of English speakers from all over the globe in a room chatting to one another. Wouldn't that be fun. We'd need a translator for the Corkonians though :-)

Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by Spursfan on 29 October 2010 10:05am
Pardon? Can we have subtitles? Lol.

How do you pronounce Loretto then? I think of it as Le-ret(as in bet)-oh.

Here's a film (or at least part one of it) on the Stoke-on-Trent dialect. I hasten to add I don't talk like this as I am a Staffordian (Stafford to Stoke is about 14 miles) and we talk proper, like.


Oh and look out for an all-too-brief glimpse of the delicious and wonderful Staffordshire Oatcake!!

Re: Britain-is -a- changin' by kazzzz on 29 October 2010 10:21am
And this is how my Mum speaks!!!

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