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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Buzzards !!! by Spursfan on 30 October 2010 3:12pm
No, I'm not swearing, I'm talking about the birds!!

This morning Zak and I stood in our back garden watching no less than 4 buzzards circling over head (no Johnny - they were NOT vultures waiting for me to drop!!) - getting higher and higher on the thermals.

We haven't seen 4 together before - usually there are 2, or sometimes 2 adults and a 'baby', but these were 4 adults.

Often when Zak walks Tosun he sees one or two 'parked' (perched?) on top of the village hall which is more or less opposite us. Sadly I haven't seen one close up like that yet, but I hope to one day.

I'm not saying no-one else has ever seen buzzards, but nevertheless I feel quite blessed.

Re: Buzzards !!! by johnnythemonkey on 30 October 2010 3:23pm
I don't know if we get buzzards around here. They're huge aren't they ?
Re: Buzzards !!! by Spursfan on 30 October 2010 3:39pm
Yes. Zak says the ones that are perched are really big birds (of course, they are the same size when they're flying but you are further away, hahaha). He reckons the wing span is about a metre.

Oh and a correction - apparently they DON'T perch on the village hall, they perch on the 'hut' used by the football teams. I knew that. ;)
Re: Buzzards !!! by Ken Dunn on 30 October 2010 10:29pm
We get buzzards in Fife. They can be difficult to identify as they are about the same size as eagles and their undersides are speckled.
Re: Buzzards !!! by suzulu on 30 October 2010 10:36pm
I was staying one weekend with a friend who used to live in Hertfordshire. In her garden we saw a buzzard which had killed a smaller bird (can't remember what sort of bird it was) and was eating it there in the garden.

As I was approaching my home late this afternoon a flock of parakeets flew over. They are quite noisy. There are lots on Hampstead Heath.
Re: Buzzards !!! by tucsonmike on 30 October 2010 10:37pm
ok where was the road kill?
Re: Buzzards !!! by Spursfan on 31 October 2010 8:56am
I read up a bit on buzzards yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see that their main diet is earthworms and carrion (hence Ken's later post).

Earthworms???! I thought they were birds of prey!! I expected small mammals at least - bit disappointed (though pleased for the small mammals!).

Zak and I both agree that they are Common Buzzards, from the picture in Zak's book. It also says that their favourite places are the edges of woodland and farmland, and that is exactly where they are situated. In woodland, and over farmland (which is next to us).

I don't usually get particularly excited by seeing birds - (I shudder at the thought of touching one, though I HAVE stroked the head of our Yellow-fronted Amazon Parrot, Basil a few times!! Brave or what!!) - but everytime I see these buzzards I get a thrill. Same happened when an eagle landed at the side of the road a foot or two from our car in central Turkey, and seeing viultures in India. Oh and not forgetting having breakfast in Mexico while (wild) humming-birds fed on the bushes/plants right next to our outdoor table.

Oh Sue - how lovely to see parakeets flying over! Quite tropical!!

Re: Buzzards !!! by kazzzz on 31 October 2010 9:15am
We have buzzards here, we saw one smashing an egg open using a rock in it's beak, it belted the rock into the egg until it smashed. Clever bird!
Re: Buzzards !!! by Spursfan on 31 October 2010 10:28am
I hope it wasn't a Cadbury's Creme Egg, Kazzzz?

What a waste if it was!!

Re: Buzzards !!! by kazzzz on 31 October 2010 10:31am
Oh no Anne it wasn't, if it had been I would have wrestled the buzzard to the ground for it ;)
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