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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Would it be possible ? by pderop on 7 December 2010 4:09pm
I wonder sometimes, especially when the lights go out, you know.. would it be possible, for an average joe like most of us, to Travel around the world in 80 days.

I mean, without the backing of the BBC.

Nobody hopping ahead of you to arange a transport for you or anything of the sort.

it's such a romantic idea, and it sounds so appealing. (to me anyway)

If I were to attempt it, I wouldn't want to go alone, that's a certain, I'd also take my Paspartout, preferably consisting of at least 3 people :)

Hmmm.. gonna watch that DVD again and daydream a bit more :)


Re: Would it be possible ? by Spursfan on 7 December 2010 4:45pm
My guess is that, yes, with luck it could be possible, Peter - but there would doubtless be problems for any ordinary person with no BBC backing!! Like you say, nobody 'smoothing' the way, no ambassadors or whatever willing to cut through the normal red tape.

It is the old syndrome, these people get into places we would NEVER be allowed. Examples of this are when presenters of history docunmetaries are allowed into store rooms and to handle ancient manuscripts/books/objects (yes there is a slight tinge of jealousy in my words!!).

The best way to do it (and I am assuming that money is no object hahahaha) would be to plan and book all your travelling and sleeping arrangements (no flights allowed remember!!) beforehand - and hope that everything ran to plan.
Re: Would it be possible ? by Lounge Trekker on 8 December 2010 1:11am
It might be possible, but without doing the math, I'm guessing it would be NO FUN. If it were me attempting this I would be constantly rushing around, I would need to ignore many things I'd like to spend a few days at. Even if somebody gave me a blank cheque that is not something I would do.

It's a good line, though.

Slow-motion Trekker
Re: Would it be possible ? by pderop on 8 December 2010 8:07am
No fun. Well, I'm not sure about that. Possibly, the person who likes to lie down on a beach will say the same to a Marathon runner.

True, you don't see much of the surroundings, but that's not really the point of the journey either. It's a challenge and I think you DO see a lot of the country, in fact, you get to see it's ways of transportation from up close.

And indeed, the biggest challenge would be : finance - and time.. a person with a job can't easily get 3 months off.

Lets assume, lottery finally payed off, you won a few million Euro.
Lets assume, you have (as a result of the former I'm sure) 3 months to spare.

Would it be possible.

First off : Paris - Venice, by Oriënt express. 1000

That train still rides -- although my heart stopped when I saw the price of that first train :D

Train from Venice to Brindisi : 100 switching trains in Bologna.

That voyage, in itself, would be fun.

What would be the next step.. probably, finding a good ferry service from Brindisi to Port Saïd -- traveling on a cargo ship could prove impossible. But
there is a ferry from Brindisi to Patra, and then the route to Egypt should lie open.

ah.. time to get to work.. daydreaming postponed to later date :)


Re: Would it be possible ? by Spursfan on 8 December 2010 9:57am
I think it would be very tiring, and yes, you'd feel rushed.

An example of this - in 2001 Zak and I spent a month touring India, Kathmandu, Dubai and the Maldives (it was our 30th wedding anniversary year). We were admitedly in the lap of luxury, staying in ex-palaces (in one the Maharaja still lived in one wing) and being met at each place and having a guide take us round, but we were still knackered at the end!!

The maximum we stayed in one place was 2 nights but usually it was just one night. Our schedule (not a package tour, we had decided our itinery ourselves) was punishing, but needed to be to see all we wanted to.

Ooops sorry - a mistake. We stayed in Kathmandu for 3 nights - but one of those was only about 2 hours of sleep as we arrived in the early hours and had to get up at 4 or 5 to go on a flight past Everest!!

So that was just a month (4 days of which were spent in the Maldives recuperating) and in the same country mostly (though we did fly a few times internally) and it was sooo tiring. Imagine doing that for nearly 3 months and many more countries!!

[We say now that (if we had the money) we would love to stay in one of those gorgeous palace/hotels for a few weeks and really lap up the luxury!!

Fingers crossed for my lottery numbers!]
Re: Would it be possible ? by pderop on 8 December 2010 12:47pm
Absolutely. It would be a most exhausting journey. No doubt about that. Last week I went to Paris on a business trip and returned knackered.. no need to travel around the world to accomplish that :)

But isn't that the nature of traveling?

How many times did you not go to a holiday resort, enjoy the peace and quiet and then still return dead tired from the return journey ?

So, a key component of the voyage, is to do as much distance as you can in as comfortable conditions as possible. And find time to wash your clothes :)


Re: Would it be possible ? by Spursfan on 8 December 2010 1:35pm
I agree - we have an apartment in Turkey and sometimes do very little, yet the return journey is always tiring. Not so much the journey out, because no matter how familiar you are with a place/journey it is still a thrill to be going back.

And yes, I agree totally with the washing clothes statement!!
Re: Would it be possible ? by Loretto on 8 December 2010 2:32pm
I wonder why the journey always goes from east to west? The old saying for air travel is west is best. Presumably because you are making time up instead of losing time and trying to catch up on sleep. Maybe my numbers are wrong, but if you took a train across the USA from NY to LA, LA is 3 hours behind etc. Maybe it would be better to circumnavigate from east to west?
Re: Would it be possible ? by Lounge Trekker on 8 December 2010 5:12pm
OK! Change the paramters...money not an issue. It would take me a year or two to get ready. I'd build a huge motorhome with every comfort and convenience I need with wrap around glass so we could see both horizons and the sky from inside the viewing lounge.

It would be staffed by three drivers so I would always have a driver and service. All the satellite electronics would help us prepare for the next daylight hours. The satellite phone would prepare the next destination for my arrival.

I might need four staff...I wouldn't want to wear these guys out. I'd need a driver for the runabout vehicle being towed behind. This driver might be location hired to ensure local knowledge. One of the drivers needs air/helicopter competence and safe navigation of medium size boats.

Maybe five...or hire a chef for each region...

Yeah...80 days...it would still be a stretch even with me only getting 8 hours of sleep each night while constantly driving. Ships would carry me across each body of water, but...hey! anybody have the contacts so I can get the use of military cargo planes to trim a few days from ocean travel?

What route would you take? I would want to be on every continent, so I might need specialized vehicles hired with conditions in mind. Maybe six staff...my nutritional/culinary guide will be busy lining up specialty foods of each region. Maybe two runabouts, one being towed in a manner to allow its preparation while on the move. The other, with the chef on board, would be a day ahead of me to do the shopping so I always have fresh quality regional food.

Who's coming? If money is no problem, you are all invited. I would have a laundry ability on board, but you'll have to ask the chef if he can get your drycleaning done while he is doing our shopping in the region ahead.

Lounge Trekker

Re: Would it be possible ? by Loretto on 8 December 2010 5:13pm
Can I be one of your drivers? :-)
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