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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Advice about Egypt by erkithebear on 11 November 2002 1:41pm
I'm going to Egypt soon - any advice on what to see that's over and above the usual tourist spots?

Re: Advice about Egypt by maple_muse on 12 November 2002 5:37am
You have to go to the oasis. I spent about 4 days in Siwa in the west. Fabulous.
Re: Advice about Egypt by tigertiger on 12 November 2002 4:13pm
go to dahab, don't forget your snorkel! or else hire one when you are there. sea might be a bit rough at this time of year but you still get the odd very calm day, especially round the light house.
take a shared taxi to blue hole, it's amazing there, you can snorkel to your heart's content and it's fantastically clear.
in winter in dahab, it gets very windy so the cafe owners put hangings up for shelter and light fires, it's really colourful and lovely.

have a good trip!
Re: Advice about Egypt by infinity on 12 November 2002 7:27pm
Went to Egypt back in 1998 and it was a holiday that change my life, it affected my that much.

If I was to name 3 places in Egypt you must see I'd say,

1. Karnak Temple, Luxor
2. Valley of the Kings, Luxor
3. Abu Simbel, near Aswan

And of course the Pyramids and the Sphinx but it was the temples and the tombs which did it for me, especially Abu Simbel, wow that took my breath away!

You also must get out and about own your own, get a local guide in Luxor and go off the beaten track. We had lunch at a locals house on the west bank of the Nile, unforgetable! It was like we had stepped back in time 2000 years.
Re: Advice about Egypt by Mooser on 13 November 2002 11:33pm
Well, Egypt offers great places to go to. First of all: the Egyptian Museum in Cairo: a must see!
Then rent a taxi for a whole day and visit the pyramids in Sakara, Dashur and Giza. Go to all those places, cause you will experiences various types of pyramids. Enter the Red Pyramid too.
Take the train to Aswan, and visit Abu Simbel.
From Aswan, go in convoy to Luxor , and visit the temples in between. Lovely.
In Luxor, visit Luxor temple and Karnak. Cross the Nile to the Westbank and go to Workmans Village (at the entrance booth of the Westbank, keep a Southern direction. When arriving at the Workmans Village, try to climb the hills, until you reach a path (in Northern direction). Follow this path (which is used for training soldiers) and you will end up above the tempel of Hapsetsut. It is a tough climb (bring plenty of water) and try to start early. Looking down at the Hapsetsut temple, behind you is the Valley of the Kings, very easy to get there from where you are standing. If you decide to go the Hapsetsut's temple, follow the path and go down, be carefull, very steep.
If possible, try to get to the top floor of the Hatsetsut temple, they are excarvating overthere, very intersting.
Finally, you need to see the tomb of Nefertari, most impressive thing in Egypt. Expensive, but worth every penny you spend on it.
If you happen to meet an official archeologist, try to get to the Oasis of ...., darn, can't remember the name. It is very famous, and still under excarvation. It is where they supposedly have discovered over 10.000 mummies. Hard to get there, and only accesible when accompanied by an archeologist (haven't been there myself).
If you have about a week left, take the bus to Nuweiba and the boat to Akaba in Jordan. From there take a taxi to Petra. Absolutely one of the most fabulous things I have ever seen. Comparable to Machu Picchu, The Pyramids, The Terracotta Army in Xi'an (China) and so on.

I spend about a month in Egypt and Jordan, and remembering all those nice things, I would like to go back right away.


Enjoy your trip!
Re: Advice about Egypt by Miss Lumberjack on 3 December 2002 10:45am
Hi Ruth,

I went to Egypt at the start of the year (in May) I would advise you to go and see; The valley of the kings and Queens - Luxor, Banana Island - Luxor, Karnak temple - Luxor, Luxor temple - Luxor. These are all great places that I went to see also you should go on a trip to go and see the prymads, that is something I never got to see and I didn't thank myself for it.

More advice don't talk to anyone on the streets, I know it is horrible but if they talk to you keep walking and ignore them they will eventually leave you alone. We were hassled by this bloke and he never left us alone.

I hope you have a great time, it is wonderful. Lian xx
www.faroek.be by Malik Faroek on 26 December 2002 2:22am
If you want to see Egypt in advance...
You can visit my website

There is only a small problem....

It's entirely written (2.800 pages with many photographs and 360° turning panorama's)in Dutch (my native language) and only a small part is translated into English...

I hope you have a great time in Egypt, it is my second homecountry for the last 15 years......
Re: Advice about Egypt by kiri on 29 December 2002 8:25pm
hi there, i visited egypt in 2000, on a youth visit, it was absloutley amazing, it gave me the travel bug deffinatley, anways, we did the triangle route, cairo, luxor hurghada then back to cairo, we caught a train from cairo to luxor, 10 hors it took so we were glad we got a private train for tourists as the usual trains are extremley dodgy and very slow, anways it was nice because as you passed the farms and shacks the locals didnt put on a front as to who they were, they just went about there daily life, farming using the same techniques and equipment used over 300 years ago! if you want to go from cairo to luxor then i would strongly advise travelling in this way and not by plane, it wasnt a way of getting from a to b it was a whole experiance in its self. hope this helps, there are a million things i could go on about but i wont! if you need any further tips my email address is [email protected]
oh just 1 last thing, i wouldnt strongly advise u chattin to anyone there but if you have the time it is alwys very nice to talk to the loacals there are so many things you miss if you dont find about them, and most of the time the best little storys from the locals go unheard, in most of the citys there english is good, have a great time kerri
Re: Advice about Egypt by Dawnie72 on 31 December 2002 3:40am
Hiya, we went to Egypt this year, only to stay in Luxor unfortunately, but that give us a good excuse to go back. Anyway I would recommend (as everyone else does) the Valley of the Kings, Queens, Nobles, the Ramesseum (was empty but for us!), Hatshepsuts temple, definately Medinet Habu, along with the Luxor and Karnak Temples. Don't worry too much about talking to the locals, they are trying to run their businesses they just do it in a different way to us - just be careful if someone appears to start walking alongside you and 'guiding you' to avoid them - they are trying to lead you away from the centre of town and will then get you to pay them to show you the way back. We were lucky - this was happening to us but we were rescued by the chef at our restaurant. If you have problems approach the nearest tourist police - they are really helpful. We hired a motorcycle while we were there - and ran out of petrol - no one could do enough to help us - a bit different to the same happening in a so called 'civilised' country like the UK. Anyway go with an open mind and get used to Baksheesh! Dawn
P.S. an note to all of those that feel Egypt is a No Go for westerners at the moment - they are just as worried about the situation as we are - these are just ordinary people like us!
Re: Advice about Egypt by Paddington the neurotic bear on 21 October 2003 10:29am
Went to Egypt for a week in april 2003. It was a dream come true! I spent four days by the red sea, in Hurghada, and the rest sightseeing; traveling by plane to Cairo and by military convoy down south. Cairo was great, but the south was absolutely fantastic! To enter a 4000 year old tomb in the valley of the kings, just to find 2000 year old grafitti, made by egyptian copts (early christians) was mindboggling! Valley of the Kings must be one of the strongest experiences in my life! I strongly recommend all of you to go to Egypt! It has it all! Great climate all year around, enormous amonts of cultural sights (and sand...), nice people, and great snorkling!
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