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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Meeting Michael Palin by JonnyM on 26 October 2003 3:04pm
Only 4 weeks ago while travelling in India (Details at www.toptenweb.co.uk/travel ) we bumped into the one and only Michael Palin on the Kalka-Shimla railway. There is a photo at http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/album_photo.html?c_photo=5047652

I can confirm that he is as friendly and down to earth as he appears in the series. (Although stays at considerably posher hotels than I would have expected!)

Currently in Darjeeling (we were going to be in Nepal doing the Annapurna but due to the problems that Michael experienced first hand - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/031021/325/ebpme.html - we decided to go trekking in Sikkim instead) and we hear from the Himalaya Mountaineering Institute that Michael may be hear soon.

Has anyone else got any stories about meeting MP?
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by Sophie-Louise on 26 October 2003 6:31pm
cool, you are so lucky!! and what a good photo!
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by rtwbikerider on 27 October 2003 10:34pm
Well, I almost met Michael in Gibraltar when he was filming his Sahara series. I had stopped there for three days during a bicycle tour. I just happened to see a crowd forming in the main square late one afternoon after I returned from a day in Tangier. I stayed to see what was up. It turned out to be a ceremony that recreates the locking of the gates during the Great Siege of 1783. I stood behind a cameraman and a female producer (I think). They kept talking about a "Michael", but I didn't make the "Palin" connection. It wasn't until I saw Michael doing an interview on the local news broadcast that evening that I realized that he was at the afternoon ceremony. Darn! I've since studied my video footage from the ceremony, but still can't find him. I guess I'll have to buy the Sahara DVD to see how close my brush with greatness really was.
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by Dianne on 28 October 2003 5:20am
And the lesson there rtwbikerider is whenever you stand behind a cameraman and a female producer, (or male) and they keep talking about a 'Michael' perk your ears up and scan the crowd for Mr. Palin. [smiles]
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by MykReeve on 3 November 2003 2:36am
I met Michael Palin a couple of times when I was at University, because his daughter (Rachel) was at the same college at Oxford at the same time that I was. [We were at Brasenose College, which is also Michael's alma mater.] Not quite as exotic a story, admittedly...

Oh, and like JonnyM, I can confirm that MP's a really nice down-to-Earth guy.
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by Annick on 5 November 2003 8:05pm
Hi, we met Michael a few weeks ago (11th of Oct). At a lodge in a little village near the Annapurna BaseCamp. We were quite amazed to bump into camera's, microphones etcetera at such a remote place!

We didnt recognize MP at first (not British, not that familiar with BBC, but of course familiar with MP's travels). I thought I recognized him from the cover of one of my favourite books about travelling with jeeps through India? So I decided to just ask him. 'Unfortunately' his answer was "no", very nice guess, but "no". (he didnt say who he really was..). Then I said to him, before I walked on: "well, then you must be famous of something else..."(!!)

Afterwards, I think this was kind of a funny conversation. And actually, no-one in this lodge seemed to recognize him. It looked like everybody was a little bit sleepy at that mountain. Or it was because we were all Nepalese, Mexican, US, German, Dutch (me) and none of us British. We just didnt realize it was Michael until later on. Then we all felt excited: maybe we are IN Michael 's next Himalaya story???!(at the background, though...)

We made some pictures of Michael and his crew (and his Nepalese porters), but I dont know how to attach it (most remarkable element of the picture is Michael's certainly-not-fitted-for-trekking-shoes...Very British, I guess.. )
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by gwen on 6 November 2003 6:38pm
what was the name of the village?
and are you absolutely sure it was Michael?
you say cameras and microphones but I seem to remember that Michael only has one sound person and one (or sometimes two) camera person(s). plus the bit about the shoes, I can't imagine him being wrongly kitted out.
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by Annick on 16 November 2003 11:18pm
Yes, I am very, very sure now! (I am not sure about the number of microphones/ camera men). It was two days walking from the ABC basecamp. Later on we also read in a news-article, that Michael has also been also "involved' with the two britsh army guys that have been hassled by the Maoists in Nepal that same week. That was also very closeby.

I have some nice pictures of MP and the crew(I will try to find out how to put them on the internet..).

Michael must have been very close to a lot of machine gun shootings over there. I am really curious what's he going to tell about it in his documentary. I felt very sorry for the local situation in Nepal. Lots of army, shooting and rebels. A lot of trekkers got afraid over there. I think there is a negative travel advice now in Nepal.
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by kazzzz on 17 November 2003 1:02pm
Jonny thats an excellent photo..I'm so envious! What is he buying in the pic..looks like biscuits! A bit of a standard thing for Michael to eat on his travels..for a change!
Re: Meeting Michael Palin by Sophie-Louise on 17 November 2003 2:54pm
i am going to meet michael palin on december 11th hopefully!!! :) :) at the oxford street book signing!

sophie-lou xxx
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