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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A new young fan by Helen on 20 November 2002 3:58pm
My niece Tatiana just turned 10, and I threw her a little party this past Sunday. My brother, Tati's dad, eyed my DVD player and asked me if it is all it's cracked up to be. (He doesn't get out much. He's a farmer) Anyway-- I showed the prowess of the DVD player by showing the family a few MP episodes, as we have the entire collection. My neice went NUTS for the Spanish Inquisiton, and can now name all of their "weapons."
So cute to hear her say "fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, almost fanatical devotion to the pope and nice red uniforms" in her sweet little musical voice.
Another Michael Palin and Monty Python fan has emerged. I'm such the proud auntie.
Re: A new young fan by ellenpc on 20 November 2002 11:11pm
Gorgeous.........Well done Helen :-}}}}}}]]

Thats what we like to hear, new converts, "get 'um young an' fresh!!"

You've got the entire collection on DVD?? "Ooo" now I'm beginning to dribble and my feet have gone all sweaty!!

Leaking from end to end

Re: A new young fan by Helen on 20 November 2002 11:24pm
Sweaty feet? Oh dear.
Get thee to a retailer and purchase said DVD collection pronto. It is your only chance.
with soggy soles,
Re: A new young fan by nottlob on 21 November 2002 1:33am
aww, that's so cute!!! That remind's me...I've got to nag to my parents for a dvd player and python movies...merry christmas and boxing day!
Re: A new young fan by Rusted on 21 November 2002 6:28am
DVD player...argh...

One of these days I'll get one of those. In the mean time, it's borrowing one friend's Special Edition Holy Grail DVD and watching it on another friend's DVD player for me!

I'd love to have the entire series in any form but it may have to come slowly in the smaller packages for a broke college student such as I. ;O)

But it isn't a huge problem - the library has all of seasons 1-3! Woohoo! Except...the last three episodes of Season 2. That's right - the volume which includes the infamous Spam sketch is missing. Luckily I've seen the sketch in other documentaries, but still...

Re: A new young fan by nottlob on 22 November 2002 1:30am
what's new in the special edition dvd? i think there are like signalongs and etc but anything else i should know? something about lost footage and an extra 8 mins perhaps?

I love the videos at the library! Who would've thought in the 70's , Monty Python videos would end up in the library???
Re: A new young fan by Kristine on 22 November 2002 2:50am
Huzzah! More MP fans!

Staying on the topic of finding new fans, I think I might have gotten my friend to walk down the road towards python fandom after performing my rendition of "The Fish Licence Sketch" for her. And she said that the sketch and I were really good!

Speaking of Palin books, I guess I'm one of the lucky few on this side of the pond to find a copy of Sahara. (Me living in Canada and all) I've had it a week and I still haven't finished it! Oy... maybe subconsciously I'm reading it more slowly so I can savor his writing.
It's a great book! The pictures are stunning! I could spend hours just gazing at them. Never thought that the Sahara would produce such lovley landscapes! (And Mike makes them look even better!) I Esp. Like this picture of him lying stretched out on his bunk on a train when he was reading. (It can be found on Page 82) And this other one when the Sun is setting. (Can be found on Page 62) And the Silhouette of him gives it a nice effect as well. Also, in usual Palin style, the context is as beautiful as the images. Another job well done Mr. P! It has the ability to cure any Palinite's hunger :)
Re: A new young fan by nottlob on 22 November 2002 5:09am
How'd you get the book?!?! I wanna read it! Have you seen the series yet?
Re: A new young fan by Rusted on 22 November 2002 6:43am

You asked what was new in the special edition DVD...I'm not sure what's in the normal DVD, but this is some of what is claimed as new on the back:

*Subtitles in English, French, and Spanish
*Subtitles for people who don't like the film (taken from Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part II)
*On-screen screenplay
*Commentaries from the two Terry's or Michael/John/Eric (I love these things)
*Follow the Killer Rabbit Feature
*A Special Feature for the Hard of Hearing
*The 24 extra seconds, of course
*Three Mindless Sing-Alongs
*The Quest for the Holy Grail Locations (this is the tour Michael and Terry take the viewer on; funny stuff and great to see their rapport)
*How to Use Your Coconuts (which Michael teaches...)
*MP and the HG in Japanese
*"On Location with the Pythons" (18 min. location report made in 1974)
*Some of Terry G's original sketches and posters
*Behind-the-Scenes Photos
*A Load of Rubbish (surprise package of mystery items)
*Unused Locations
*Unused ideas
*Theatrical trailers (You know...I sat through the one for the DVD release only to find that the only difference between that and the original one was a few extra seconds tacked on at the end! LOL!)

Yeah. I'd highly suggest anyone who has *only* seen the VHS version to go out and see a DVD version of it. Well worth it.

Re: A new young fan by Layla on 22 November 2002 9:21am
Well done Helen. I've got a similar tale myself...I have a ten year old sister who I played lots of Monty Python vids to and I think she is starting to like it...She particularly loves Confuse a Cat, Hells Grannies and the Lama sketch. A job well done I think!
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