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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Is Michael a little disappointed? by Dianne on 25 November 2002 9:01am
Having watched the exclusive videos for the site, I now wonder how Michael feels because most of us have been posting messages about him instead of travel. I know I'm guilty of writing most of my messages about Michael instead of travel.

Now I'm stuck. I knew what I was going to write and how, but it is coming out all wrong.

I don't want to be one of the culprits and turn the chatterbox into a Michael Palin fan site if that is not what he wants. Am I being too sensitive and making a mountain out of a molehill? What does everything else think?
Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by rick694uk on 25 November 2002 9:38am
Hi Dianne,

Morning! Yes, you're being too sensitive! I think first and foremost, Michael would want us to visit the site and have fun. If this means talking about him or his travels, I'm sure that's fine. You're among fellow Palinites, and we're all friends, so I don't think anyone will feel too censorious. I think that's what the blathering-on section is for: so we can blather on!

Now, if you tried introducing a Marmite thread into the travel section, that would be another thing! ;)

Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by Layla on 25 November 2002 12:54pm
There are plenty of people in the other sections that talk about travel etc. Rick is right - this is called blathering on and that's all we're doing . ( Actually that may sound offensive - sorry!)
Don't worry about it - write about Michael if you want - I doubt he'd really care...
ps. hope everyone had a nice weekend....
Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by little-peep on 25 November 2002 3:03pm
AHHHH....i've gone all warm inside! thanks for clearing that up!
i know today there is a book signing in London, so if anyones has been, please tell us about it!
Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by Rusted on 25 November 2002 5:28pm
I was beginning to get a little worried myself there...

...thanks Webmaster!

It's great to be able to chat about Michael, Python, AND traveling in one place and not feel bad about it. :O)

Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by Kristine on 26 November 2002 1:30am
*Phew* Good to hear that I can tell you.

I've become very found of this little swing set we call "palinstravels.co.uk" in this enormous playground we call the web. Not just because of it's content and sheer quality, but the warmth, kindness and humor that my fellow Palinites here sport off so well! Not the mention the large amount of kindness and hard work from the webmasters of this site. And last but not least, Michael, for the generosity and courage to share things from your experiences. And to just plain put up with us crazy lot of fans.

But I guess what I'm trying to say is, I would hate to see the site lose its flair just from a few people who feel a bit discouraged. I'm sure I'm not alone on that either. Think about what could happen if Mr. P got that sort of impression...

Peace and Love
Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by ellenpc on 26 November 2002 6:06am
"Cor Blimey!!"

Thanks webmaster for the kind reassurance. :-}

For a minute there I thought I was going to have to pack up me Marmite jar with the violently violet shaded pac-a-mac, and scarper!!

Actually a little confessional moment...... There was a bit of embarrased foot shuffling here after I'd watched the vid bits. Michael's ambitions for the site seemed a lot more noble than my messages!! But now I've thought about it a little more and read the feedback, it's all fallen into place again ( or pieces) as the case may be or the conversation topic!! :-}

Thanks again for "the rub on the back" and "biscuit with tea". :-}
I won't feel a bit like I've got a detention from my favourite teacher now.......you know what I mean :-}}}}]]]

Ellen x
Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by Louise on 26 November 2002 7:45pm
I, too, worried that I`d been wittering on inconsequentially!
Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by Rusted on 27 November 2002 8:06am
"Inconsequentially" - great!

I don't think I've ever heard someone use that word in a normal "discussion" before. Too groovy. :O)

(Speaking about inconsequential, how about this post?)

Re: Is Michael a little disappointed? by Dianne on 27 November 2002 9:33am
One of those times I'm glad I was wrong. It is very rare for me to be wrong. :-) It is also nice to know I wasn't alone in being wrong.

Too groovy, Mary? :-) Hey, man, that's real groovy man. Cool! Can you dig it?

That was weird, I think I had a late 1960's early 1970's flash back. :-)
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