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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Thursday evening by Passepar2 on 26 November 2002 10:22am
I'm a new boy but I'll dive straight in...has anyone got a spare ticket (as if!) for the talk at the Royal Geographic Society on Thursday evening? Please?!! In return I'll tell you the story of my kidney stone in Japan and throw in the falling on top of a woman on the Victoria Line for free. What more can I say?
If anyone does know of any spares though I would be very grateful.
Have enjoyed having this site to peruse in blank moments at work. Have always loved travel and adventure, I bought all the Palin videos 'for my Dad'...he loved them even though he never had the opportunity to travel. Sadly I lost him a couple of years ago but I'll always be thankful to Mr P, the crew and the BBC for the hours of pleasure they gave to my Dad. I work in the heady world of kids publishing as a designer/illustrator, but am planning a long trip away from work next year.

Anyway...erm...that's me!

Re: Thursday evening by Layla on 26 November 2002 10:44am
hi, welcome - (although I'm fairly new myself, I've taken the liberty( is that spelt right in this context?!) to welcome you myself as it seems that everyone else is fast asleep in their warm cosy beds...!)
Unfortunately I do not have a spare ticket,actually I don't have any tickets at all, but if I did I would gladly make an exchange for your interesting stories.
It's sad to hear about your dad, you must have a lot of memories from him when you watch the videos - does it help?
Well good luck in finding a ticket anyway...
Layla - aka Anti-Shoe-Distress girl...
Re: Thursday evening by ellenpc on 26 November 2002 11:59am
Hiya Nigel,

Nice to meet you :-}.I second Layla in saying welcome to Palin Land , home of the Palinites( as opposed to Lilliput where they were all really small apparently). I'm not sure of all our vital statistics but I do know that shoe size can really open doors here! (See Re: Great Website Oct 22 for that one :-} )

Sorry, can't help you with a ticket; would of if I could of, but as I'm here in Christchurch NZ its a bit of a "non starer" I'm afraid.

Would Like to hear more of your stories though. What other sort of incentives would encourage you to divulge??? I've got tickets to my daughters ballet dance recital at the end of the week?? You'd have to sort out your own airfares though!! It should be a good show, they've been practising for weeks! Do let me know if you're interested and perhaps we could come to some arrangement :-} .

Ellen ( Quite possibly a size 91/2 - 10 shoe, but still never been to London even though I'm English! Honestly it's so embarrassing.)

P.S So sorry about your Dad. Do hope it's a comfort for you to know you gave him something he really enjoyed. :-}
Re: Thursday evening by nottlob on 27 November 2002 4:20am
Hi and welcome :) That's such a thoughtful gift for your dad, lol! Sorry about him. Where are you planning to go? Any ideas?
Re: Thursday evening by nottlob on 27 November 2002 4:44am
Oh my gosh, I can't beleive I had lol beside "Sorry about him". That just looks so wrong, I'm sorry about THAT, oy. Still, where are you planning to go next year? Any rough sketches?
Re: Thursday evening by Passepar2 on 27 November 2002 3:13pm
Hi again

Thanks for all the messages there and 'nottlob' (are you from Bolton??) don't worry, don't be sorry...thank you for the thoughtful comment.

Shame about the lack of tickets for Thursday, never mind. Just out of interest, how many of you are in the UK?

I used to love watching the videos, no scrub that...I still do. Dad would watch them with me, often 3 or 4 hours in one go before emmitting a broad Lincolnshire 'bloody marvellous that' And indeed, marvellous television they were. I've been fortunate to do a bit of wandering, sort of more around the world in 80 years though! I especially love seeing the places I've visited or were about to visit. Comparing the Bund in Shanghai on Michael's visit in full circle to this April was fascinating. I love travelling, love watching the world go by and going by with it so the idea is to try to get a leave of absence from my job for a few months in Marchish time (easier said than do) and have a bit of a wander. Where? Anywhere. Not been to S America, would love to go through Africa (Paul Theroux's Dark Star Safari is a brilliant book), would love to do the Trans-Siberian and mongolia and Kamchatka and the old silk route and blah blah blah!!! Travel though like Mr de Botton said is as much a state of mind and we forget that others travel into our environments and see it in a completely new way as I would do if I came to where many of yo uare (even Bolton!). As a kid I often used to walk the streets of Grantham imagining I was showing someone round who had never seen England before or that I was seeing everything, trees, phone boxes, cars for the first time.

Sorry I'm meandering. er...anyway, I'm shoe size 11 (but I'm 6'3 so thats ok!).

Talking of books, and this will sound like a shameless plug for where I work but really really isn't...if you like travel books and Michaels writings and adventures then you MUST read Take Me With You by Brad Newsham (Bantam Press)...he travels through Indo China, Africa and decides as part of his travels he will invite one person he meets to spend a free month travelling round the States with him, so he can watch someone else experiencing a new culture. Its a fantastic book, funny, often very moving, full of people and places and Brad is a really nice bloke.

mmm...enough, I must go an explore the Dragoman website!!

Re: Thursday evening by nottlob on 28 November 2002 1:32am
No Passepar2, I don't live in bolton, my e-mail addy's [email protected] and because someone already toke "notlob" so I added another "t". I'm from Vancouver, BC. (Canada, lol)

The old silk route! That's interesting, I don't think alot of people mention wanting to try that! That's interesting, Newsham will invite a person to spend a month traveling with? All expenses paid? Wow. Thanks for telling! I'll try to get the book from the library :)

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