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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Yes!!! Johnny Depp!!!! by notquitenglish on 27 March 2004 2:55am
And in other news today, there are as-yet-unconfirmed reports that BOREDOM is spreading rampant among Northern Californian teens... and now, over to the weather.
...if you look at that red spot there coming low over the west, that represents a strong front of BOREDOM with undercurrents of Dissatisfaction and Doing Silly Things to Amues Oneself, and oh! It seems to be headed straight for Trinity County, California. Well, we can certainly expect a lot of BOREDOM up there... back you you, Miranda.
Thank you, Billy. And now a word from our sponsor.

(advertising jingle)
*bored BORED bored BORED bored BORED bored*
Announcer: Hey, kids! Are you.... BORED?
(Kids look up)
Kids: YEAH!!!!
Announcer: Well, I've got just the thing for you then! Right here in my pocket is.... yes, that's right! JOHNNY DEPP!!!
Announcer: I *thought* you'd perk up a little.
(advertising jingle)
*When time goes on and has you by the THROAT
When Mulder and Scully begin to get your GOAT
When things get rough and you're really BORED
When your irritating sister just can't be IGNORED
When it's not even fun to push your mom down the STEPS
Just give a little holler to JOHNNNN....EEEEEEE....DEPPPPP!!!!!*

The end.
Re: Yes!!! Johnny Depp!!!! by Izot on 27 March 2004 3:13am



... are you bored? =D
Re: Yes!!! Johnny Depp!!!! by canaveralgumby on 27 March 2004 2:36pm
Now that's good writing...

Five degrees of seperation: Johnny Depp - Fear and Loathing - Terry Gilliam - Monty Python (or Time Bandits or Brazil or Jabberwocky or...) - Michael Palin

Re: Yes!!! Johnny Depp!!!! by Godfather on 27 March 2004 10:05pm

Johnny Depp was in the town nearest to me, the other day. Wells, in South West England. He was apparently filming some period film there. But apparently nobody could get to see him as there was extremely tight security around him. The local news did briefly interview John Malcovich though, as he's in the film too. I dont know the name of the film though.
Re: Yes!!! Johnny Depp!!!! by tominator_49 on 27 March 2004 11:07pm
Johnny Depp's the best actor ever!
Re: Yes!!! Johnny Depp!!!! by tominator_49 on 27 March 2004 11:10pm
Sorry...he's just very talented- look at his films:
o Pirates Of The Carribean
o Donny Brasco
o From Hell
o Ninth Gate
o Edward Scissorhands
o Sleepy Hollow
all great films!
what have I missed?
Re: Yes!!! Johnny Depp!!!! by Godfather on 28 March 2004 3:55am

>>>what have I missed?

Platoon,as a young G.I (albeit virtually an extra)
Re: Yes!!! Johnny Depp!!!! by notquitenglish on 28 March 2004 4:46am
Ed Wood, another Tim Burton one. Very funny, he kind of acts with his teeth.
Also What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

But what I'm most excited about is next year the new "Willie Wonka" will come out with him and that one's a Tim Burton one, too!!!

*clap hands*

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