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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Who Cares? by notquitenglish on 20 April 2004 4:34am
I've decided that's going to be my new slogan. When things get tough, I will proudly shake my fist in the sky and declaim at the top of my voice, WHO CARES?

That's a tough cry to rally around.

Who cares?

These are a few of my favourite things: Irish/Scottish/English accents. Lord of the Rings. Billy Boyd. Terry Pratchett's books (especially "Good Omens") Douglas Adams. The night sky. Rain. The Beatles. Michael Crawford. The color green. Big ears. Apple blossoms. The X-Files. My brother and his wife (my best friends). Swing music. Jones Soda.The red plum tree outside my window. The fact that I have all my music on my computer so I can listen forever while I'm typing.REM. The local radio station, which plays the best music you've never heard. Hickville, where I live (otherwise known as Lewiston, population 200).Writing. Having the prospect of an actual writing career. Dancing. Singing harmony.

Ah, I feel better now.
I care.
Re: Who Cares? by Godfather on 20 April 2004 7:17pm
Who cares?. I find myself saying that everyday since the media latched onto this David Beckham thing. I honestly dont give a toss about his private life, and i certainly dont think it warrants headline news over events occuring in Iraq. I did read a paper at work today during lunch, and people were tearing Victoria Beckham to pieces. Just goes to show the sort of people in this country. Brits love to destroy people once they've built them up. I dont care about their private life, but i do care that they should be left alone and all this speculation and "Claims" should be confirmed before the media starts going on about "Shame" and "It's all over" etc.

Godfather - Sick of the immature media in this country.
Re: Who Cares? by tominator_49 on 20 April 2004 8:21pm
While notquiteenglish we have a lot in common. I LOVE the lord of the rings, and have about 40 X- files videos. And R.E.M. are my favourite band!
Re: Who Cares? by irishmanufan on 20 April 2004 9:44pm
just want to say well said godfather . i belive in australia they call it the tall poppy syndrome . if a guy from a humble background a la beckham becomes famous they then try and call him the tall poppy and try and cut him down . i think it is a way of trying to tell people they have become to big for thier boots .
Re: Who Cares? by notquitenglish on 20 April 2004 11:56pm
I know absolutely nothing about Beckham. The limit of my knowledge is having seen "Bend it Like Beckham" once. Though soccer is my favorite sport.
Re: Who Cares? by kazzzz on 21 April 2004 2:37am
A certain Palinite told me that in the UK the Beckams have been christened Thick and Thin..and if this is true Im disgusted..what a cruel thing to say..jealousys a curse isnt it.
Leave them alone to sort their probs out and bring thier kids up.
Re: Who Cares? by Izot on 21 April 2004 3:10pm
>>>My brother and his wife <<<

I'm glad you elaborated. =D

notquiteenglish, did you realise that you didn't mention Michael in your list of favourite things? Not that it's really that important, I just wanted to point it out before someone else did... like Michael...

And as for Beckham, do you know what i think he should do? Give up soccer and take up a new sport, like AFL... his voice might break if he does... real man's game...

(my team is on top of the ladder. Don't mind me =D hey kazzzz!)
Re: Who Cares? by kazzzz on 22 April 2004 2:53am
Real man's game Steph....wot, like Wayne Carey???
Re: Who Cares? by Izot on 22 April 2004 5:17am
LOL, well no, not really... =D

Wayne Carey tries to play a real man's game, but look where the Crows are!
Re: Who Cares? by notquitenglish on 23 April 2004 5:33am
Well, of course, I thought Palin went without saying!

No, I forgot! Oh my gosh! Kill me now!

I love Palin! Palin forever!
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