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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Around the World in....several months by gwdaley on 2 October 2002 10:31pm
Come next spring I will be embarking on an unhurried version of Mr Palin's first travel series, but in reverse. Does anyone have any advice to offer or places that I just have to visit as I travel from North America/Canada to New Zealand, Australia and through SE Asia, China and Japan.
Re: Around the World in....several months by MissTrixiB on 3 October 2002 8:37am
As far as North America goes, 'The States' are very diverse. The West Coast is beautiful-It is very rustic throughout the Northern West Coast, between San Fran and L.A. is some of my favorite to travel by car. The Mid-West is quite nice in the Fall (Winter can be quite brutal in the Northern States). The East Coast is very interesting. Historic Charleston can be very educational. Louisiana is amazing. It goes beyond description. If you stay in New Orleans, stay in the 'French Quarter'. And travel the states BY CAR. You can get from Minnesota to Nevada in 36 hrs if you just go straight through (trust me on this). Wyoming, Nebraska, and most of Utah don't have much to offer. Wyoming is beautiful, but it goes on FOREVER. Nebraska has alot of corn and once you start through the Salt Flats of Utah, you want the trip to be over 4 hours before it ends. I'm partial to Minnesota, but I live there. It's more than worth the trip in the Fall (beginning to Mid-October). My husband lived in Nogoya Japan for a while and loved it there. Beyond that, I've only been to London. Seriously, take a few weeks to a month to travel through the U.S. and make sure you time it right weather wise. Up north and through the Rockies can be georgous in the winter, but very hazardous.
Best of luck....post here as you go, I'm curious to see how you do.
Re: Around the World in....several months by infinity on 3 October 2002 5:23pm
I travelled across Canada in 1998. I did it in 3 weeks, it was all the time I had. Never forget it though, what an amazing trip.

Started in Toronto, fantasti city, you must go up CN Tower, the view is second to none. Got the train to Winnipeg. Great trains, great view but its a very long journey so pack a pillow. Plenty of native Indian stuff here. From there we flew to Calgary and then by hire car headed straight for the Canadian Badlands at Drumheller to see all the Dinosaur remains there. We then drove all the way to Banff in the Rockies. Its a fantastic feeling to drive down those incredibly long roads and get the first glimpse of the Mountains in the distance. Banff is lovely, lots to do, Lake Louise is near and is a must see! From there we drove up the Rockies to Jasper, stopping in awe at all the views along the way. Make sure you visit the Glaciers on the way and be warned the water on the glaciers is a natural laxitive, as I found out! You also must do both cable cars to the mountain summits at both Banff and Jasper. From Japser we headed out of the wonderous Rockies for the long drive to Vancouver. On the way we did white water rafting on the Fraiser River, wow! I was lost for words. The drive had breathtaking views all the way. Vancouver was big and brash but Victoria on Vancouver Island was the cherry on the cake. It was a town trapped in time, so clean and friendly, a perfect end to a perfect trip.

Will be going back hopefully in 2004 to do the Rockies again and maybe Alaska. The best of luck, remember you can never plan enough!
Re: Around the World in....several months by pauli on 3 October 2002 8:49pm

I have just done a slightly similar trip, (see my posting in the travel section).

Japan - So much to see, and you can avoid heavy costs by researching, the best part is the old part. I didn't like Tokyo, but Nikko, Sado and Kyoto are pure magic, I made the mistake of 1 day only in Kyoto, maybe 5 days is enough. If you go here, go to Korea, cheaper and the people are the warmest I have yet met.

North America- It's well described above, but Mexico should never be left off if you have time, you can spend months here.

Try and get to Alaska - depends when you go and what you like to do, just remember it is larger than you think!! Every outdoor activity is here. Hiking, bear-watching, fishing, ski-ing.

Good luck

Re: Around the World in....several months by gwdaley on 10 October 2002 9:45pm
Thanks to all for the advice. Plenty of food for thought there. Luckily I have as many months as my VISA will allow in any of the countries and have a fair amount of cash so I may be able to fit a great number of the things you mentioned. And MissTrixiB I will perhaps post some news as I go, thanks very much for your interest. With the reading recently of Sahara I have the seeds of another trip already planted when I get back, tacked onto my planned trip around Europe I am thinking of going from Gib to N Africa across and then north through Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia...so any advice on that too would be appreciated. Thanks again to all and I guess you should watch this space...from next february or so anyway.
Re: Around the World in....several months by gwdaley on 10 October 2002 11:02pm
Just had a thought concerning posting my round the world progress as mentioned by Missi. Would anyone else be interested? Due mainly to the pleasure I would gain by the sharing of my adventure with other like minded people, with perhaps a dash of showing off, I would be really interested in doing this on an infrequent basis. If nothing else it would be a fantastic use of this site! So let me know...
Re: Around the World in....several months by The Itinerant Traveller on 13 October 2002 11:48am
You'll find that however long you stay in a place, it'll never be long enough! We've just had to cut short a similar trip to yours, but we did get to do the States and New Zealand. New Zealand is a fantastic place - we were there for 4 weeks and started missing the place immediately we left. Many people say that the South Island is better than the North Island. I would say that they're just different from each other. Top spot in the North Island would have to be Rotorua. If you get the chance, take Roger's Tekiri Trek day trip. It's an experience you'll never forget (tel. 07-345-5016, mob. 025-391-288). On the South Island, you have to 'do' a glacier. We helihiked Franz Josef... to a Brit from the south of England the scenery was amazing! Also an overnight cruise on Milford Sound (hang on to your nerves driving through the Homer Tunnel - you'll soon see why!). I shall soon be publishing a web-site with loads of photos of our trip, but you really have to experience these things for yourself to appreciate it. I hope to resume my trip (to Australia, S.E.Asia and China), but in the meantime I'll follow your progress with interest.
Re: Around the World in....several months by ellenpc on 13 October 2002 12:40pm
Hi The Itinerant Traveller,
So pleased you enjoyed your time in NZ,I'm also from the south of England and have lived here in NZ for 20 yrs and even though I grumble from time to time about feeling out of the loop here the scenery and standard of living more than make up for it.
I agree with you that the two islands have their own special qualities though this is hotly debated by the residents. Auckland is viewed with great suspicion it seems by anyone further down than Cook Straight; the further you go, the more suspicious.By the time you reach Dunedin any travelling Aucklanders pretend they're from Christchurch!!!

Our family had a hoilday in Queenstown in June which was fantastic. The Ski season had begun and we had a day up at the Remarkables ski field. The view from the top of the chair lift looking out over the snowy mountains and beyond to where the snow and clouds seem to merge was breathtaking. The scenery around Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu was rugged and beautiful especially when the sky was reflected in the lake. I'd definately recommend it as a must see.

Look forward to seeing your photos..:-)


Re: Around the World in....several months by The Itinerant Traveller on 19 October 2002 3:46pm
Hi Ellen,
We also went up to the Remarkables whilst in Queenstown - the scenery was fantastic - however, I soon discovered that I was absolute rubbish at skiing which rather dampened my enthusiasm. It was still worth the trip up there though, if only for the views of Queenstown and the surrounds. I didn't get up the chairlift of course (that would have meant skiing back down which I was in no position to do)so I didn't quite get the full extent of the view that was on offer.

My photos are on the web now (as long as the site is functioning ok - which it was last time I looked, but at the moment it needs a lot more text (i.e. descriptions & captions). There will probably be more photos to go on as well. If you get a chance to look, I hope you like what you see. I'll be updating / finishing it when I get a chance. You can find it at www.the-itinerant-traveller.com

The Itinerant Traveller
Re: Around the World in....several months by jane_whittingham on 26 November 2005 9:34am
Hope you have a great trip! When in Canada, I would highly recommend visiting Vancouver, its a very attractive city! When in NZ, I really liked Auckland, its a very pretty city. The south island is very majestic, if you like nature and scenary, I think these are some pretty nice places to take a few pictures! Enjoy your holiday, it sounds wonderful!!

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