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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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To dangerous to travel? by infinity on 3 October 2002 5:39pm
Is anybody put off independent travelling now after 9/11, the threat of war in Iraq etc. Has it stopped anyone going to a particular country for instance. I have visited and toured Egypt and Israel twice in the past, and although, especially in Egypt I had a fantastic time it was touch and go sometimes back a few years ago, but what are peoples feelings now? I plan to visit Nepal sometime soon but there is more trouble brewing there as well. I'm from England by the way.
Re: To dangerous to travel? by starry_sighs on 3 October 2002 7:19pm
yes,and no....my situation means I am unable to travel,due to caring for a disabled child.
However,if I was footloose and fancy free to go where the wind took me,I would have to say...I would be very aware of the fact I am British,and therefore possibly considered a target.
Thats a terrible thing to admit,because the vast majority of peoples are welcoming and probaly couldn't give a hoot where I sprang from,providing I treated them with respect and curtesy.
I would love to visit Egypt,but in the present climate...I would steer clear for the time being.Thats if I could travel.
Re: To dangerous to travel? by inca on 4 October 2002 1:21pm
when travelling abide by local rules and don't draw attention to yourself.
i have been to many places, some considered to be unsafe, and found local people to be mostly helpful and friendly.the sense of adventure and experiencing new things in life should always outway any doubt about travelling
Re: To dangerous to travel? by Michael George on 5 October 2002 10:00pm
I have travelled a good deal in southern Morrocco and into the desert and find that there is a certain way of walking about --almost one of complete confidence that seems to alter all difficult situations with the local people--It is thus essentual to really study and know your way around even in the Kasbars!
Re: To dangerous to travel? by gwdaley on 10 October 2002 10:44pm
I am planning on embarking on a round the world trip in the New Year...plans began before 9/11 and since then have had to evolve slightly. Subsequent troubles in and around India have meant that I have had to take these places off my route. I must admit that I am a little worried about travelling now. But it isnt likely to stop me, I just hope that things dont kick off between the US and Iraq...expected start date in the UK media is coincidently the same as my leaving date!! Now that would make things a little awkward!!
Re: To dangerous to travel? by SamThatIsCalledSam on 21 October 2002 5:02am
As a daughter of a travel agent, I urge you all to keep going places!

Please...I need to go to college, you know!
Re: To dangerous to travel? by hendo on 7 November 2002 8:21pm
Don't let it put you off. I say go for it and if you get killed, you get killed! lol I'm kidding, but I sure as hell ain't gonna stop doing everything I want to because I might get shot or something :D
Re: To dangerous to travel? by tigertiger on 12 November 2002 4:25pm

spent a few months in egypt last year, in dahab, sinai, travelling a week or so after sept 11th although the general consensus in uk was that it was unsafe.

on arrival, found dahab to be very quiet, most travellers having left. when the bombing of afghanistan started, it resulted in another flurry of fleeing tourists, leaving just a few europeans behind, some living there, some working. i have never felt safer. i certainly felt safer than all the years i was in london when bombs became just another pain that londoners routinely put up with.

it's important to balance commonsense with a sense of adventure. a lot of the places we believe to be dangerous are as safe as houses when you get there. conversely, many places we believe to be safe, aren't.
Re: To dangerous to travel? by tigertiger on 12 November 2002 4:26pm
Re: To dangerous to travel? by Mooser on 13 November 2002 11:40pm
Well, as long as you listen to advice of local people you should be fine. Nepal and Iraq are not the safest places to travel however, since you migth run a risk of being a European, and therefore may be taken hostage for ransom or political reasons (Iraq).
I have travelled a lot, also to areas that are supposedly a bit more dangerous. So far I never had any trouble. In general my hometown in the Netherlands seems to be more dangerous. Countries involved in civil wars or "normal" wars, are better left aside however.

Enjoy your trip
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