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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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The worst place you've ever been? by agroundhog on 22 January 2003 1:32am
This board is full of wonderful suggestions of fine place to go. But where is the most awful place you've ever vacationed? I know for every place on earth, someone is from there and loves it, but I offer my two lowest:

1. Krakow, Poland.
I expected it to be great, but my visit featured a hotel remembered by all who experienced it as the Hell Hole, for its ability to rapidly fill full of never-collected garbage, its amazingly filthy toilets which had no lightbulbs - making a trip to the loo at night a death-defying experience - and it's indescribable beds. Every attempt we made to go see or do something in town was thwarted by people who seemed to have taken some vow to keep outsiders away from the good stuff. The day I hiked for an hour all the way across town in the rain to find the one bakery that was open for breakfast, only to have the woman working there refuse to sell me more than one bun (I was trying to buy food for three people), will live long in my memory...

2. Borger, Texas, USA
Surrounded by gas and oil production, I do believe this is the place where they inject that terrible smell into natural gas. There is a "scenic" lake there that appears to have been the site of serious nuclear bomb testing. As soon as we opened the car doors to view the fine scenery, 1 million stinging, biting horsefiles immediately filled the car, making the next three hours as we tried to drive away one long ordeal.
Re: The worst place you've ever been? by pandk2 on 22 January 2003 1:47pm
Mortlake, Australia!
What a complete hellhole!
My mission as we passed through, was to get a drink of water. I know this is one dry country but one would assume that a cafe owner (and staff) would be able to respond with more than a blank stare...And the petrol station owner...And the locals loitering about...And..get the picture?
Left Mortlake rather thirsty, never went back!
Runners up...
Scarborough, England
Rain,rain,rain! Everything closed! Spent the day in bus shelter with mother! Hereafter referred to as BLOODY SCARBOROUGH!

The Lizard,South tip of England
Attacked by plauge of ladybirds, WHICH WERE BITING! True! I didn't know that ladybirds were evil and had teeth!

Tell you what Mr/Ms agroundhog, if anyone is going to be offended around here, this is the place when they read about their home towns!

See ya...Karen

Re: The worst place you've ever been? by rumblefish on 23 January 2003 3:27pm
I usually plan my trips and research them extensively because of the cost so I usually know that a place is ok before we go. Although I love Italy and was using this place as a central point for pompeii and sorrento I have to say that Naples didnt really have a lot to offer the drivers are suicidal the people are a little less friendly than in northern Italy and there was the distinct feeling of unease down some of the smaller streets. A taxi driver ripped us off on the first day some taxi drivers wouldnt go to where our hotel was either because they didnt know where it was or because the streets are too narrow in old town. It was difficult to find decent places to eat. On the whole its less pleasant on the eye than say rome or venice and milan so Not a complete disaster but we did tend to spend most of our time elsewhere.
Re: The worst place you've ever been? by chris_short on 24 January 2003 6:24pm
Madison Square Park, New York, 8:40am, September 11th 2001
Re: The worst place you've ever been? by pammybabe on 26 January 2003 6:36am
Ibiza -never never never go on an 18 - 30 holiday- tis the neddiest place i've ever been
Re: The worst place you've ever been? by ellenpc on 26 January 2003 7:06am


Re: The worst place you've ever been? by kahaich on 29 January 2003 4:39am
Kardeljevo, Croatia without a doubt. Now going by a different name, perhaps in an attempt to lure unsuspecting travellers back. Located on the coast, between Split and Dubrovnik, the list of appealing things in this town is very, very small. In fact, I can only think of one .... you can catch the train out of there.
Re: The worst place you've ever been? by infinity on 29 January 2003 3:44pm
Jerusalem was quite a depressing, dirty and over commercialised place. Not what I expected and that was a few years ago. All the recent problems there won't help things either.

Also Venice. YUK!! Smelly, very dirty (dog fouling everywhere), surrounded by industry and polluted water. Far too expensive, completely over hyped, don't bother.
Re: The worst place you've ever been? by Eloise on 30 January 2003 9:55pm
Has anyone been to Hiroshimo in Japan? Whst is it like now? I'm asking, as we did this poem in English, and it conjered up a place overdone, and not very nice (the way poet described it, not how it probely is). Are my fantasys true? I would like to know. Michael went in Full circle, but it did not show very much.
Re: The worst place you've ever been? by MissTrixiB on 1 February 2003 7:17am
I actually have a three way tie here. On one cross country trip, we decided to make 'Chugwater'...New Mexico?.....our dinner destination. With each mile marker our tastbuds were anticipating the fabulous meal that only a town as quaint sounding as 'Chugwater' could provide. Only a place as fabulous as 'Chugwater' warrented not 2, not 3, but 5 signs pointing it out and 3 exits off the highway leading to it. After what seemed hours, we finally reached the wonderful, fabulous 'Chugwater'. It consisted of 1 cafe (closed), 1 bar (closed), 1 liquor store (out of bussiness), 3 houses (all looked deserted) and a dog (sleeping). There was a gate on either side of the town....probably a feeble attempt to keep what was left of the population in. Another 'worst' was in the middle of Nowhere, Wyoming during a nasty drought. There was only one gas staion/restaurant for
several miles around. Though we were famished from our long drive, we decided not to eat there. The thing I remember the most about the place was the sign in the bathrooom 'When it's yellow, keep it mellow. When it's brown, flush it down.' Just lovely! Everyone looked sour and a bit dusty.
The final is not a city, but a hotel in the city of Angels. If you ever get the urge to stay in one of those Hotels off of Sunset in Hollywood....don't. My husband and I both spent years wondering what it would be like to stay at one of these wonderfully named places like 'Golden Sun Inn' or 'Shiney, Happy Hotel'. We got the opportunity on our last visit 'home'. The person that we were supposed to stay with went MIA for the evening. SO we thought "why not?". We had to pay up front. "Cash!" as the 'manager' said, giving ME a knowing glare (I practically ooze harmless midwestern girl from my pores). We shoved our money through the 3 inches of plexi glass and went passed the two guys smoking....somthing...up to our room. We walked into a room where someone had at some point attempted to take the tele, gave up and broke the antenna instead (only one channel worked....slightly scramble porn). There was a plastic lawn chair and a bed made with only flat sheets (not a big worry, 'cept the sheets kept creaping and revealed a darkly stained mattress). There were holes in the wall, and when we woke up to the sounds of gun shots in the alley, we managed to put two and two together. My bare feet never touched the carpet....I laid towels on the ground wherever I stepped. I'll give the place this though, it was the BEST shower I ever had at ANY hotel!
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