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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
WEBMASTER!!Clean up the site by peripatetically on 25 February 2003 11:01pm
Hi Webmaster. Some of us were talking this morning that the site is so full and it's taking forever to read it all. Is there any way you can clean it up, perhaps delete all the headings and we can start anew? Keep the Vital Statics and things like that. Maybe you could toss this question to the Palinites in a genral mesage to see what they say. Everybody seems to be complaining about the time it takes to catch up with everything a this pont.

Re: WEBMAster!!Clean up the sitte by stephlynne on 25 February 2003 11:40pm
It would be a shame to lose everything though...perhaps the Webmaster could start archiving older threads and make the archive searchable, so they can still be accessed but they won't clutter the main chatterbox pages.

Just a thought,
Re: WEBMAster!!Clean up the sitte by Diamond on 26 February 2003 1:32am
please dont destroy old threads without asking first ok those that only have one messsage, but if you want a volunteer to look and see what needs deleting I dont mind lettting you know whats what!

there are some great threads ie twelve days of christmas etc that should be read by new people

there are those all about Michaels book signings that need to be kept but some I agree are out of date

Anyone else for the archive section with me?

Lyn (hon curator of the vaults!)
Re: WEBMAster!!Clean up the sitte by peripatetically on 26 February 2003 2:25am
Lyn, that 's a very good idea. Hadn't given that a thought. It would make everybody happy. Good thinking!

Re: WEBMASTER!!Clean up the site by MissTrixiB on 26 February 2003 4:19am
That's a fine idea. The thought of banishing early posts all together is a tad depressing. To archive them sounds wonderful. Perhaps do different sub catagories within Blathering On? I'm not sure what the break down would be. We are pretty diverse on our subject matter, yet somehow remaining Palin related.
I would not envy the Webmaster and his little helpers for this task, but I'm sure they'll take all of these ideas into consideration and 'wow' us ;-)
Good ideas!
Re: WEBMASTER!!Clean up the site by peripatetically on 26 February 2003 12:15pm
Perhaps the Webmaster wouldn't have to categorize them. It would suit me if he simply placed them in the left hand or right hand column as is. Categorizing is a daunting task. However, there is some tedious conversation that might possibly be deleted, but only if it agreed upon by all. Not sure I'd want to have the last say on that one, though!

Re: WEBMASTER!!Clean up the site by Webmaster on 26 February 2003 3:24pm
Hi all,

We should have bookmarks for the Chatter Box by tomorrow which will allow you to see messages only posted since your last visit. Hopefully this will keep the pages a little clearer and easier to search.

An archive is a good idea and we will look into it in the near future...

Book marks and vitals! by Diamond on 26 February 2003 4:54pm
thanks for gettng back to us webmaster or is that webmistress?

book marks wow thanks I shall have to make a note in a book of where I have been in case I cant get round to replying to all the posts the next time I am on or I will get deleted - i cant find David the bookworm at the moment have you seen him?

if you need any help in deciding what to delete and what not to let me know - dont forget I am hon curator of the vaults and you will have to get past me first!!

many thanks

have you posted on to the palinite part with your vital statistics yet!! you are a regular to the site after all!!

Peace and book marks to everyone

Re: WEBMASTER!!Clean up the site by pandk2 on 27 February 2003 4:57am
Thanks for the reply, Webbie.
Patty, I didn't think about others not wanting earlier postings deleted either...Sorry!
The bookmark idea solves the problem.
:) Karen
Re: WEBMASTER!!Clean up the site by Rusted on 27 February 2003 8:03am


Cannot WAIT for those bookmarks, will make Chatterbox travelling sooo much more negotiable. :O)



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