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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Hamlet's beloved... by canaveralgumby on 8 September 2005 3:12am
Ophelia - tropical storm NOT hurricane - is bearing down on the central and north Florida Atlantic Coast. It should not do anything but rain on Cape Canaveral, even though it is sitting directly east of us and they keep using Cape Canaveral as a reference point on the news.

Keep the cards and letters coming for the Red Cross for the victims of Katrina......
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by tucsonmike on 8 September 2005 8:12am
Yes, I am working with my Red Cross Contact and giving blood on Friday. Also and pushing my wifes book so she can donate from her sales.
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by perfectbitch on 8 September 2005 11:29am
Out of interest, who gets to name these phenomena? For some strange reason, I thought that there was some alphabetical component to it.
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by George on 8 September 2005 6:38pm
An international committee from the World Meteorological Society names the storms. This was started in 1950 and the names are established 6 years in advance. Each year the list is in alphabetical order from A-W, and no Q. About 15 years ago, men's and hispanic names were added. Once a storm makes landfall, the name is then retired, forever.
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by pollyanna199 on 8 September 2005 8:06pm
Anyone named Katrina has got to be feeling pretty bad right now!
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by macauley on 8 September 2005 11:05pm
..did know about the alphabetical order, but how did we get from Katrina all the way to Ophelia?? ..seems that L, M and N went missing (thank goodness) ...and let us hope O just heads out to sea and dumps her load 'way off shore!
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by perfectbitch on 9 September 2005 12:15am
So, no Queenie or Quintin then.
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by Ellerd on 9 September 2005 2:06am
Macauley, there's a hurricane Nate somewhere near Bermuda, and a hurricane Maria has fizzled out well to the north of Bermuda. Don't know where the L's gone, though...

George, perhaps its different in N America, but here in Australia a cyclone name is only retired if it causes significant loss of life or property damage. There will never be a Cyclone Tracy again, because the last one killed some 60 people in Darwin on Christmas Eve 1974.

Perfectbitch, Hurricane Queenie?? ... it just doesn't sound right... :)
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by pandab on 9 September 2005 3:43am
Question ... What is the difference between a hurricane, typhoon and cyclone? Are they all the same thing?

In America, a cyclone is another word for tornado (I think).

I've been through what our Naval base weather office called a gale force storm while in Spain. No idea gale force number it was, but it was strong enough to pop the chains securing some of our squadron's airplanes to the tarmac and spin them around like toys.

I've never been through a hurricane, though Hurricane Hugo (or what was left of it) roared over my hometown years ago. I've also never been through a tornado. I respect hurricanes and would just as soon avoid the experience, but the thought of a tornado absolutely terrifies me!
Re: Hamlet's beloved... by Steaming on 9 September 2005 10:48am
www.dictionary.com gives some good definitions for these different wind types - for example a hurricane is wind over 74 mph - hope this helps!
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