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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Poor Pitiful Me by pandab on 2 September 2006 2:02am
It's been a while since I've done any serious whining, so I'm about due.

Went to the doctor yesterday 'cause I've been having a bad bout of ... let's just call it "intestinal issues" and leave it at that. Needless to say, it has sucked to me for the past week.

Well, apparently, there is a buggie-boo going around town these days. The doc said it was probably bacteria-caused and picked up in food, but they weren't sure yet. A bunch of people are down with it, and from what they've seen so far, it can hang around in your system for 2 or 3 weeks. WEEKS!!!

There is not much they can do but treat the symptoms and advise the patient to wait it out.

Now, that would be tolerable (not okay, just tolerable), but I'm scheduled to start my vacation to Greece in just over 2 weeks. I GOTTA GET RID OF THIS BEFORE THEN!

Every year, this happens. I either get sick just before a trip or on a trip or both. Think someone upon high is trying to tell me something? :+)

Re: Poor Pitiful Me by tucsonmike on 2 September 2006 2:28am
Well I hope you get better soon and hope this is a sign for you to stop traveling.:-(
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by pandab on 2 September 2006 2:52am
No dairy, no spices, no coffee. Now, there's a sobering thought. Pandab without her morning coffee. It's gonna suck to be my co-workers for a few days.

One good thing, though ... My doctor said it doesn't seem to be contagious from person to person, so I can't pass it on. She said they are starting to suspect lettuce or cucumbers that hadn't been properly washed as a good number of people with it had recently had salads or sandwiches with both. Take my advice ... Clean your veggies well!

The main thing, according to my doc, is to avoid dehydration and break the vicious cycle. Once the cycle is broken, the body can start healing itself.

Sigh ... At least this is a long weekend. Maybe if I take it real easy this weekend, rest and stick to my magical cure, I'll kick this stuff.

Magical cure? It's something I learned from my mama, who was an RN. Cold ginger ale, hot chicken broth and peanut butter crackers. I swear it can cure anything! :+)

I sure don't want to be in an airplane with this. Plus, I want to enjoy Greek food (which I don't know much about but am eager to try), so I gotta get well.

Re: Poor Pitiful Me by Lounge Trekker on 2 September 2006 8:35pm
What about a large dose of that pink stuff? I'm sure it's no cure, simply relief from the symptoms, but follow up with a meal of comfort food (your favourite, the psychological is more important than the nutritional benefits)and a good night's sleep. Drink as much water as you can and avoid spicy foods.

Hadda say something! I hope at least the supportive tone will help.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by canaveralgumby on 2 September 2006 9:16pm
The over-the-counter medicine Immodium always works well for me. It stops the diarrhea after one or two doses, and relieves the cramps in your gut as well.

If you stay hydrated, then you shouldn't have as much fatigue.

I'm not an expert on MANY subjects, but!...
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by arty_farty on 3 September 2006 12:30am
pepto-bismol that the stuff pete?
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by pandab on 3 September 2006 3:09am
I can't take Pepto. For some reason, the stuff totally turns my tummy, though I know lots of people swear by it. I'm on Immodium, which is helping.

I've found the most important thing is for me to avoid dairy products right now. Drinking ginger ale has helped a lot, too. Something about it calms my tummy, especially if it's really cold. Yum!

I'm making a little progress. Yea! Every night so far, just as the sun went down, I started running a slight fever. Not tonight, so that's good news. I think it's because I rested and kept to my more restricted diet.

With some luck, I'll be over this by vacation time. You can bet I'll be packing an emergency stash of medicine and peanut butter crackers, though. Just in case. :+)

Re: Poor Pitiful Me by Ginnyp on 3 September 2006 5:08am
I see you want to avoid dairy products but "live" yoghurt is great stuff for calming the tummy. The lactose from milk is already broken down and you get lots of "friendly" bacteria in your gut. Greek food is fantastic and full of olive oil so be prepared for some toilet emergencies regardless of the condition of your tummy. Likewise, Turkey.xx
Re: Poor Pitiful Me by peripatetically on 3 September 2006 8:31am
Oh , gee, Pandab, you're having a struggle, poor thing you. Imodium does work for me at those inconvenient times and I'm glad it's helped you some. And heed the warning about Greek food. It does cause tummy distress.

I hope the worst has passed (or better yet, you'll be in tiptop shape) by the time your vacation arrives. In either case, enjoy your trip. Wish I was going with you!

Re: Poor Pitiful Me by sighthound on 3 September 2006 9:31am
So sorry you're sick and that the timing is so bad! Crossing my fingers that you'll be well by the time you leave.

I concur that Imodium works really well. I also eat ginger in whatever form I can find it.

Be well!

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