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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Well? by bandgeek512 on 12 September 2006 1:26am
So, here I am.

Do I have internet in college?


But, it never worksÖ

Or, shall I say, ďworkedĒ. Thatís right, past tense.


Well, to make a really, really long story short, Iím sick. Itís not like a cold or anything. Itís my blood pressure. The classes at the college I was attending were very demanding. It isnít like I couldnít have handled it, though.

No, itís the same curriculum that I had in high school.

No, itís that I had 9 hours of classes per day, without the chance to come back to the dorm or rest any acceptable amount of time. If I did have a free hour, I wouldnít have time to walk to my residence hall, so Iíd have to sit by myself in the Commons or somewhere like that.

Oh, and the normal amount of sleep was 5-6 hours. To any normal person, that wouldnít be that bad. But, with my condition, I need 8-10 hours to sleep otherwise my body shuts down. In other words, I pass out. The thing with that is that me and my roommates didnít have the same class periodsóso we werenít at the dorm at the same times. So, if I passed out, there wouldnít be anyone there to help.

Which meant that, if I hit my head, I could seriously injure myself. Or, with my blood pressure dropping so low, I could actually die.

I feel like Iíve given up. Though, I do know that, had I stayed, it could have serious consequences. I was talking to one of my friends back home and he said that it could go one of two ways: ďYour heart could get stronger, or your heart could just give out. I seriously hope it isnít the second, but itís really risking it if you stayĒ.

So, after much prayer and talking to my parents, I decided that I needed to come home and get things sorted out. The schedule is demanding and has no chance of my recuperating after the days. That sort of schedule isnít for everyone, and my body just canít cope with the stress as well as other people can.

Iíve been told that itís just initial freshman stress, but with me, it could end up with me in the hospital. So, Iíll be taking classes slowly here in Georgia. Same major and everythingójust a different college and a lighter schedule. Itíll take a while to get everything done, but itíll be safer.

So, here I amÖ

Oh, and Iím flattered that Iíve been the next victim of trolls. Yay! Iím noticed!

But, now that Iím back, the person who is posing as me will certainly get it.
Re: Well? by pandab on 12 September 2006 3:02am
I know it feels that way, but you didn't give up. You just found a smarter way to do what you want, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Like you said ... Not everyone is cut out for a hectic pace. Me? I can't stand it. I don't have a physical condition. Mine is mental. Put me in a stressed out environment for too long, and I go seriously crackers.

I have learned a keen appreciation of what I can and can't handle, and after bringing myself to the verge of a breakdown (literally) on a couple occasions, I finally drew a line. I know my mental symptoms. I know when I'm at the edge of my endurance, and I just won't cross that line anymore.

It sounds like you did much the same. That's not giving up, honey. That's showing your maturity.

Re: Well? by fairygirl48 on 12 September 2006 4:21am
Agreed. I know several people that I graduated with made the move back home to the local community college(where I am)after not being able to cope with an overdose of stress on a bigger campus. Nine hours a day of class?! Good grief. That's insane. You made a wise decision...you're supposed to enjoy college!

Re: Well? by suzulu on 12 September 2006 4:35pm
Hi Layne. Nine hours of class a day! That seems rather excessive. 5 or 6 hours of sleep, too, is not enough, for anyone.

I agree with Pandab and Heather, you haven't given up, just going via a different route.

Good luck with your studies.

Re: Well? i came back because the going got tough and everyone hates me by Ginnyp on 12 September 2006 11:25pm
Oh! Good grief!
Re: Well? by canaveralgumby on 12 September 2006 11:35pm
Hi, Layne!

I have MS and I think I have sort of the same frustration. My mind is lucid and I'm competant and my spirits are generally good.

But BODILY, there are many days when I have to stay home, stay in my pajamas and drag my ass off the couch every once in a while long enough to go to the kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes it's even difficult, because of vertigo, to do a crossword puzzle or read or write while I'm laying around like a lump of tar.

And then other days I could dig a ditch! Go figure...

Your physical health may at times be *phsssst* but don't ever let that make you question your mental faculties. You can accomplish wonderful things, just slower. :^)

You might not want to think of yourself this way, but maybe it would help you if you hooked up with people on campus who have disabilities????? There ought to be some organized group? Maybe your RA or the Dean's Office could help you find some support.

Remember, there's NO RULE that says you have to obtain an Associates degree in 2 yrs. or a Bachelors in 4.

I'm routing for you!!!! -- Cori
Re: Well? by bandgeek512 on 13 September 2006 12:55am
Thanks, Cori. The schedule at the college I was going to was mandatory. I mean, I could have gotten special consideration--but, it would have taken so long to earn just my bachelors. My music teacher graduated from there in 4 and a half years--and he took classes during the summer and Christmas breaks. I know it would have taken me 6 or more years to graduate had I taken fewer classes.
Re: Well? by sighthound on 13 September 2006 1:40am
I highly recommend taking as much time as you can with college. I jammed most of those boring required courses into a couple of hectic semesters but, when I was left with just courses in my major and grad courses, classes that I loved and which really challenged me, I took much lighter course loads which allowed me to get into those subjects in much more depth. Took awhile to get my degrees but I don't regret it one bit.

Anyway, welcome back, Layne!
Re: Well? by Ginnyp on 13 September 2006 2:29am
Is there a course similar that you could do from home? I know that when you are young it is a bit lonely but it might be worth enquiring.xxx
Re:Bandgeek5I2 eaten by cannabilistic troll by Lounge Trekker on 13 September 2006 12:14pm
Some child, with no freinds, no reason for interracting positively with the world, crying out for attention, love, and nurturing...eaten by a selfish troll only interested in being obnoxious.

Keep our world safe from these antisocial creatures and try not to feed them.
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