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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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For the Poms by Miss-M on 29 November 2006 11:05pm
There is a bit of a debate happening in Australia at the moment as to whether the term "Pom" is racist and derogatory. Personally, I use it in an endearing manner to describe my English friends, much the same way as they would refer to me as an Aussie or perhaps a Skip. I'm interested to hear what the Poms actually think about this particular nickname. Are you guys actually offended by this? If so, let us know so we can behave in a more politically correct fashion! :o)
Re: For the Poms by capri on 29 November 2006 11:21pm
Personally, no, and I too consider it more a term of endearment.

The only thing that does irk just a little is how Australian news broadcasts often use said term. Now, if a news anchor in the UK used 'convict' in reference to Australians, he'd never work again. I just think there's a time and a place for informality, and the national news certainly isn't said place.

As I said though, on a daily life basis, it's fine. Just as long as you Aussies don't whinge about the 'convict' tag ;)
Re: For the Poms by kazzzz on 30 November 2006 1:16am
How DARE you call us convicts you you you.........POM you!!!!!

As far as irksome (don't know if that's a real word , if it's not it should be!), I got pretty tired of people in London calling me "sheila" (noone here uses that term) and talking about shrimps on barbies(another urban myth).

(I'm actually quite confused as I am 1/2 Scottish, 1/4 English and 1/4 Australian anyway haha!!)
Re: For the Poms by Sophie-Louise on 30 November 2006 1:45pm

tbh i really couldn't care less. i think there is so much fuss over political correctness, another thing i hate about england lol. people are such drama queens and it's all just too silly. i ignore it all. call us what you like you shrimp roasting sheila! ;) ;) hehe!
Re: For the Poms by kazzzz on 30 November 2006 1:51pm
Soph off ya go , drink a pint of warm beer and eat 10 bags of pork scratchings and go to bingo and watch Eastenders and make sure you're sitting in a Union Jack deckchair with a bulldog tied to the leg, oh yes and go to Skegness for every holiday, there's a good girl ;)
Re: For the Poms by Sophie-Louise on 30 November 2006 1:58pm
omg it's quite scary that i actually do a few of those things! hahahahaha
Re: For the Poms by arty_farty on 30 November 2006 2:28pm
what does the word 'pom' mean anyway?
Re: For the Poms by beccles on 30 November 2006 2:43pm
Prisoner of Mother England

so actually its POME

I dont mind it at all when people here call me a pom, and often use the term to refer to myself. I like retaining my englishness in a land where i am constantly surrounded by aussies. It slightly irritates me when people use the term "whinging pom' though, as surely it is the aussies who whinge when they come 2 our country and find, instead of sunshine, that the weather is far more miserable.

Well theres my whinge anyway.
Re: For the Poms by KateC on 30 November 2006 9:19pm
Hmm apparently that POME thing is a myth..
(sorry i can't remember if website addys are allowed here.. if not i'll remove it!) I always thought it was short for 'pomegranate' as the sailors used to use those and limes to stop themselves getting scurvy (hence the American slang 'limey'!)

Back to the topic though! I honestly don't mind if i'm called a Brit, Limey, Pom(my) or anything else, I can't say I know anyone who does either :) Just another name really! ..similar to New Zealanders being Kiwis or Americans being Yanks.

The thing I find odd about all this PCness is that generally the people who think its racist are the people who use the term! ie Aussies thinking Pom is racist etc etc
Re: For the Poms by vlad all over on 30 November 2006 10:02pm
Well I'd just like to say I take no offence from being called a pom whatsoever. In fact even if I was called a whinging Pom it wouldn't bother me. I think the trouble with the world today is that so many people are way too sensitive.

Incidentally I'd just like to say to our Australian friends on here that vegemite is absolutely amazing stuff. It kick's Marmite's arse. The only trouble with it is you can only seem to buy it here in tiny jars.
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