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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
old toys by arty_farty on 11 December 2006 4:28pm
whats the oldest toy you own?

mines a cat called lucinda, she's 18 years old and i got her as a birthday present from my dad. she's realy beaten up (one eye and chewed wiskers) but i love her.
Re: old toys by Spursfan on 11 December 2006 5:03pm
Well - apart from old toys we have bought from booties etc which don't count (it has to be from YOUR childhood I think), I have my teddy which was given to me as a baby 53 years ago! He has no growl now (after being put in my paddling pool aged about 1 by the boy next door)and has been to the docs (my Mum!!) several times to have stitches, but is still well loved!!

The fairy on our Xmas tree is 35 years old (poor old soul) - although we change the deco on the tree every so often (this year it's blue and silver), it is traditional that she goes on top, along with a couple of old glass clip on birds from my parents.

We bought her from Woolies in Holloway London just after we married, (I remember the christmas things were downstairs) and we celebrated our 35th (coral) wedding anniversary on Saturday. That's how I know her age, poor dear!!

We wouldn't swap for anything, no matter how old she is - she is really special to us.

Bit rambling aint I??!!

Re: old toys by Sophie-Louise on 11 December 2006 6:12pm
i have a mickey mouse teddy my aunty brought me back from disney land just before i was born. but his tail has fallen off :(
Re: old toys by fairygirl48 on 11 December 2006 10:11pm
My oldest is a pink bear given to me by my dad's mom, I've had it all nineteen years of my life. Still in good condition but her fur isn't as soft as it used to be.
Re: old toys by suzulu on 12 December 2006 12:09am
I still have the teddy bear I was given when I was three years old.
Re: old toys by Miss-M on 12 December 2006 12:11am
I was given a yellow toy dog from my parents when I was born. They named him Sam and he used to sit in my cot when I was a baby. He still sleeps with me, LOL!
Re: old toys by kazzzz on 12 December 2006 12:40am
I was given a yellow teddy when I was 3 months old, so he's ...(counts on fingers and toes)....41!
Re: old toys by Miss-M on 12 December 2006 2:10am
My Sam is 26 and he's barely spent a night out of my bed. Except when I accidently left him at another house. I just couldn't sleep properly until he was returned to me.
Re: old toys by peripatetically on 12 December 2006 1:04pm
I still have the little white wooly lamb that I was given by my parents when I was probably no older than 1 or 2 (1947-8 Yes, I'm old. HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHA.) It still plays "Lullaby" and gently turns it's head from side to side and up and down. The little paper flowers at it's ear are still there too.

I also have my original Tiny Tears doll, Suzie Walker, my teenage doll with large carrying/wardrobe case, etc. All clothes, shoes and accessories are still there. Sewing was fun for me as a child and I made lots of clothes for it and still have them too.

I also still have some other dolls of the very early 1950's era and also my old baton too! And lots of childhood board games, a rocking chair and sled and ice skates from the 50's. I have all the pieces to the games, which Mom always was very proud to tell people. lol .

I hate parting with my happy past thus I still have many things about which to reminiese.

OH! I also have the bracelet given me in the hospital when I was born. It's made of tiny little pink beads and lettered white cubes which spelled my name. All on a white cotton string which was worn on my itsy-bitsy wrist. it's ahrd to believe it hasn't dry-rotted by now, but it hasn't! My brother's is still in Mom's jewelry box, but his had blue beads.

Although not toys, we both had our first pair of baby shoes coppered (brother's) and mine are in some silvery tone--- maybe nickel, not sure. It was a very popular tradition in those days and often made into bookends, which ours were.

I'm sure I have other items that re old, but toys, I guess the lamb is the answer to the original question.

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