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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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the coffee appreciation thread by foreignrabbit on 17 December 2006 6:17am
i just woke up here and for the hundredth time i tried to stay awake but alas!! i needed the coffee. this has always been a problem but all of a sudden i realised that there's nothing wrong with being bum chum with the mocha monkey. was it not the drink that was thought to be near sacred to the ottomans, and the (admit it) greatest aroma of all things watery. these things all mean something. the fact that it can keep you awake where all other things non medicinal failed is just an added bonus. if it tasted bad nobody would drink it but no, its wonderfully rich and depending on how you make it, it can be sweet milky strong or smooth. so much choice. it's exhistance caters to the human race and it's collective palate. well there, i've just made my case for "Coffea arabica" and i feel just a little bit less on edge (it must be wearing off) about what i'm throwing down my, admitetedly ungrateful, gullet. if you feel differently please respond with as much critisism and contempt as you can muster if not, then well, tell me about the coffees in your nick of the globe, i'd be happy to know more.

south africa

i'll see you guys at a "qahveh khaneh"
Re: the coffee appreciation thread by tucsonmike on 17 December 2006 6:31am
Yo, don't get between me and the coffee! Who knows what I might do when I am caffeine deprived LOL!

Martin, where in South Africa are you from?
Re: the coffee appreciation thread by kazzzz on 17 December 2006 6:53am
OMG, agree 100%, I can't believe we haven't had a coffee thread before!
I LOVE coffee in all forms, iced coffee is my absolute fave and I cannot get thru a day without it.
My mum and I are currently addicted to Nescafe Hazelnut coffee sachets (just add water 99% fat free FAB!!)

A few years ago my friend and I went to the movies and scoffed a whole bag of choc covered coffee beans, we did not sleep for 2 dauys!! WIRED!!

Starbucks, anyone?

Oh yer and anyone who mentions decaf can LEAVE!!!!!!!!
Re: the coffee appreciation thread by foreignrabbit on 17 December 2006 7:02am
these are my people it seems.

tucsonmike i'm from pretoria, the administrative capital of south africa.

i love it here with all my coffee stained heart.

are you from tucson in america?

kazzz i agree completely, decaf is for quitters!!!
Re: the coffee appreciation thread by perfectbitch on 17 December 2006 12:02pm
Oh, I love coffee but I now have high blood pressure and have to limit myself to 1 cup a day. That's right - just one cup. I may have 2 on special occasions.

Good to meet someone from South Africa - quite underepresented on this site. My lodger is from Bloemfontayn ('scuse spelling) and a hard working, pleasant young lad.

Re: the coffee appreciation thread by Spursfan on 17 December 2006 12:23pm
We had absolutely GORGEOUS iced coffee in numerous hotels in India. To die for!!

I once ordered an iced coffee in Florida. The lady was really friendly but I think she was only looking after the place for her son or something (just a small place out of town).

She came back to the table a couple of times to make sure, then I got a normal cup of coffee with ice cubes in it!!!

No - that's not what I meant by iced coffee!!! [I didn't moan by the way - I just ordered a normal coffee, as she obviously didn't know what I meant]

Nescafe now make sachets that you add milk to, called Ice. We bought a load in Turkey but I think you can get them in the UK now. They're really nice, we make a bulk lot up and put it in the fridge, yummy.

My fave 'hot' coffee is cappucino - especially the sachet ones that make thick, deep froth that you can scoop off with your finger....(confessions of a cappucino drinker?)!Though I do enjoy the odd latte.

My husband likes the above too, but if it is an 'instant' normal cup of coffee, he likes it with evaporated milk!!

Sorry to go on, but if it is instant coffee (we like what we call 'posh' coffee, ie in a cafetiere or whatever, best) it has to be preferably Nescafe or Nescafe Gold Blend and ALL coffee with NOOOOO CHICORY thank you.

Anne (off to get a cup of, well, yes, coffee!)
Re: the coffee appreciation thread by foreignrabbit on 17 December 2006 12:23pm
good to meet you perfectbitch.

where are you from?

and sorry about the high blood pressure. i have it, and i should really take care of myself cause i love coffee and my favourite condiment is mustard.

have a good day

Re: the coffee appreciation thread by Lounge Trekker on 17 December 2006 6:25pm
I hereby pledge allegiance to the God of Coffee! The first thing I think of in the morning is that cup of rich and tasty, aromatic, heart stimulating, attitude adjusting...COFFEE!

Just one cup, but strong. Black, or with cream and sugar, or with a shot of liquer...it doesn't matter, but it must be strong and FRESH. Any more than two minutes old renders the coffee bootwash.

Lounge Trekker
Re: the coffee appreciation thread by tucsonmike on 17 December 2006 8:11pm
Martin, yes I live in Tucson, Arizona USA. I was in Pretoria for a meeting ten years ago.
Re: the coffee appreciation thread by Miss-M on 17 December 2006 10:32pm
Pete, do you have liquer in your coffee first thing in the morning? Hmm, perhaps I should bring out the Baileys...

Welcome to the site Martin! What is your opinion of Tony Greig? He has quite a cult following here in Australia.
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