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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: We are all sick by ellenpc on 16 April 2003 4:08pm
Definately more heros needed, agreed.

Thank God for Michael Palin, even with a pretty sharp left hook. And remember that wonderful up field pass he made on the beach in Tunisia, sheer poetry........ :^}
Re: We are all sick by Dianne on 16 April 2003 4:12pm
Is Michael Palin your hero 'my dear'?

Sorry!! I couldn't resist that one, [smiles].

My dear - I find that it is easier to get on in life if you don't take what some stupid reporter may write in a Newspaper about people who have heroes, personally. Much easier on your sanity if you make fun of their comments. Isn't that what a lot of comedians do?
Re: We are all sick by freakcc on 16 April 2003 7:59pm
i think some people r taking this a bit seriously.
Re: We are all sick by fattcslim on 16 April 2003 8:31pm
if this is true that being a fan turns into a strange person,well apart from all ready being there HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, please oh please tell the fans off britney spears to hurry up and get to the last bit, im begging now lol. dont be offended any britney fans please, only jokeing

Re: We are all sick by Helen on 17 April 2003 12:44am
Has anyone seen "Trekkies"?
Well, okay then!
(I am thinking of the part when a fan paid for a used drinking glass---(from the actor who plays "Q") and getting all excited because he caught a "Q" virus! (the actor was battling a nasty cold)
Re: We are all sick by brainhurts on 17 April 2003 2:33am
No, we are not sick, we simply have found a person whom we feel we have something in common with. And he happens to be Michael Palin. I can think of a million and one people I'd rather not warble on about.
David Beckham, now he's a different kettle of fish to Mr Palin as a "hero". He's represented by the media as an "iconic" figure, an image that the world tries to follow; successful, rich, fashion-conscious and married to someone who has the same IQ as him. How perfect he must be! It's all image, I'm afraid, a big myth.
Sorry, nearly waffling from one of my old media essays there! The point is, Michael Palin isn't represented by the media in the same way and he's avoided being dictated to by it. He's a fascinating person and I'm glad he's a hero of mine.
Re: We are all sick by notquitenglish on 19 April 2003 6:32am
Ahhh....can't *stand* Britney Spears.
Anyway, there are so many definitions of a hero... Palin's no Hercules. And he's not going to save the world, though I think that would be an interesting idea for a movie, the world in Palin's hands. A Python in control of the fate of the universe. But he's a good man, when there are so few out there now. Thank you, Palin. Keep it up, please. As long as there's something admirable or noteworthy about a person, what's wrong with commenting on it? And of course, the fact that I've had a terrific crush on him fo the longest time doesn't make any difference whatsoever....

Sorry, I was getting too serious and beginning to frighten myself.
Re: We are all sick by Rusted on 19 April 2003 6:41am
We all need to be serious every once in awhile - even Palinites! ;O)

The "hero" figure as defined the media these days is definitely almost always a flat one. brainhurts brought up a good point - Michael's tried to stay away from media a bit, which definitely makes it easier for him to do what he pleases and not be controlled. He's a smart man, that Palin! :O)

As far as the spelling of "hero" - yes, that's correct. ;O) "Heros" is wrong, however (Ellen!)...Dianne correctly demonstrated this with "heroes".

*english major mode off*


Re: We are all sick by Dianne on 19 April 2003 10:27am
Mary - I find working in a Primary Skhoel halps me keet my spalling up to stracth.
Re: We are all sick by Rusted on 22 April 2003 8:21am
*wince wince grimace wince*

Stop it, Di, you're doing that on purpose! It's like fingernails on a chalkboard for me!!


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