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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Project Palin by peripatetically on 10 May 2008 1:38pm
And he hasn't thanked us YE-E-E-ET? lol
Re: Project Palin by mrsthing on 10 May 2008 3:19pm
***apparently it was dropped into his offices last Saturday!***

AWESOME news! [Mrs. Thing recovers her composure] >ahem< I mean, that's great! I hope he liked it. :D
Re: Project Palin by Spursfan on 10 May 2008 3:23pm
What about those - like me for example - who said right at the beginning that they wanted to contribute to PP but in the end did not get the chance??

I feel let down to be honest.... :(
Re: Project Palin by Bunniegirl1979 on 10 May 2008 6:59pm
I'm sorry you "feel let down" Spursfan, but we ran out of time. The card took longer than expected to get from NZ to Oz and this cost us a month.
As it happens, I got the card back on the Friday before the birthday, and as there was no post on the BH Monday, I had to go into London to deliver the card by hand.
I'm really not sure what you feel let down about. Maybe you can arrange something next year, because I'm really quite upset about your comments.

Farewell folks. I'm sorry I "let you down".

Re: Project Palin by Palin_Lover on 10 May 2008 7:32pm
Ooh, so, he's gotten it?
Thanks Sally, you let no one down! by Lounge Trekker on 10 May 2008 10:09pm
No! Don't feel like you let anyone down, Sally. It had to move ahead quickly, and with any further delay it would have been much too late for the big day. We couldn't have advertised it, could we?

Thanks for doing this so well, Sally.

Re: Thanks Sally, you let no one down! by peripatetically on 10 May 2008 11:52pm
I too wanted to be part of the project, especially since I was a charter member of the site. Not that others have any less right than me, but , come on, I've been here since day one and was refused! Had it not been for the help of Pete, I'd STILL not know what the project was. I asked about it (over several months) a dozen times or more, for an explanation. I must've been on holiday or helping a family member recover from surgery when this was first discussed. I think it's nice it was done, but I personally feel let down too.
Re: Project Palin by kazzzz on 11 May 2008 2:36am
I can understand how people are disappointed, I would have been very much so had I not been able to participate. However, the process was difficult to coordinate and the post took a MONTH to get from NZ to here according to the postmark, how on earth they took THAT long to send it on an 8 hour flight is anyone's guess. Noone could have foreseen this sort of thing.
I'd like to say thankyou to Sally for coordinating the project, job well done . :)
Re: Project Palin by tucsonmike on 11 May 2008 7:12am
Thank you Sally for all you did. From what I was reading here, it looked as though it was lost.

I do feel bad for the ones who did not get to sign it after all that.
I was able to get the card to New Zealand faster than it took from New Zealand to Australia. Well that is sad...

This was a hard project to coordinate. I do feel bad (and I tried to email Patty but notes kept bouncing back) as to what PP was. Yes, I do feel bad Anne and Patty did not get to sign it. Still, who would have thought the card would take as long as it did?

Therefore, do not blame Sally. It was her idea and she worked like a dog on it. Since she did it and none of the rest of us planned it, let's just thank her and move on.
Re: Project Palin by peripatetically on 12 May 2008 12:58am
Oh, I'm not blaming Sally. No indeed. Kudos and many thanks for getting it done, Sally. I just wished I had been part of it, that's all. And because I wasn't, that is a huge disappointment. I'm not saying Sally was to blame for my exclusion. I know it was a big effort on her part to get the deed done.

Next time, we'll have to allow much more time for mix-ups, losses and other slow transport problems. This was really down to the wire from what it sounds like. It's really never too early to plan for things that demand a deadline. It also allows for possible "catch-ups" such as what happened to Anne and me.
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