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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: I'm a Lumberjack by peripatetically on 26 February 2008 3:26pm
The only time I found Cleese to be sexy was when he was paired with Jamie Lee in "...Wanda" I wanted to jump his bones too. lol

Eric was always the most odd person I'd ever seen with that huge long nose--- never ever handsome or sexy. But the older he gets, the less that seems the case. I think many men get better looking as they age.

Re: I'm a Lumberjack by sanna75 on 26 February 2008 4:42pm
I prefer Eric now too thanj when he was younger. Same with Micheal. I find Michel extremely sexy, actually. Peripatetically, I too find Clesse pretty sexy in A fish called Wanda, but that's the only time. What I find so sexy with Michael is because he's so funny even when he is himself. umor and funny guys are sexy :-) And in his travel showshalkly shows us who he is and tries different things. I find that sexy. And like we have talked about before here, he looks mischievious, has a sparke in his eye, looks like he's up to something. I like that :-)
Re: I'm a Lumberjack by peripatetically on 27 February 2008 1:25am
Oh yeah, Michael seems the little mischiveous devil in disguise, if you want to know the truth! Yes, a sense of humor is always attractive, I agree.
Re: I'm a Lumberjack by mrsthing on 27 February 2008 3:01pm
Eric could look so sweet, though--I'm thinking Prince Charming in "Happy Valley Fairy Tale". I liked him even more after reading "Greedy Bastard Tour"--he seemed like a nice person.

I find John sexy because he's interested in lots of things, knows he's a work in progress and makes no apologies for that, and loves animals and his work. When he's happy, he's incredibly attractive. His eyes are very compelling to me; so expressive, but in a subtle way. He can keep the dialogue moving in a sketch just by shifting his eyes just a tiny bit and saying nothing.

But I'm sort of strange in what I find sexy in a man. They're almost all comedians or comic actors (Steve Martin still lights my fire!), and they come in all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Re: I'm a Lumberjack by geordiegirl on 27 February 2008 6:38pm
I used to find Michael incredibly sexy when he was a lot younger. Now he looks - well, every inch the distinguished explorer - lovely skin colour - but, well we all age!
Yes. I'd like a good chat over a nice cuppa with him too.
Failing that he can keep on writing wonderful books!

Eric Idle - loved that long lean face when HE was younger but he's padded out now (lots of us have, alas).I too enjoyed 'Greedy Bastard' - he can write a bit too - wish he'd kept diaries so he could publish them now!

JC - yes, unbelievably sexy in 'Wanda' and who'd 'a thought it.
Re: I'm a Lumberjack by sanna75 on 27 February 2008 7:54pm
I think Michael has aged very gracefully :-)
Re: I'm a Lumberjack by elina on 27 February 2008 8:41pm
I think Michael is one of the most handsome men in the world (though I admit he was a bit more handsome when he was younger).

I find older men sexy. Nigel Hawthorne, Michael, Ringo Starr, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman (what's more, they all looked sexy when they were young) but it's not only their good looks. It's their voices. I love their voices. Makes me go weak at the knees. I love Al Pacino's voice when he shouts! I wish he would shout at me. Or Nigel Hawthorne's sweet, sweet voice. He could whisper sweet nothings to my ear and I would believe everything! Michael has a kind voice. And Ringo Starr.... his voice ranges from "ramshackled" to sympathetic. It's rough but still sweet. (I'm thinking of turning this into science...)
Re: I'm a Lumberjack by sanna75 on 27 February 2008 11:22pm
Elina, I find older men sexy too :-) If I had to choose between the young Michael and him now I, with no doubt, would choose now. He has always been very good looking, even when he was young. But now I think he's more handsome. I like the gary hair and all that :-)I'm only 22 and he's 65, but I wouldn't say no to him :-) When I look back and older stuff lik in the Monty Python days when he was in his 20s and 30s I find him more charming and as he got over 40 and onward, he bacame more sexy to me
Re: I'm a Lumberjack by mrsthing on 28 February 2008 1:36am
I love John Cleese's voice. I'd listen to him read the Santa Barbara telephone directory! I like it best when he's talking normally, as in an interview. I like Eric's voice, too.

They were ALL hot at around 40! There wasn't a bad-looking one in the lot at the Hollywood Bowl, and they were about 40 then.
Re: I'm a Lumberjack by Palin_Lover on 28 February 2008 1:48am
I really like Eric's accent...it's infectious, it just makes me want to mimic it!
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