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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by geordiegirl on 5 November 2008 6:38pm
Wholehearted admiration & congratulations to Americans & America, and our Palinites here. I've been watching TV as much as i could today, and when I see a minority crowd erupt, the tears just come.

Marianne, how particularly good to have your own personal heartfelt reaction to this.

I didn't quite realise the sheer quality of the man & was astounded, really, at his victory speech.

The lines of the voters outside boots reminded me of South Africa in '94, and the reaction in US (and even here -in London!- people have been smiling at me in the streets - all newspapers are saying the same thing) - well, the reaction reminds me of 1st May 1997, when Tony Blair was first elected.

Our whole parliament, it seems, is united in pleasure at this.

Now the task is to not be disappointed at setbacks!
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by Lounge Trekker on 5 November 2008 7:18pm
I'm relieved to see that. I hope he can make many things better after being left with such a mess.

Loungin Relief
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by sighthound on 5 November 2008 7:21pm
Marianne, what a wonderful moment with your son! Make sure that he never forgets it.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by mrsteabag on 5 November 2008 7:41pm
YEEEE-HA!!!! I agree with Sighthound. It has been an eight year nightmare. Marianne, I hope that when your son gets sworn in, or you do, he remembers that moment and quotes it. :)
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by peripatetically on 5 November 2008 10:56pm
Let's not celebrate too early, Folks. He's not even been sworn in yet! HAHAHAHA. He has a long hard road ahead of him, so nobody really knows if this is a good decision or not until he is tested.

As for the history this election made, that's another thing. Big strides were made in this country. Stepping back, though, I think the Republicans were destined to lose this year and ANY Democrat win, regardless of the candidate.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by Figuera on 6 November 2008 6:52am
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I have a fairly cynical view of politicians in general as they rarely make good on their pre-electoral promises. Lets hope things are different this time...although I won't be holding my breath.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by mrsthing on 6 November 2008 12:51pm
I agree, Figuera. But I figured Obama had a much longer way to slide than McCain did, and that was one reason why I voted for him. I expect he won't be able to make good on some or most of his campaign promises. Most politicians *say* they want to do great things, but haven't really thought about how to accomplish them or even IF they can accomplish them given the legislators they have to work with. But I *do* think he'll focus more on making the economy strong again and repairing our international reputation.

For now, I'm cautiously optimistic.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by geordiegirl on 6 November 2008 3:31pm
I hear what you say about not being sworn in yet, Patty. O seem to remember when Clinton first got in it was described as 'the longest lead-in in history' - and speaking from where it happens overnight, I can believe there'll be a lot of chomping at the bit.

But - Obama (or his advisors) is going to the new' Bretton Woods'summit, he MUST have to be consulted from now on - even though Bush can still do daft things, I imagine - and I'm just imagining already the swearing-in.

MRs. Obama seems one impressive person too. We hear on BBC one of her 'things' when she gets to the White House is, i suppose, a work-life balance for women with children.

perhaps (only perhaps) the high excitement will have cooled down by January - when in January? - and boy am I looking forward to the Inauguration speech.

Poor guy. He - and we - want this: it always strikes me how grey & tired they look when leaving office.

But, yes, what a day for America. We still have the sense of awe it's happened. History really has been made & even in London, people are smiling at each other in the streets.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by mrsthing on 6 November 2008 8:54pm
January 20, 2009 is inauguration day. My grandmother's birthday, may she rest in peace. A couple of years ago, people started buying little electronic timers that tick away the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the end of GWB's term. Can't come soon enough for me!
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by Spursfan on 6 November 2008 9:13pm
I didn't think it would be such a long time (relatively)!
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