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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by geordiegirl on 6 November 2008 11:44pm
A day to earmark to watch TV at home, Judy.And your grandmother must have occasionally been quite thrilled on her birthday.

I see from our TV pictures they're already building the Inauguration platform for the First Family to watch the parade (and I guess be sworn in on? Joe Biden: 'I do solemnly swear, that as the first Biden in a thousand generations to be elected VP' - no, stoppit! Just as a matter of interest, where does the VP have to live? Is there a sort of minor White House?)

Was amused to see big crowds outside White House Tuesday chanting goodbye,goodbye at Dubbya & drinking champagne out of plastic cups to celebrate.

A PS: we have a crucial by-election tonight. Quite overshadowed by recent event!
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by tucsonmike on 7 November 2008 12:11am
I hope things turn out well for us with President Elect Obama.
I was afraid of the large crowd in Grant Park though.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by mrsthing on 7 November 2008 1:55am
Why, Mike? They seemed better behaved than the crowd at McCain's speech.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by tucsonmike on 7 November 2008 3:58am
The size, a charismatic speaker etc. I'll get over it.;-)
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by peripatetically on 7 November 2008 4:14am
The Vice President's Residence was built as the home of the Superintendent of the Naval Observatory in 1893. The house became the home of the chief of naval operations in 1923. Congress turned the home into the Vice President's Residence in 1974.
a white, brick-walled, Victorian-style home with 9,150 square feet of floor space, is located on the corner of 34th Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C. It's on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory and was originally built for the superintendent of the observatory in 1839.
The house became the official residence of the Chief of the Naval Observatory in 1928 (for this reason, it's still referred to as the "Admiral's House"). In 1974, Congress designated the house the official temporary residence for vice presidents. Before the decree, the vice president lived in temporary houses and hotels.

Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by mrsthing on 7 November 2008 12:44pm
Thanks for the info, Patty. I never knew that the poor VP had to shack up in a hotel! No wonder my taxes are so high!

My daughter felt sorry for Sasha and Malia having to leave their friends and their home and school and start a new and somewhat strange life in Washington DC.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by kazzzz on 7 November 2008 12:48pm
Obama who?
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by geordiegirl on 7 November 2008 2:14pm
Yes, thanks, Patty. Very interesting, I build up a picture.

Hey-hey, we (Labour) won our by-election!!

Gordon & Obama rule, OK! (I can believe they have the biggest brains & the best financial nous of any leaders)
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by tucsonmike on 9 November 2008 1:09am
I was going to write this on my blog. I finally figured out why I was so afraid of the crowd.

I grew up sort of being taught that big crowds were dangerous. A large crowd, a charismatic leader...Nuremburg. Then said big crowd could turn nasty in a hurry.

This was not just from Mom and Dad but from all the Eastern Europeans I grew up knowing. That night, something bothered me, but I couldn't put a finger on it.

I have been reading all the articles Google News has been providing. African-Americans are split about the victory more than I would have thought. Many younger, poorer ones, are not completely convinced they will come out of it better. On a personal note, I no longer want to hear any complaints. Go to the level of your skill. We had a bad history and time to go beyond it.

I voted for Obama with reservations. I would like him to be great. If he turns out to be great, I will be the first to say my concerns were unfounded and will not just vote for him, but WORK for him in 2012.

The Republican Party is a shambles. They did it to themselves.

As with the rest of us, I am hopeful. Let me ask this question. Did you think we would see an African-American President in our lifetimes? (I would liek to see such labels disappear, but one step @ a time).
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by geordiegirl on 9 November 2008 2:40pm
The huge weight of expectations, everywhere, eh?

One newspaper placard for a very stupid newspaper here said 'Obama's Toughest Challenge' - this, 2 days after he's been elected.

Your point about crowds & leaders is very interesting, Mike. You also had many good US examples of crowds/leaders, though? Martin Luther King & many others in civil-rights movements, f'r instance.
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