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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by bIG bLOGGER on 9 November 2008 2:59pm
I sympathise with your uneasiness,tucsonmike,I'm not keen on huge crowds per se,they can be unpredictable and intimidating;in England we have had several tragedies when football crowds got out of hand and people panicked.

I thought it was unfortunate that apparently Obama had to give his acceptance address from behind a bulletproof screen,but obviously the organisers were leaving nothing to chance.

As regards your question,tucsonmike,
I heard that Robert F.Kennedy,who served in his brother John F.Kennedy's administration as US Attorney,had the remarkable prescience to say in a radio interview with "Voice Of America",which was reported in The New York Times on May 27,1961,that he thought it likely that America could have "a Negro as President in the next 40 years". Well,he wasn't far out,except it's taken 47 years since he said that and Obama is not a 'Negro' as such, but an 'African/American'.He was talking in response to attacks on so-called 'Freedom Riders' who were trying to push the boundaries of race acceptance in the 1960's.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by mrsthing on 9 November 2008 10:21pm
I thought we probably would see a woman and/or a black person as president one day, but I expected to be a lot older. I really think it was the "perfect storm" combination of 8 years of a disaster as a president and a candidate who is intelligent, handsome, articulate, and who inspires hope. For those who voted for him, I think it had less to do with the fact that he's black and more to do with the fact that he's entirely different from Bush.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by peripatetically on 9 November 2008 11:26pm
Yes, Judy. Even his advisors told him the time was ripe for him. If ever it was time to put a black man on the ballot, it was this year. His chances couldn't have been better. But, like you inferred, it was mostly the anti-Republican vote more than WHO was running for the Dems. Joe Shmoe might even have been elected if he had run. I am personally surprised McCain did as well as he did.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by tucsonmike on 9 November 2008 11:30pm
In 2000, I hoped Colin Powell would run. I was actually in touch with a childhood friend of his from the Bronx who was going to run his campaign, if General Powell gave the green light.

I thought we might have an African American President, but because of the old "Bradley effect" it was hard to tell. That segment vanished with this election.

In reading Google News, there are some very angry older Southern whites. Keep in mind the difference between us electing Barack Obama and South Africa electing Nelson Mandela.

You may be right Judy. All Obama had to do was NOT be BUSH. No matter what McCain did, he could not escape Bush's shadow.

Geraldine, in interviews here, he made it clear,if he lost the Presidential election, he would serve out the rest of his Senate term and retire.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by peripatetically on 9 November 2008 11:36pm
I certainly liked Colin Powell too and was hoping he would have run too, Mike. He'd have gotten my vote .
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by mrsthing on 10 November 2008 10:33am
If McCain had only run his campaign with the same grace and class with which he conceded it, he might have won. And if he hadn't chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate--I'd bet that had a lot to do with it. As it was, it wasn't a landslide victory for Obama--nearly half the country wanted McCain. He was a worthy opponent for Obama, and despite the rhetoric, I think he would have been a refreshing change from Bush.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by bIG bLOGGER on 22 November 2008 3:43pm
In all the excitement on the night of November 4,in Grant Park,Chicago,it was somewhat over-looked what Michelle Obama was wearing that night.She must have known that the female voters would be watching keenly to see just what she had chosen to wear,because Mrs. Obama has for several years been voted among the world's best-dressed people.
Now,that Australian critic Germaine Greer,yes,she of the wacky and caustic opinions,has decided it's time to add her comments:
"...For election night,Michelle went further upmarket.Her sensational dress was designed by Narciso Rodriguez for his next Spring/Summer Collection.The original is at least 8 inches shorter than the Obama version,and the neckline a good 6 inches lower. The splash of red,rather than pouring halfway down the thigh,ends above the crotch and extends from hip to hip ,with a small flare on each breast,avoiding entirely the butcher's apron effect.The Grant Park version of this cute and sexy dress was a travesty..."

Does anyone agree with Germaine Greer,or did you find it great?

Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by mrsthing on 22 November 2008 9:34pm
I'll admit, I didn't even notice. I remember she and the girls looked nice.

Okay, went back and looked at a picture. Yeah, from certain angles, it looks bad. Makes her look dumpy. But I think "travesty" is going a bit too far. I think she usually looks nice, though. I like her modest clothes--it's fitting for a president's wife and the mother of school-age children.
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by tucsonmike on 23 November 2008 2:10am
What do the Americans here think of the potential Cabinet choices so far?
Re: OBAMA WINS!!!! by sighthound on 23 November 2008 2:52am
I remember noticing that the female Obamas were all dressed in red, the Republican color. Interesting....
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