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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Spam e-mails. by johnnythemonkey on 5 November 2010 1:27am
I'm a genuine psychic Terry. £100 and I'll tell you the future you wanna hear. :)

I am a wee bit psychic actually. Nothing profound but enough to convince me. It's hard to explain. Just small things.
Re: Spam e-mails. by kazzzz on 5 November 2010 4:41am
I get piles of spam from people trying to selling fake Rolex watches, I've been getting them for years!
I wonder why....I'm not dodgy!
Re: Spam e-mails. by TERRY S on 5 November 2010 7:10pm
There was one person who keeps spamming me saying he has a fullproof way of winning the lotto, so good - he says - that people hve tried to kill him to get his secret. If it's so good, then why isn't he winning the lotto to become a millionare rather than trying to sell people the secret. If it was that good he wouldn't have to! Weird. And to JTM: I'm not psychic, but I seem to have this instinct thing where I know someone is going to be in a room before I go in there, or I instantly know if I can trust a person just by looking at them. Not because of their looks or anything, just a feeling I get. I don't know what you call it really. It's un-nerving sometimes.
Re: Spam e-mails. by Ken Dunn on 5 November 2010 8:04pm
Kazzzz, I'm fairly sure I set my spam filters to dump any messages containing the words 'watch' and 'viagra' in the trash. That way I never see the Rolex watch e-mails!
Re: Spam e-mails. by johnnythemonkey on 6 November 2010 1:41am
There's no spam filter here Ken. Wanna buy a Rolex watch that tells you when to take your Viagra ?
Re: Spam e-mails. by Spursfan on 6 November 2010 10:07am
Lol, Johnny! :D

Terry, yes he'd be giving the info FREE too, in order to share his good fortune!

Re psychic-ness, this is really weird. Most Saturdays, a friend of ours visits us, but because he doesn't drive or have a car Zak picks him up. Our friend rings when he is ready and when the phone goes Tosun goes mad, barking wagging his tail, and getting really excited!! Now, he doesn't do this when the phone rings on any other occasion, not even if our friend can't make Saturday for some reason but someone else calls at the same time he would have done!!!

We don't say "Oh it's (our friend's name)" before Tosun starts, so it isn't name association. Our friend doesn't ring at exactly the same time either, and as I said, if someone rings on a Saturday night other than him Tosun ignores it.

Explain THAT if you can.

Re: Spam e-mails. by johnnythemonkey on 6 November 2010 4:59pm
That's easily explained. We all know that Tosun is a Wonder Dog. :)
Re: Spam e-mails. by Spursfan on 6 November 2010 5:09pm
I know, but APART from that.....

Re: Spam e-mails. by johnnythemonkey on 6 November 2010 10:37pm
Tosun has a mobile and your friend texts him ?
I think that animals have more of an awareness of time than we give them credit for.
Re: Spam e-mails. by Spursfan on 7 November 2010 9:16am
How did you know he has a mobile?? Has he secretly been texting YOU? :D

Yes I agree about the time, BUT as I said above, if someone else rings at around the time our friend usually does - no reaction. If our friend rings much earlier (or much later) than usual - reaction!!

It is really weird.

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