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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 13 September 2014 9:33am
The Series section has a troll and I hope the webmaster can delete their messages and block them.
The troll messages have been deleted.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 5 November 2014 7:10pm
As it's getting near the end of the year and I've been keeping track of all my unsolicited e-mails for the year on page 8 I thought I'd bring this to near the top as approaching Christmas is a time when the sales people will try to sell you stuff by all and any means. Because of this be wary of fraudsters who will try to spoil your Christmas.

Bank and credit card scams are still popular but not so much.

Gambling e-mails have all but disappeared.

I am now less of a fan of Manchester City because my e-mail unsubscribes have been ignored.
Re: Internet trash. by Spursfan2 on 27 November 2014 8:22am
My husband Zak has been called for jury service in December, so when he received an email with a title which included the words 'Your visit to Court' (or something similar) he assumed it was yet more information to do with being a juror (LOTS of paperwork!!).

Unfortunately, this was a scam and as soon as he opened the email his laptop was infected with a virus (which he promptly dealt with).

We are usually very vigilant - just goes to show that anyone can have a brief and temporary lack of judgment when confronted with these darn things.
Re: Internet trash. by suzulu on 27 November 2014 11:29pm
I opened something by mistake recently. Hope I am not infected by a virus!
Re: Internet trash. by Spursfan2 on 28 November 2014 1:40pm
Zak became aware of the virus very quickly Sue - you are probably safe, especially if you have anti-virus, which would tell you if you had been infected, so's to speak!!

Re: Internet trash. by suzulu on 30 November 2014 12:13am
I do have antivirus but earlier this year I got infected by a virus or malware and the antivirus software did not detect it for a long time. My internet provider sent me an email asking me to get rid of it or they will discontinue my account!
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 11 February 2015 6:18pm
For Spursfan 2.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 7 April 2015 9:08pm
I'm wondering whether or not to start my trash count of junk e-mails again as the stuff that is arriving in my inbox which is not wanted is increasing seriously.
Re: Internet trash. by Lounge Trekker on 7 April 2015 11:37pm
Sounds like internet trash is getting to you, Ken. You could change e-mail addresses and only use the new one with people you trust to not spread it in spurious places...

I just mark anything I didn't ask for as spam. The last thing I want to do is read it or use one extra second of time on it. Pestering them will accomplish nothing but confirm to them that there is a real person their advertising is seen by. These guys make money sifting through computer junk. The love it when you react...it seems to them, like they are dealing with real people for a change!
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 8 April 2015 12:57am
It's only because my filters aren't working as well as they used to, LT. I have a request with my ISP and they are going to contact me in the next 24 hours for/with a possible solution. I prefer not to waste ANY time on the 60% (maybe more) spam which arrives in my inbox. The latest proliferation is for solar panels so I've e-mailed a local company for a quote! But I'll definitely not be buying their product because the junk e-mails on the subject have put me off solar panels completely.
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