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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Internet trash. by Lounge Trekker on 26 August 2015 12:55am
Only use this for communication with people you know will not include your address in mass e-mailing like jokes or the like. Spam-bots look for e-mails with many addresses in the to: field.

If you do forward a massage, simply delete all the other addresses and you will not be part of the problem.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 11 September 2015 5:20pm
I have just stayed in for over 3 hours waiting for a phone call from my ISP regarding stopping at source the numerous spam e-mails that arrive in my inbox. The result - wait for another 3 or 4 days while their higher up technical team look into the problem!

While I am waiting the 3 or 4 days I have investigated where the spam seems to be coming from and it is a company called Manner Media based in the USA. I have e-mailed them in no uncertain terms telling them to unsubscribe me from their and any third party companies marketing/spam e-mails they send. I have also told them they are off my list for any possible future business dealings.
Re: Internet trash. by Spursfan2 on 12 September 2015 3:28pm
This isn't really internet trash - bt hope you'll forgive me Ken.

We recently moved our internet, landline and mobile phones from EE (where we'd been for years) to BT. The main reason for changing is that our village finally arrived in the 21st century and has fibre broadband !! As the speeds we were getting before were rubbish - about 1mg !! - we moved asap and BT had the best deal.

We wanted to keep our mobile numbers so needed to get a PAC number from EE. Zak got his straight away, but after 3 phone calls they were still refusing to give me a PAC number as I wasn't registered as the holder of the sim card. [I don't know why not - I thought perhaps years ago I may have taken over a sim card used by one of the grandchildren who had been living with us, but when I asked EE they couldn't tell me because o privacy laws !!]. Zak tried, in case he'd been registered, but he wasn't. He was told that he should go to the local EE store and they would help him.


The assistant (and I use the term loosely) was constantly chewing gum with his mouth open for a start off and was extremely rude. He told Zak that even if he paid them a million pounds they would not be able to do anything. He then said Zak could phone up from the store, but would have to queue for 15 minutes - why would he want to do that when he'd done it at home with no success??! When Zak told him that, without swearing (well, he did say 'bloody') and shouting, the assistant more or less ejected him from the store.

Needless to say we complained. I then received my PAC number.

Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 31 October 2015 8:39am
It is SF2! I've spent hours on the freephone number to BT trying to get them to fix things that go wrong with my internet connection and eventually it happens but that's not what I came here about.

Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 31 October 2015 8:45am
ebay have 'made a few changes' :
1) They've made it easier to purchase on someone else's account by mistake.
2) They've made it easier to have 10 pages of T&C's to read before you can make a simple purchase.
3) They've made it easier to be forced to use Paypal to make purchases.
4) They've made it easier for the purchase to be abandoned so that another person's account will be bombarded with 'You haven't paid yet' e-mails.

I'll add more to this later.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 3 November 2015 4:20am
I've just had an odd experience here but I'll not detail it as it relates to internet security. What happened was specific so is probably OK.

My ISP (internet service provider), BT has at last fixed my internet services and they all seem to be working as they should. E-mails are being properly put in the correct boxes and appropriate websites are accessible very quickly. Even though I use an old machine with old software they have done the fix properly. Well done BT.

Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 14 January 2016 6:25am
Dear National Newspaper,

I'm sorry for contacting you again but I have another different complaint regarding my browsing being spied on. This one concerns eBay.
I am a postcard collector and was browsing the shop, in eBay, of a postcard vendor and had selected about 10 items of interest which I had bookmarked. Within 48 hours my wife had received an e-mail asking if she was still interested in buying one of the postcards I had selected! I contacted the postcard vendor about this and they said that it was eBay or Google who had sent the e-mail to my wife. I tried to complain to eBay this morning and even got to the point where they showed me the item I wanted to complain about (a Goatfell, Arran postcard) but their complaint procedure hung up when I selected this item for registering the complaint against. My wife has also received another e-mail regarding a Giant's Causeway postcard I have on my bookmarks.

Some people may find this type of internet activity fun but I find it very disturbing and morally wrong. On receiving advice from a stamp/postcard dealer in a real shop they said that the Manchester City occurrence (remember my previous recent e-mails) wasn't illegal but I am sure that divulging part of your browsing history to another eBay user must be breaking the terms of the Data Protection Act.

Yours sincerely,

Mr K Dunn
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 15 January 2016 4:56am
A combination of the newspaper's response and doing a few resets in my browser, the main one being deleting cookies, seems to have fixed some of these problems. (See also scunneredness in Ken's linguistic dictionary.)
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 15 January 2016 5:28am
adfarmmediaplex and Criteo are a couple of the digital marketing companies who want to spy on your browsing habits so that they can plague you with internet trash.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 4 March 2016 3:19pm
I'm still trying to get eBay to stop defaulting to my account when our computer is switched on. I've deleted their cookies and got some success but after a few days it's back to defaulting to my account on switch on. I have removed the check tick in the 'keep me signed in on this computer' at sign in but on a new session it still defaults to my account?!
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