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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Internet trash. by johnnyBgood! on 4 March 2016 8:20pm
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 31 March 2016 7:53am
Further to my long post about 4 or 5 posts ago. I was setting up to give the Manchester City shop a second chance and had picked about 6 items for consideration to purchase and bookmarked them. On my second sift of these items, one had become unavailable and the remaining 5 were left in my bookmarks for purchase when I had time. When I had time I went to check my e-mails first and all 5 of the items that were in my bookmarks appeared on my e-mail login page!?

Same outcome as before: Man City have lost a good sale, all the items have been deleted from my bookmarks and all Man City and Criteo cookies have been deleted from our cookies. Another complaint has been sent to the Man City shop and this time I have let them know that it has been copied to The Sunday Post.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 31 March 2016 1:46pm
Man City have apologised for the inconvenience but won't stop unsolicited advertising/sales pitching. More their loss than mine. I'll maybe start supporting a sports club who can't afford to irritate their supporters! thinking about it, I already do - Kirkcaldy Rugby Football Club.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 2 April 2016 5:46am
... is back in this website. See the webmaster topic in the Travel section.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 6 April 2016 8:40am
I went into my history to reenter my e-mail inbox and there was a long queue of adverts waiting to play in the small spaces in my e-mail in-box page or my ISP (Internet Service Provider) home page.
I've asked the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) to let me know if they can't stop this practice.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 13 June 2016 8:21pm
This indirectly connects to the internet which at the receiving computer works with microelectronics. So the trash thing is why, when microelectronics are so small do they have to make the equipment and screen texts very small as well? There are some people with big hands and eyesight that is not the best and this makes the use of very complex information screens and tiny screen mobile phones that have the internet almost impossible to use without getting angry or frustrated with them. Even when facility exists to zoom and increase size by 2 different methods all the icons and software text installed on the computer remains tiny!? Example - I have set my minimum font size to 18 but even with that the 'submit' icon below is still in the tiny font size - Hmmph.
Why also do predictive texts force incorrect spellings on you? The street I live in has a name with a u in it but every time I type my address the predictive text forces a w into where the u should be. Every time I identify myself to a random person I have to change this w to a u.
It's the same as magazines being made smaller (to save trees?) and the text has to be made smaller to get the same information onto the page and when they use a font that does not stand out clear at the reduced size the reading of the magazine becomes frustrating, even more so when the pages are glossy.
Triple Humph. Even with this the predictive text wants to spell the Humph wrong. Does it think I'm typing the abbreviation for Humphrey?
I wish they wouldn't make computers so complicated and stupid.
Have all the old palinites become tied up with this stuff and they spend so long sorting it that they haven't time for traditional stuff? I'm glad to say that the predictive text hasn't given me a weird word in place of palinite.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 21 June 2016 4:12am
After very careful checking I have found ways of zooming into the screen and/or making the content of the page you are using bigger. Both these facilities are independent of one another. I can now easily see what I am doing.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 2 September 2016 10:45pm
I have been cleanng up my e-mails over the past week or so. My ISP, without prompting, has apologised for the amount of spam I have been receiving and recommended that I set my spam filters on words contained in the SUBJECT field. Having been doing that more of the junk is being being correctly dumped out of my inbox. Note that the sender which appears on screen mat not be the e-mail address or any part of it from which the spam is sent.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 22 November 2016 6:19am
This is the only website I have never had trouble with (except trolls). All the others generated spam or adverts or needed a password change eventually.
Re: Internet trash. by Ken Dunn on 9 February 2017 9:54am
... is back in this website. Only one long post in the Mona in the Bog topic so I'll ignore it unless similar posts appear elsewhere. It looks like lundparm again, under a different name.
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