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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by Louise on 28 March 2004 7:46pm
I`d forgotten all about this ... fun to read it again!
Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by Izot on 29 March 2004 7:23am
Argh, I'm just being nasty cos I wasn't here when it happened. >(

Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by kazzzz on 29 March 2004 10:25am
you'll have to join in next time Steph...
Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by Diamond on 29 March 2004 12:03pm
i think that roy was stirring things - he appears now and again - so take no notice ok folks ignore this thread

Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by roy on 29 March 2004 3:26pm
Hi Lyn - "Stirring things"? Actually, I posted this for the interest of the newbies who missed it all.

At one time this transcript was kept on the site, then disappeared.

Sadly, I only have very limited computer access so can`t appear as often as I`d like.

luv Roy
Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by Helen on 29 March 2004 6:31pm
thanks Roy...
I agree-- it is time for Michael to chat with us again. Chaos can be fun!
Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by tominator_49 on 29 March 2004 11:49pm
Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by Dianne on 30 March 2004 5:15am
Thank you for bringing this back up Roy. And I'm sure the other Palinites who were not there and have not read it before are thankful you posted it for them.
Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by Diamond on 30 March 2004 11:53am
sorry but as the chat meant that so many of us thought that live chats sucked - and personally resulted in my being in an ivory tower for about four days - I think we are romanticising the live chat - which wasnt successful at all and caused a lot of problems - take note of the fact that no other chats were planned or have taken place since to realise that there were so many lessons to learn by all of us - who naively thought that we could actually talk to Michael - webmaster michael and the palinites and the rest of the world who wanted to join in - but we all found it wasnt to be

Michael was only there to answer questions and did not do so for everyone who tried to join in - for those who could not be there for the time differences in the world made it impossible for all to join in - for everyone, therefore it is to me as Dianne once said about Michael being included in the palins chatterbox - as his messages used to be - a double edged sword, in that some of us were bitterly disappointed with the whole fiasco as our questions were not answered and with MP being online for 45 mins and there being over 50 pre asked questions it was obvious that answering all the questions - which would be the fairest way to deal with this scenario - was never going to happen

regurgitating something without an explanation why - sorry roy if i upset you with my comments but you cgave me the impression with the title of this thread you were rubbing it in rather than giving a fresh opportunity!!

To meet Michael live at a book signing is by far the best medium - rather than in cyber space - yes i realise that there are those of you who havent and a cyber chat may be the only contact you have but at what price?? are those who have met michael going to stand aside at the next chat?? - i personally wont go near another one and would not even recommend the situation to someone i dont like!! and i wasnt the only person to think that way either - sorry roy my comments stay the same about live chats irrespective of who started this thread - to me it is an old wound re opened and will take time to heal like the last time - fair comment!!

enough said


Re: You missed it, you Palinites!!! by Diamond on 30 March 2004 11:57am

sorry but in the past - as other palinites will testify - you made comments that hurt and offended people then you disappear and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces!! perhaps i should go down the vaults to find that thread and bring it back for newbies to read??? fair comment??
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