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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Introduction by nottlob on 31 December 2002 11:59pm
Hi stephlynne! Your site is great! I enjoyed reading about your travels. I'd like to visit England someday! It's funny because people in England would say "Why would you want to go to England? Wouldn't you rather go somewhere else?" And those people want to go to South America, but if you're from South America then you think it's really nothing and you'd rather visit Aisa or something, sort of understand what I mean? I really tried to explain it but I have bad use of vocabulary, haha. Like my last sentence, lol.
Re: Introduction by ellenpc on 1 January 2003 11:55am
Helen, you've seriously impressed my hubby!! He has nearly everything that Yes have ever recorded and has been on the Yes mailing list for longer than he cares to admit. Progressive rock is one of his passions and many an evening when there's nothing much on TV he's bored me silly...(errr sorry darling :-})....captivated me with a session on Yes, The Flower Kings, Dream Theatre, Transatlantic, Spock's Beard (!?), Ayreon and others with musical excerpts to boot.
Re: Introduction by Helen on 3 January 2003 1:33am
ask your hubby what his favorite Yes album is-- mine is Going for the One-- Wakeman's work on Awaken is amazing...recorded over a phone line, I read. Wha? Astounding.
what mailing list? I should be on it, too!!!!!
How 'bout good ol' Emerson Lake and Palmer and King Crimson... oh, I could go on and on and on and on....and I love punk rock. Clash, Pistols, Damned, Iggy, Ramones... You two are musicians so you know what it's like. I'm jealous. I can't play a note, though. I faked it in a garage punk band in college. I sucked and was proud of it!!!! My hubby-- classically trained at the piano. he's amazing. Jealous, jealous.. I love music, I can't play it!
and I think Tormato was highly underrated. I don't think it sucked at all. I think it had some of Chris Squire's finest bass moments.
but anyway... umm...cool!!!
Oh my. I rambled.
on the Spam, you know...
Re: Introduction by jmcollis on 3 January 2003 9:40am
Hi Helen and Stephanie,
John - Ellen's Husband here (gee admitting that around here maybe dangerous no?) :-)

So favourite Yes album? - well that varies depending on what is in the CD player at any particular time I guess - probably "Close to the Edge" although I definitely agree that "Awaken" is one of the absolute best tracks. As for the Yes email-list go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SSotS/ and sign-up.

How about ELP and KC? yep - have some of their stuff also (mainly in vinyl).

Re: Introduction by ellenpc on 3 January 2003 10:05am
See, see, he does exist!!

I hadn't made him up just to appear normal.

He deserves some sort of award for putting up with me on a daily basis!! :-}}}}}}}}}]

And he brings me marmite instead of flowers. :-}

How romantic is that??? :-}}}}}}}
Re: Introduction by JenJen on 3 January 2003 2:03pm
Well Hellen, at least you know you'll be out of favour (or should that be flavour?) if he stops bringing the marmite! I must admit I love marmite on crumpets smothered with cream cheese on top. Yum!

I must admit that some people have some strange chatterbox names. Lyn is Piglet, you are Ellen, is there a theme creeping in where people put the wrong name just to hopefully confuse the rest of us??!!

Well, not that we could confuse you (or Lyn) with anyone else. Who else loves marmite as much as you?? I do love the adverts for it though (love it/hate it). When the tramp throws the sandwich back. (sorry to non brits)

How does vegemite compare to my mate marmite?
Re: Introduction by Helen on 3 January 2003 3:33pm
Close to the Edge is one of my faves, too. Relayer has a special place in my heart as well. Aw shucks, they ALL do!
I saw the Union show and they did Awaken in the round. I stood there, for twently plus minutes, with mouth agape and not blinking. Wow. Wakeman....!!!!!
Mine is mostly on vinyl, too- but working on being digital. Reluctantly.
Thanks for the Yes group addy. I will be joining soon!!!
Re: Introduction by Helen on 3 January 2003 3:38pm
They extended the Awaken jam to over twenty minutes for the show I attended.
oh... my.... god.
Putting it in CD player now... bye...
Hey-- i met Bill Bruford once. One of my DJ friends interviewed him at our radio station and he introduced me as i was passing through to do my show. I said "er uh duh blabber grurgle, Hello, big fan of yours, blah blah, wow, duh."
Re: Introduction by stephlynne on 3 January 2003 8:33pm
SingDino, I agree, this is a great board on which to be a newbie. So many other boards seem to have little tolerance for us newbies, but here we are made so welcome. I'd expect nothing less from Palin fans, though!

Ellen/John/Helen, I'm more of a casual Wakeman and Yes fan than my husband is, but I really do enjoy their music. My favorite Yes album is probably "Tales of Topographic Oceans". A strange choice, I know, but "Revealing Science of God" just blows me away. We try to see Yes every time they tour in our area. It's always a lot of fun. My husband is on the Wakeman email list, and we've made quite a few friends that way.

I am totally untalented musically, but I am a huge music fan. My favorites include Tom Waits, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, Billy Joel, Elton John, Bowie, any and all blues music...and lots more.
Re: Introduction by Rusted on 4 January 2003 7:58am
Oh no...progressive rock discussion on the Palinite board...!!

*mary runs away to avoid being hit by palinites who happen to be prog rock fans*


JenJen, my chatterbox "name" is Rusted merely because it appeared that "Mary" was already taken. I could've done the smart thing and added letters of my last name to the chatterbox name, yes, but Ellen is far quicker than me. ;O)
Sorry for any confusion!

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