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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Real Acting.. by Miss-M on 24 February 2003 2:34am
'Life is Beautiful' and 'As Good as it Gets' - both great films with quality acting.

I really like Edward Norton as well - 'Keeping the Faith' was on TV here last night, and it's inspired me to go to the video shop and find some more of Eddie's work!

David, Gary Oldman is terrific, isn't he? His performance as Stansfield in 'Leon' (aka 'The Professional') is definitely one of his most colourful roles! My friend and I always crack up when he starts popping those little green pills - we like to imitate those scenes by shaking our tic tac containers! Hmmm, yes, very strange!

Michelle :)

"Manny, bring me everyone."

"What do you mean, everyone?"

Re: Real Acting.. by Louise on 24 February 2003 7:21am
I`d say that `real acting` was done brilliantly by some actor-type-person called Michael Palin as the character Jim Nelson in Bleasdale`s "GBH".
Watch it and wince!
Re: Real Acting.. by saz_blink on 24 February 2003 7:47am
Louise - I loved what I saw of GBH... I didn't realise it was on in oz til the last episode, so missed most of it, but I loved what I saw!
As for my other favourite actors.. I love edward norton too. And i've always loved Tom Hanks in ANY role, and I love Steve Zahn and Jason Lee.
I've seen Angelina Jolie in a few films recently and think she's really good - I really liked girl interuppted. I didn't think i'd like it, but it surprised me...
Saz xxoo
Re: Real Acting.. by MissTrixiB on 24 February 2003 8:20am
Favorite Actress-Audrey Hepburn (an angel that walked among us).
Favorite Actor-Brad Pitt (not for the 'huminna, huminna, bestill my heart' quality.....that man is really a fantastic actor and takes the most amazing roles....12 Monkeys, Fight Club, 7). A close second is Johnny Depp for pretty much the same reasons (Ed Wood, Fear and Loathing).
Favorte Film(s)-Funny Face, Heathers (sorry, it was brilliant), any Gilliam film, any Tim Burton film, Arsenic & Old Lace, It Happened One Night, Clockwork Orange, Gone With The Wind (hey....it's a classic and I saw it on the tele every year when I was growing up!). The list goes on and on.....I studied film, so you can't get me to commit.
More recent films....'Dancer In The Dark' was fantastic! Had me numb for days. 'Momento' was nice and surreal (the DVD can drive you nuts). I've been so wrapped up in LOTR and HP, that I can't comment on much that's come out in the last year :-O I'll take your reccomendations into consideration.
Favorite all around talent:who else, but Mr. Palin himself!
Re: Real Acting.. by michellewinn on 24 February 2003 9:05am
Louise -saw GBH at our video shop must get it out. I love Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy films and lots of other old films,into acting myself been involved in our local theatre group for many years, its a total buzz and of course can,t forget the main man, our favorite Lumberjack. M.P.
Re: Real Acting.. by Quaylemonster on 24 February 2003 9:34pm
Saz, excellent call on Steve Zahn and Jason Lee, two of my all time favorites. (Just watched Chasing Amy last night.) And as for a couple of guys who haven't done much stuff that was all that serious, but they're incredible all the same - Bill Murray and Gene Wilder. Gene was absolutely brilliant in Young Frankenstein, and you just can't go wrong with Bill.

That's all I got for now, I have to do this in tidbits.

Re: Real Acting.. by Miss_Tessmucker on 24 February 2003 9:55pm
*ahem* if I could step in and add my little comments..

Yes I totally agree - good acting seems to be giving way to blockbuster hollywood style.

Going to the thread about Robin Williams, I've always thought Robin Williams and Jim Carey tend to play similar roles - both off the wall; both come across in dual schizo characters - soft and melodramatic and then going crazy - all for a big laugh which somehow falls flat BECAUSE it's trying to be too obvious. It makes for a bit of a cardboard persona that you get used to being reeled out each film, and nothing changes but the make up.

However, I've heard good reviews of Robin W in 1-hour photo because he clamped down on his wackyness and came across very convincingly as a very sad but rather creepy guy. I haven't seen the film... I'm waiting to see it on video. There aren't many RW films I'd actually go and see so I hope this doesn't let me down!

However, one of my all time fave films has to be Jack Nicholson - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest - the story is so good it makes my chest hurt with the emotions coming off the screen. As Good as it Gets tickles me pink. He's a brilliant actor. One of my faves.

One actor everyoen raved about I found difficult to relate to on screen was Kevin Costner. I think the only bit I enjoyed in Dances with Wolves was when he got beaten up! :-)

However, I find the older actors have more oomph. The new kids on the block seem to be more about "looks" than "substance". Anyone else out there agree?

What I really hate is BAD CONTINUITY. Drives me potty. When things move/ change/ disappear during a scene...

Obviously those films don't engross me entirely as my peripheral attention is elsewhere watching where the director screwed up.

Gimme some good films I can go and see!! And don't say anything with Leonardo Di Craprio.

Re: Real Acting.. by thebookworm on 24 February 2003 10:37pm
So 1 hour photo comes out this Tuesday,thanks Kristine ive been waiting for this DVD ever since I saw the film..I really love creepy, depressing, manic acting..One of the reasons why Gary Oldman is so good in Leon is because in real life he has had some problems with his mind...So playing a part like this really suites him....David..
Re: Real Acting.. by Helen on 25 February 2003 1:01am
That is a stellar Oldman line....
He's totally bug sh**, isn't he?
Re: Real Acting.. by Helen on 25 February 2003 1:03am
Oh, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman? Fantastic...
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