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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Legitamate travel Questions!!? by Napoleon on 3 April 2003 12:18pm
It seems a shame that the blathering on section seems to attract a solid continuous response albeit a little juvenile most of the time, but the forum for legitamate travel suggestions and questions seems to be drying up.
eg i posted a thread about travelling in the south of france apart from one response I got nothing else, I was hoping that this site would be fueled with exotic tales of faraway travel, helpful tips and moneysaving ideas etc
but I think the travel section started of like that now it seems to be lucky to get one post a day. Come on people lets get back on track and lets hear those travel stories and lets help one another with our planned trips surely some of us must be going somewhere thats why we came on the site in the first place.
Re: Legitamate travel post? by finnguy on 3 April 2003 12:56pm
hear! hear!
Re: Legitamate travel post? by Napoleon on 3 April 2003 2:49pm
Thanks Finnguy I appreciate the sentiment, lets hope more people feel the same way. Im off to Narbonne in august currently waiting for ryanairs fairs to drop for carccasonne Im flying back from Barcelona the prices were to good to turn down and we think well get the train to barcelona and see a bit of the city ive been before its very nice although ive not been to narbonne before and would appreciate any advice frome people whon know that neck of the woods, Myself my partner my two kids and her two kids are staying in a villa in narbonne, ps im off to pembrokeshire today just me and my partner staying in a cottage in the preseli mountains just for a couple of days Im originally from that part of the world so I need no assistance there but if anybody is going that way I would be willing to offer some nice spots.
The person who resides at longwood.
Re: Legitamate travel post? by Layla on 3 April 2003 6:11pm
Well I'll share my latest travel story: Must warn first though that it's not exciting or exotic but it's the best I can come up with as I can't afford to travel properly.
Trip from Germany to Ireland via. Stanstead.
I wanted to get a cheap ticket so of course I looked at Ryanair.com. I got 4 separate flights quite cheaply and thought it would be worth the long stop over in England.
I had to get up at 3am-to get to Hahn airport in Frankfurt. The place is tiny - I heard that it used to be an airbase, they only have a few plastic seats and about 2 shops -not very impressive. The flight was short and sweet but I was in for a 5hr wait in Stanstead. I managed to a most interesting seat beside a loudly snoring man. With nowhere else to go I settled down with my book and turned on my disc man. The highlight without a doubt of my stay was when a women approached me with a survey about how I found the airport facilities, luckily for her I had plenty of opinions having had been there for the last 4 hrs. The excitement of the day soon caught up with me and I soon fell asleep on the plane - I hate the way the tray from behind in Ryanair planes digs into your back and you do have to sit to the side to avoid the pain.
After all that hanging around and waiting I was relieved to be finally going through the arrivals gate at Dublin airport. Unfortunately my rather unreliable family kinda forgot to turn up - how nice! My aunty finally rescued me and I got home at around 3pm.

Well if you thought that was exciting you should here the story of my trip back, which includes a run-in with the law! Let us know if you wanna hear it.

(ps. there's not as much sarcasm in here as it seems so not trying to be offensive - just showing everyone that I don't have exciting travel stories to talk about. I do however see where you (Napoleon) are coming from as the site is called "Palins Travels" so I'm not really trying to be smart. Also I don't really agree that being juvenile is necessarily inferior ( which I felt was implied in the post) to say maturity or relevant topics or whatever. Maybe we can just not comment so much on who writes what and just read and write what you want and then hope for a response, if you don't get one it's probably just because no one has a relevant experience or advice or doesn't have an opinion.)
pps. sorry about the length of this!
Re: Legitamate travel Questions!!? by Napoleon on 3 April 2003 7:06pm
you people are a bit sensitive arnt you
I was just making a justified comment about more travel posts Im not interested in your blathering on you can continue to blather on as much as you like. But there has to be more people with relevant comment surely like I said I have asked relevant questions concerning travel and get little response I doubt everybody who reads these threads have not been to france. Any way I digress i have been to hahn air port and you are write it is very quaint and very under resourced but then again its cheap and sometimes thats all that matters
Re: Legitamate travel Questions!!? by peripatetically on 3 April 2003 10:27pm
Well, Nap, I've been to Germany and France(once) and a number of other countries many, many times, thus, my problem is not knowing where to begin to discuss my experiences. And also, I have heard of Hahn airbase. It was a US Army base for many years and I know people who worked there for the Westinghouse Corp, from Maryland. One of the guys who worked there married a girl in Buchenbeuren, a nearby town, and she now lives with him not more than 10miles from my home in Maryland. Anyway, Hahn is not really as near to Frankfurt as it is to Buchenbeuren, a little farm/mountain town in the Hunsruck. It is often dreary and rainy there and they get plenty of snow too. I've been there. In fact, the girl who lived in B. (and her family) run the only florist and nursery business around, which dealt with the servicemen on the base as well as the inhabitants of the rgion. She also used to give flower arranging lessons for the US servicemen wives and anybody else whose husbands worked there. (men too, ifthey wwere interested!!)

Hahn is mid-way between Luxumbourg airport andFrankfurt, so our friends often fly Icelandic due to lower fares into and out of Lux. (About 1/ 1/4 hour from Buchenbeuren.) Buchenbeuren is set back a bit from the Mosel River, but it is easy daytripping to many vineyards along the pictureesque region.

As for areas you might want to know more about, I've been all through a lot of Germany, as far north as Frankfurt, also much of Bavaria, including the Romantikstrasse 4 times. Also, Austria a ton of times as well as a large amout of Switzerland. Add Hungary and Jugoslavia(before it split apart) to the list, and Luxembourg, Italy, England and France(once). I didn't care much for Paris, but the mountains are great as well as the countryside. Leicthenstein is small with not much to see there. Good for stamp collectors and a nice view of the castle on the hill top in Vaduz. You need about 30 minutes stop and just keep going, unless you tour the castle which is now open for such purposes. I've been to Europe in winter, summer and fall. Have skied in Austria and Italy, and the USA(of course).

So, Napolean, is there anything in particular you might want me to elaborate on?? It's just so much to write, but I will try if you give me some idea what you want to hear. Even choosing one segment is taxing, since some of my travels have involved non-touristy excursions.I've had all sorts of wonderful experiences. Also, Canada, the Caribbean and a decent amount of the USA can be added to my travel list. So, as you can see, I have no clue what you want to hear about. My trips are numerous and some run together, or so it seems. keeping the dates and trips separated is sometimes hard to do. I have had some bad experiences, but mostly wonderful ones. I've taken tours and gone free-lance. I've made lifelong friends in several countries and have re-visited them and hear from them from time to time by email and letter and telephone. I feel I have good ideas about packing and being very very organized. Shoot a question my way. I'm ready!! Now don't expect me to know everything. I'm not saying I do, by any means!!!. But I know what I've experienced and what works best for me. I am not a travel agent or pretend to know any and every thing about a place or the people, but do know some things! . Maybe I have not traveled to such exoctic places as MP, but a lot places and experience, nonetheless.

I wrote this response very quickly so you will calm down a little bit. Hope you find some other chatters as well as me, to discuss what you find interesting.

As a prologue to Hahn Airbase: It closed several years ago and the economy in Buchenbeuren is in trouble , like other areas in Germany, now. Business for my friends and their family has dropped off considerably. But they have adjusted. Many more immigants have swarmd into the town from Russia and Poland, due to the laws when the USSR broke apart and Germany offered money and a haven for anyone with German blood in them. It's become an immense problem. But , hopefully, things will work out in time. The little quiet town is growing and not as quiet anymore, sadly.

Re: Legitamate travel Questions!!? by sleepydumpling on 4 April 2003 8:18am

I wish I could join in on the travel posts but I haven't been anywhere! But if anyone wants to know Queensland or Northern New South Wales - I'm your girl - at least I have explored my own little corner of the world well.

Yours in the hope that one day I can afford to travel!
Re: Legitamate travel Questions!!? by Layla on 4 April 2003 10:44am
Nah I'm not sensitive - trust me, I was just been a little sarcastic. Basically I was saying "tough" I mean all you can do is post your messages, if you don't get a reply I don't see what the point is giving out about it.
I did say you had a point at first anyway considering the title of this website and then coming in and seeing everyone talking about anything except travel, but the travel section is there and I'm sure if people had a response to your questions they'd give it - not just stay in Blathering on and ignore everything else.
Yes I know Hahn is cheap - wasn't totally serious in that post anyway.
Good luck anyway with your travels and finding someone who can give you tips and advice....
Re: Legitamate travel Questions!!? by susithwaites on 30 April 2003 12:51am

Interesting points raised. I know I got into this column to read where other people have been as well. I've posted two articles so far, but not in this column. The first is "The Perils of being the Rotund Wanderer" (you don't have to be young and fit to have fun travelling) and the second is "Coober Pedy". For the last 4 - 5 years I've been working as a Travel Consultant so if anyone has questions on any part of the world, I may have some answers for you. I've specialised in West Australia, the Northern Territory (encompassing the Kimberleys) and Thailand but have travelled through England (parts, Germany, Austria, Spain and LA and Thailand aswell as New Zealand, all with multiple injuries - and had an absolute ball!

Re: Legitamate travel Questions!!? by peripatetically on 30 April 2003 2:17am
I've done tons of traveling too( many parts of Europe, USA, Canada, Caribbean) , so pass a question this way. I'll see if I can field it for you!!


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