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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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After University by Miawallace on 23 October 2002 8:18pm
I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Im a sixth year student at school just now and i dnt want to take a year out between now and uni because I probably wont want to go back to studying although I really want to travel as Ive never had the chance.

Has anyone taken a year after Uni, before finding work/doing a PHD, to travel and is it a good idea?

sonia x
Re: After University by deff1 on 25 October 2002 3:40pm
It is definatly a good idea traveling after uni,but working to fund both is a pain.
Re: After University by Miawallace on 25 October 2002 8:07pm
deff, did you travel after uni? I know that money is the main thing that will put me off but i think it will be worth it and il jst have to work twice as hard afterwards!

sonia x
Re: After University by deff1 on 29 October 2002 2:20pm
I did do a bit of traveling (Germany/France)and it was great expereance meeting new people and cultures. Where are you thinking of going?
Re: After University by gmadden on 7 November 2002 3:49am
I finish uni in 2006, and am planning on going all around Africa when I finish. I went to Tanzania this year for a month with 13 other people, and decided i had to go back. I think this will be the best time to do it because there will be no ties, with not having a job, or having to do any education.
Re: After University by audiopro on 27 November 2002 12:08am

Im 18 and just started uni. I didnt take a gap year for the same reason - i didnt think i'd get back into learning! However, I did bike around the USA between my a-levels and the start of uni.
Often gap years turn out as 9 - 10 months working and only a few months actually travelling.
My trip was brilliant, i didnt feel rushed and it was a nice break from the shite of 6th form!
Im now in leeds with a GREAT story to tell!!!
It doesnt finish there. Im going to Mali in easter to check out Timbuktu and to play in the sand.
Dont wait till you're old and boring to travel! Live for today (or tommorrow) but not next year.

Re: After University by matthew on 30 November 2002 12:07pm
Im currently first year at Uni, and was in the same situation as yourself. My university offers the chance to complete a year in another university in over 20 countries, so im planning to complete 1/4 years in Europe. This will allow me to continue study, and travel.
Re: After University by intrepid on 2 December 2002 2:14pm
In my last year of college, I spent a semester studying in Olomouc in the Czech Republic. I enjoyed the country so much that I decided to go back, and I've been living in Brno, CR for the last 5 years. I've been working as an English teacher for that time. I know it's not exactly what people mean by "traveling after university", but working abroad after university is also satisfying. It's a good situation for an American, living in the middle of Europe, well within striking distance of, well, Europe. I get to travel frequently and cheaply, well within my modest budget. I don't know how much longer I'll live here, because I feel like I should eventually go back to the US, get a higher-paying job and just grow up, but I'm not in any hurry to finish this chapter.
Re: After University by hoggle10 on 31 December 2002 8:40pm
I always said I would go back to Australia when I finished uni, but then found myself a decent job and bought a flat which I now don't want to give up. I did however have a 6 month work experience on Martha's Vineyard, USA when I was at uni so I don't feel like I have missed out. I have also been to quite a few places on holiday which is just as good to me:-)

Re: After University by Frances on 4 January 2003 2:43pm
I'm 19 and at my first term at uni after a gap year. I had to stay in Lonodn for a lot of the year for work and acting, though I travelled for six weeks in the summer around morocco, which made up at least partly. The majority of my friends worked for six months, travlled for four or five then came home for the finaly month of the year before uni.

It will cost money, but if you work beforehand it will be fine...I'm personally taking another gap year after uni and putting off my career, i want to work in the theatre so i know as soon as i start i can't really take a nother long break...make the most of being young and free to travel while you can!! also, don't forget how long uni holidays are, two friends and i are going to india this summer hiking and another friend and i are planning to go back to morocco at easter, even if its just for a week
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