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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by MissTrixiB on 5 April 2003 2:48am
'The Chicago booksigning(s)'.

Here's the teeny tiny version bacuase I'm beat (I need a massage, but am out of luck until the tour's over ;-) ).
So, If ya want more details, I'm sure the others can fill you in. We made quite the cute little group of giggly females.
First things first.....Kelly and Jessi met me at 6 a.m.-ish for our lovely drive to Chicago (I believe Kelly had to up at 4 a.m.). It took us about 9 hours and we only managed to have two near accidents. Sadly, both incedents were with EACHOTHER. Even more sad...the first near miss was about 10 ft into our trip ;-)
We got to 'da girls' hotel. The poor valet had to deal with a trixi that had very little human contact for 9 hours. I think I managed to get out the entire story of why we were there, how long it took us, where we were from and how excited I was before I was even out of the car. He was far too thrilled to have the attention of three young women to really care WHAT I was saying. Kelly wil tell you that I'm just a wee bit talkative....so it's probably for the better that the valet was too distracted to really listen.
I let Kelly and Jessi get settled and checked out the booksinging venue. When I got to Borders, I saw the sign for the event and got horribly nervous. I started to blush and shake. Oohh, this did not bode well. Well, I found out the details, got the two books (one for dear Mary) and decided to walk to the two meeting places. Checked those out (sorry about the coffee house location kid's....honest, the address said State Street). I went back to the Hotel and met my friend that I was staying with.
Now, Kelly and Jessi had their own adventure that night, so I will let them take it from here. Hopefully the rest of the Chicago 7 will share their stories here too! Then I will share my version of our.....not ONE , but TWO Michael meetings. As well as the meeting of the other Palinites and the joys of being told that I'm a good 'Mother Hen' even if I failed on many levels ;-))
take it girls!
Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by Tracy on 5 April 2003 4:52am
Yikes! Sounds exciting so far! Did you steal the poster? I mean...*cough*
Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by Rusted on 5 April 2003 10:42am

"Tell me more, tell me more..."!!

I'm WAY too eager to hear these stories, you can't tell me you guys aren't rested up from the trip yet! ;O)

Thank you, Trixi, for getting me a book - and thanks for trying to relay the message, Kath. ;O)


Okay, I promise to be patient! Really!

TWO Michael meetings??????? Cor blimey!
Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by fattcslim on 5 April 2003 1:18pm
two meetings!!!! i think you're getting gready now!!! dont you think mr p should be shared around with us all or at least me lol well done and congrats
Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by Diamond on 5 April 2003 3:58pm
Gosh nine hours to get there and then another nine hours back?! - Did you meet MP at the hotel as well Trixi??!! do tell, anxious for Michael news


Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by MissTrixiB on 5 April 2003 6:29pm
O.k.....O.K. I'll finish my version (mostly because I'm afraid that all of this anticipation is going to build up far to many imaginative stories that will eclipse the real tale). I'm leaving out certain elements because I truly think that Kelly and Jessi need to share these elements. I WILL say this....those three (did I say THREE?) were certainly a hit at the signing. The coffee shop too.
Now....back to my tale. (and there was no hotel spotting by me...).
So-After a sleepless night (well, I DID manaage to sleep through the Conan O'Brian appearance, but not the rest of the night), I made my way to Jessi and Kelly's hotel. We met and made our way to the coffee house....'prop's' and all ;-) We made our little camp by the door and I got the name tags together (just little ones that said our online names, real names and 'Palin's Travels'). The first to arrive was Katie. Katie....you ARE so fun!!! Then along came Erin (what a doll!). That's when the giggling commenced. We were having a blast. We were creating a little scenen and the staff was getting a kick out of us (as apposed to kicking us out).
Then it was on to the book store.
We got there and were about 6th in line (I will hold back any comments about coconut carriers). We had a jolly time (and a two hour wait). My nervous habits started to kick in....talking too much, constant watch checking, slight shaking. We chatted and got to know eachother some more. Then they announced that he had arrived. When he walked in, I just about shook right out of my skin. I wanted to take pictures, but I have this thing about asking permission first. I just stared in awe while he gave his little 10 minute talk and then the signing commenced. I started to tell stories to Katie and Erin to calm my nerves (hoped you enjoyed them ladies). My turn was up. I was a wreck. Couldn't say much and shook like a leaf. They took my camera to snap a photo and up I went. Here is the conversation that took place. Real witty stuff on my part here.....

M-(looks up at me and my name tag)'MissTrixi!'(Katie said she detected some recognition in his voice...did he know the Palities? Perhaps just wishful thinking....he did say everything with wutie a bit of enthusiasm)
T-'Hi, yes.....It's my on-line name. We all met on the web' (keep in mind that I was the first of the group....he had no idea who 'we all' were). 'A few of us drove from Minneapolis to be here'.
M-'St. Paul!'
M-'Twin Cities!'
Then He was handed the photo that I wanted signed (it's from Full Circle....the scenen with the little girl and the BIG bag....I have a whole story behind that...I'll tell it later).
I THINK I said something to effect of 'I love that photo', I was then instructed by a staff memeber to turn around for a photo (not next to Michael, but in front of him....very awkward). Just after they snapped the photo, he told the staff member to let people come around the back of the table. THen I was shuffled off and Katie was next. Not too exciting....eh. As I was coming down from the experience, I heard someone say 'MissTrixi!' and it was none other than Melly from here and Pythonline. She has her own tale to tell, so I'll just say that it was wonderful to meet her, her son, and his shrubbery. The staff at the book store was very pleasent and handled my harried self very well.
After the signing, we gathered out front and AnnMarie and her friend introduced themselves. Sadly, Katie had to part ways. Erin and I had a mission, so we walked up a little ways with Katie to the library. Here is the bit that I left out till now. There was a SECOND event for that day. A talk and another signing at the libraray.
We went to the awful psuedo-Irish pub...(I had my Guiness and Atkins style fish-no-chips), then headed off to the Library. We scored second row, dead center seats. My friend that had joined us and who had been taking great joy at calling us 'geek's' stayed too. Then Michael took the stage and gave a wonderful talk about his experiences with the making of 'Sahara'. I've said this many a time....that man has got to be the most charming man alive. Even my friend ended up buying a book to have signed....and he's a man.....and married! He took some questions (I shyfully rased my hand, but did not get called upon. Wish I had raised it a little higher when I heard a couple of the questions asked ;-) ) Then he left the stage to come out front for signing. I try to stay away from the 'droolage' on this site, but as he walked off the stage the butterflies kicked in. I'm so glad that Kelly taped it, so that I can relive the experience. I was a bit surprised to see that he would be singing the books right in front of our seats. But then we were part of the first group up, so away we went. Kelly had more surprises up her sleeve and was well remembered from the morning signing. When it was my turn, I got the photo NEXT to him, like I wanted. I was too afraid to shake his hand or hug him. So I gave him my book (and older copy of Hemingways Chair) I asked if I could get a photo and he was very charming and here is conversations # 2...more jewels of wisdom spewing from my mmouth here.
M-'Yes, come around' (the table)
T-'I'm kind of the Mother Hen of this little group'
M-'Oh, you're doing a great job!....and have doubled the sale of my book.' (everyone in our group had Hemmingways Chair signed).
Then I went off to the side. This lovely woman offered to take a group photo, but he had 300 more people to deal with and I didn't want to be any more trouble (silly me!). I did go up and snap a photo of my friend getting his book signed. After I took the photo, Michael looked at me and I thanked him again....that's when he gave me the full impact of his most sincere smile. That was the moment of connection.....the only time I had the nerve to look him in the eye and it was worth every mile that I drove there and back.
We hung around for a bit (AnneMarie decided to stay till the end....I wanted to, but my friend was quite anxious to leave). We all parted company and the rest is history.
Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by Officer 412-L on 5 April 2003 6:52pm
since Missi explained the beginning of our trip we'll start at the first Illinois rest stop. The reason for this being that we had an extra passenger who came into play at this point:

A very sharply dressed cardboard cutout of Terry Gilliam was making this journey with us. He was extremely excited to get the opportunity to meet Michael Palin. At this rest stop he got to come out of the car and roam around which was a good thing because he was feeling rather stiff. Inside the rest area he had the priveledge of meeting Cardboard Abe Lincoln and a few Illinois natives who took him as the governor of Illinois. Poor Cardboard Terry was mistaken for many different people on this trip.

We made it safely to our hotel. The bellman and the valet had a VERY good time carting Cardboard Terry around. We became a hit around the building. We walking downstairs one time one of the bellman started singing the Python theme and we didn't even have cardboard Terry at this point.

Carrying Cardboard Terry down the steets of Chicago was a very interesting experience. Actually I was left to go that job--which I enjoyed muchly. I loved the lookes of confusion, enjoyment, and disgust I got from passers by.

When we arrived at the coffee shop for our meet up we thought a cardboard cutout would be a lovely way to get the other Palin's Travelers to find us...but apparently Katie neglected to see him! Imagine that! Well eventually we all got together and had a grand (loud) time. Before we headed off to the signing.

Much much much more coming soon...we are of to go get out film developed now!

--kelly (and jessi)

Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by Helen on 5 April 2003 7:19pm
I wish I could have been there! you guys sound like a blast.....
FUN FUN FUN!!! Thanks for all the details...
A cardboard terry Gilliam. That's genius.... Hope he enjoyed his trip.
make sure your pics get on the Palinite homepage!
Eagerly awaiting,
still salivating,
Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by MissTrixiB on 5 April 2003 7:26pm
(sorry...I added some changes above....it was takling me far to long to write our tale...)
Re: I met a Cultural Icon and lived to tell the tale! by Gypsy on 5 April 2003 9:10pm
Continuing the narrative Kelly and I began before...

After the fun at the coffee shop, we had to make our way over to the Borders with Cardboard Terry.....in the rain! Now, this gave us a bit of a worry due to the fact that his paper face and cardboardness might just fall apart if wet... So I provided an umbrella to cover kelly, cardboard terry, and myself. It was an amusing sight, I'm sure! The other's in the group tried not to be seen with us.

When we made it to Borders (2 and a half hours early) the question of what to do with Cardboard Terry arose.. Kelly and Katie found a manager who was kind enough to put him in the storage room for a short while. She told them to just ask any employee to get our 'cardboard man from the storage room'.

The wait in line actually didn't seem very long. It was amusing, and then there was the fact that I was half asleep the entire time.

After Michael's short talk about Sahara it was soon my time to get my book (and something of Kelly's) signed. I really didn't know what to say but 'Hello!' seemed the obvious way to start. I then proceeded to tell him that I'd written a poem about travel for him, and handed him my poem. He thanked me and signed my book. Then I was told to go around for my picture with him, when he proceeded to knock over his pen holder, spilling pens all over his desk! All I could do was stand there laughing...I didn't even help him pick them up! I wanted to, but I just couldn't stop laughing! So then I got my picture with him, thanked him, and went on my way.

The library signing was also interesting... here's the dialog...

Me: Hi!
Michael: Hello
Me: I'm the one that gave you the poem earlier...
Michael: Oh, yeah, that's right! How are you doing?
Me: Great! Thanks. [michael signs book]
Me: Can I get another picture?
Michael: Sure!
[I walk behind table for picture...Michael stares in the general direction of my chest...I am very, very confused...until he says..]
Michael: Gypsy..? Gypsy Jessi?
Me:Oh yeah! [thoughts of relief as I realise he was just looking at my nametag]
Michael:Pal---oh, that's right! [as he remembers I'm from the Palin's Travels group].

So then when we posed for my picture, I believe he was pointing at my nametag. I am not quite sure..but I guess I'll find out when I get my photos back later today.

Well, that's all I feel like typing up right now. My sleepy brain is making too many typos and I'm tired of trying to fix them all :)

More later maybe.

~Jessi (with Kelly staring over my shoulder)
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