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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Recording, the best way to remember? by Blackmore on 23 October 2002 8:57pm
When travelling the World, which are the best ways to record your experiences of the sites, sounds and images you see, the tastes and smells or the people you meet.

Michael takes a Camera crew, Photographer and note books and tape recorders.

Does anyone have any tips on ways to record without missing out on the experiencing!
Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by Samoan Sam on 24 October 2002 1:51pm
I think all you need is a good camera (old SLR will do), and a small pocket notebook with pen. When writing try to just jot down some intial thoughts and feelings, these will trigger the original experience when you return from travelling and an instant image (with smells!) will be recalled from the back of your mind.
Going anywhere nice?
Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by propertyofnowhere on 29 October 2002 12:50pm
Definitely take a good camera. I started out with a crappy little APS & ended up buying an SLR in Singapore. I do have pictures from Asia but they are really poor. Also get a decent zoom lens, it makes all the difference. You could take a video camera but it could be more trouble than it's worth. Keep a journal as well. I hope mine will bring back memories in years to come.
Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by hoggle10 on 31 December 2002 7:04pm
It is said that a good traveller should only leave his (or her??!) footsteps. Photography for me is easily the best form of recording my travels. I use an APS and an SLR depending on where I am going. I also use postcards to substitue my photos and occasionally I keep ticket stubs, receipts and other small tokens to remember places I have been.
Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by rumblefish on 31 December 2002 7:51pm
I do exactly the same as hoggle10 but I must admit I have tended to take just crappy little cameras and this I regret although they are fine during the day they do struggle during the evening when you can see and experience some amazing things. I also keep stubs receipts brochures etc. However i do think there is a fine line between experiencing things and locking them away in your memory and spending your whole time worrying about recording it for prosterity. I cant abide with these people who spend all there time videoing things instead of living it.
Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by hoggle10 on 31 December 2002 8:19pm
Too true rumblefish. I live in Edinburgh and find people constantly bumping into me with their camcorders - too intent on recording what appears to be of very little interest (I know it is new to them, but is a regular bus shelter really that interesting?!). I much prefer to capture a moment on film than video which I find rather dull. I have watched people filming as they cross a road or their journey out the window of the bus from the airport (a very unexciting journey!!!) It is much better to enjoy your visit to wherever and if something catches your eye, stop and take a photo. People who live behind a camcorder miss too much!

Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by stephlynne on 31 December 2002 9:05pm
My husband and I refuse to buy a camcorder for just that reason. We'd be so obsessive about it that we'd end up seeing all of the sites through the viewfinder, and not really absorbing them.

My method of recording trips has developed over the past few years. I used to take photos and jot down the bare facts of where we went and what we saw each day. Then we decided to put our travelogues and photos on a web site (http://www.craigandstephsvacations.com). As I tried to type up some of our trips from several years back, I realized that I had a hard time filling in the gaps. So now, I make it a point to record as I go. During the day I jot down notes, and then before bed each night I write up a comprehensive summary of the day, with lots of details. That way, writing doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of the trip, and the details are preserved while still very fresh. It robs me of about half an hour of sleep, but I can deal with that. :^) The web site is a good motivational tool, as it also inspires me to take photos that I would want to include with the travelogue.

Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by ellenpc on 1 January 2003 1:37pm
I agree totally Stephanie, rumblefish, hoggle 10.

We bought a camcorder when our oldest turned 1 intent on building up a collection of home movies of trips and special events. I think we've used it about 9 or 10 times only since then and that was ten years ago. In fact after looking at some of our attempts the other week we realised that we had no footage at all of our younger daughter until she was four!! The camera had been put away and almost forgotten as it just got in the way on trips and was a bore for the person using it (as you said, being stuck experiencing everything through the viewfinder is no fun). So I'd have to agree that camcorders are a pain unless you're prepared to hire someone to go with you and just film the whole thing. In fact that reminds me of someone we all know and love doesn't it. I wonder how much Nigel Meakin charges by the hour???
Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by rumblefish on 2 January 2003 1:38am
Steph checked out your website hell you put some effort into that, but most enjoyable its funny to us over here in blighty land to comprehend that visiting other states in america is just as much travel and change in culture and distance as us travelling around europe, but not if you get my drift because we wouldnt really class travelling to a different county in england as anything to writhe home about. but we forget exactly how big the usa is especially when you havnt been lucky enough to visit yet. I really hope to visit manhattan this year if i can get the money together.
Re: Recording, the best way to remember? by pauafritter on 2 January 2003 6:19pm
Flash bang wallop, you can't whack a camera for memories of places ventured.
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