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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Back from Turkey! by Spursfan on 22 June 2007 10:46pm
Well I'm back, so you can heave a big communal, international, global, sigh of relief!!

We had a great hols - except when we got there we found our apart had been broken into!! They had climbed up to our bedroom balcony and got through the door (we are on the 2nd floor!). Luckily the Turkish man in the house next door spotted them so they legged it, but took a Turkish mobile, 3 of my husband's jumpers, some shorts (some husband's and some mine) and 3 bags to carry them in! Our Turkish friend had replaced the lock on the balcony door for us and replaced some clothes (which were on the floor) into drawers.

The apartment block is all foreigners, and is in a good area. It is quite secure - lock on gate, then on main door, and 2 locks on each front door but obviously if they want to get in they will. The lady in one of the aparts on the 1st floor (Janet) was there for a week while we were there (with 5 girlfriends, normally she is there with her husband and twin sons) and she found that someone had been sleeping in her bed!! They hadn't used the toilet or anythging else, but the sheets were filthy - yuk! So now, most of us have had ironwork (openable) put on our balcony doors (2) so that should stop the $^%*(*)(_+=s!!!!! We've also all changed one of the locks on our front doors, so that if there are keys somewhere, at least one of the locks will still be secure.

It was very hot, 44 in the shade, too hot really. It was even hot at night, luckily with have a/c in the living room and ceiling and tower fans in each bedroom but I still had to have a wet flannel on me one night! When we boarded this morning at 2-ish it was 25!!
Re: Back from Turkey! by johnnythemonkey on 22 June 2007 11:33pm
Welcome back Anne ! So some bugger stole your shorts ? But 3 bags to carry them ? What size are your shorts ? What size is your arse ?
As I said welcome back Anne !!
Re: Back from Turkey! by Spursfan on 23 June 2007 12:04am
Well there were 3 jumpers, 4 (I think) pairs of my shorts, 4 or so of husband's shorts (not sure about t-shirts) etc.

The way they got in, we think is to stand on the metal washinmg line stand thingy of the ground floor apartment, climb up to the 1st floor balcony steadying themselves with the drainpipe, then somehow climb up to ours (gits!!).

I would not like to do it, but then again I hate heights! I am ok with our balconies, but our friend who has the apart above ours asked me to get some washing in from her downstairs balcony (she has a duplex) and I was terrified! Strangely I am fine on her roof balcony!!

We have just emplyed a new cleaner (who is a complete treasure!!). She did the first clean on Thursday - I couldn't believe it! My husband noticed she was cleaning the windows outside - standing on the windowsill outside - remember we are on the 2nd floor (3rd to Turks!!)
Re: Back from Turkey! by Palin_Lover on 23 June 2007 1:42am
Welcome back, Anne!! :D
Re: Back from Turkey! by tucsonmike on 23 June 2007 6:43am
Welcome home. Glad you had a good time, other than the theft.
Re: Back from Turkey! by kazzzz on 23 June 2007 6:48am
Hey ho welcome back, since you've been gone Tucsonmike has become a God :)
Re: Back from Turkey! by Spursfan on 23 June 2007 8:24am
Thank you everyone, glad to be back in a way because we missed Tosun terribly! We have had two oil paintings done of him for the apart - they are really good - which we commissioned last February. We have commissioned two more for here.

Hey I've noticed that Mike has been deified, Kazzzz - what went on in my absence to cause this (not that he doesn't deserve it) as I can't be bothered to read ALL the postings (sorry)!!
Re: Back from Turkey! by perfectbitch on 23 June 2007 9:26am
Glad to see you back Anne. Linz
Re: Back from Turkey! by suzulu on 24 June 2007 12:28am
Welcome back, Anne. Sorry about the break-in but hope you enjoyed the holiday despite that.
Re: Back from Turkey! by tucsonmike on 24 June 2007 3:15am
I know, scary. I had a woman on the phone from Saskatchewan tell me she thought I walked on water, because I helped her with her garage door. I told her "I just know where the rocks are!;-)

There was an interesting program on History Channels Modern Marvels about moving a ship in Charleston, South Carolina one mile from its dry dock to Charleston Harbor. The show had two historical equivilents. One of them was the Turkish conquest of Istanbul, then Constantinople in 1453. The Turks brought ships overland during the night, giving the final greeting of the final Byzantine Emperor Constantine a very unpleasant surprise. ""Your Majesty, hate to wreck a thousand year party, but the Turks are crashing the gates!"
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