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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Help me on my trip?! by Rusted on 5 April 2003 11:10am
Okay folks.

I don't do much traveling - I'm a broke college student with a car that doesn't drive on highways. ;O)

However, I do love to do it when I can, and I've been planning for the past 3 years to go to California this October.

OoOoOo, wowwwwwww - yes, I know, exciting and exotic. LOL. Bare with me, here. ;O)

Anyway, I do have to take a plane and not train or car, as I live on nearly the other side of the US and I can't afford to miss that many days of school. But I'm not quite sure where to go to get decent priced (trans: lowest possible on a trustworthy flight!) planes tickets. I'd be flying out from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The other thing I have to deal with is accomodation. There's a 50/50 chance right now that I might go camping with this group. If I do decide to go camping, what on earth am I going to want for a tent? It'd just be me, and I'd only be using for two or three night in mid-October in Saratoga, CA.

I could also opt for the hotel route. Which, I admit, is a lot less of a Palinism than camping. However, I've never been camping before, so I don't know how that's going to turn out.
In this case, does anyone know of some cool, decent-priced hotels in the San Francisco area?

Alright, let's see if anyone responds. C'mon, California Palinites! There must be some of you! ;O)

Re: Help me on my trip?! by emartin on 5 April 2003 11:36pm
my school rents out camping equipment at a discounted rate, so you could check and see if yours does the same (if you need to). Sorry i can't help with anthing in san francisco but good luck and have fun! as for plane tickets, try expedia and the airlines websites, they usually have the best prices.
Re: Help me on my trip?! by peripatetically on 6 April 2003 4:39am
Mary, we flew out of Baltimore and stayed at The Beresford Hotel in SF a couple yrs. ago. It isn't a bad plce at all and was a more reonalby priced accomodation than most others-- quite decent, in fact ,with a very very acceptable adjoining restaurant . Our breakfasts were included in our rate. It is only a short hop to the cable cars too. It's a good location becasue it's in the middle of everythng and easily reached no matter where you want o go. Some people opt for the Fisherman's Wharf area . Look around, there are sooo many places. I'd say the Beresford was a moderately priced hotel,...smallish and tastefull enough. Besides, we only slept and ate breakfast there. But it's pretty good. I would recommend it. Other eateries nearby too.

Be sure to take very comfortable clothing and shoes..., It's so hilly and only the strong and healthy can really hoof it without too much trouble. Of course the cable cars are a godsend.

By the way, there are 2 Beresfords. We stayed at the lesser priced one, I THINK!!!! (hmmmmm...) Anyway, just remember that the White Horse Restaurant adjoins it.

If you are there for any length of time, don't miss the trip to Alcatraz. I swear, I never thought it would be so great. Don't just take the ride around it. Take the actual island/prison tour and be sure to get the audio tape. You'll remember it forever. And the view from th ROCK is gorgeous of SF and the 2 bridges. I never thought it was something I'd enjoy, but I consider it a highlight of the trip, and I did a lot while I was there.

It's very popular, so upon arrival, book the tour so you aren't disappointed if the trip is full.

As for the Beresford Hotel, I'm not sure the price is what you're looking for, though. It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't over the top either.

We went in September after the school kids went back to school. The ttemperatrues were fabulous, so I'm sure Oct. will be really great.

Good luck!! Let us know what you decide.


Re: Help me on my trip?! by KellyB on 7 April 2003 12:48pm
I spent my B'day in SF last year!! And it is an amazing city!! Alcatraz,as Patty said is def worth a visit, but make sure u get down to Haight & Ahbury & chill out in Golden Gate park!! I stayed in The Comfort Inn on Van Ness Ave, but i got a special offer at the time so not sure what they're prices are like normally!! Anyway, i hope that u have a geat time!
Re: Help me on my trip?! by Rusted on 8 April 2003 9:42am
Thanks for your comments, folks. :O)

As far as hotels, I'm looking for under $100. I was talking to some friends who've done the trip before and they said that hotels are pricey around the Saratoga/SF area - they didn't find anything under $100 nearby. And, being that I'd be staying in the hotel by myself, it'd be cheaper for me to camp it it's that much. LOL.

Thanks for the Haight/Ashbury tip, that's definitely a goal for me (some of you may have picked up my leaning towards "hippie/psychedelic/classic rock" music). And Golden Gate I've always wanted to see. :O)

I'll only be there for three or so days and, what with 2 concerts, 2 live jams (electric and acoustic), (hopefully) dinners at Alice's Restaurant and Old Princeton Landing, and general festing and socializing, I'm not sure if I'll make it to Alcatraz. How much time does that usually take? I'm also at the whim of whichever of my friends I end up driving around with, so...! LOL!

At any rate...I'm really really really looking forward to it. Please fill me in on how much the places you stayed at costed! :O)

Re: Help me on my trip?! by peripatetically on 8 April 2003 2:01pm
Mary, the Alcatraz excursion is about 2 or 3 hours. Take into account the ride out and the time it takes on "The Rock".

Pop into the gift shop while waiting to board to leave. There are some pretty funny prison-related items to buy as souvenirs. (not that being in prison is funny, mind you!)

I'll see if I can find some prices for the Beresford. Not sure I still have them, but I can look. SF isn't cheap, for sure, but we found this place and were happy with the price and accomodations.


Re: Help me on my trip?! by peripatetically on 8 April 2003 2:55pm
Mary!! Good news!!

Try this site in your browser:


I didn't know the dates or number of nights, but I punched in an OCt. weekend and found the Beresford at $88 per night. It's the one I told you about and has a European flair. 7 floors high , private bath. It;s locatednear Union Square. The adjoining restaurant/tavern is styled after an old English pub. (White Horse Tavern is an award winner and has good food, but not expensive. Breakfasts were included when we stayed there. I noticed other places for less too, but can't vouch for them. Also look into Best Westerns. They might be closer to where you need to be, like the Fisherman's Wharf. Just which location is best for you? Do you know the location you will definitlely need to be near?

I might be able to help.

Also, if you give me your email address, I can send you a picture of the hotel and other info.

Re: Help me on my trip?! by Rusted on 10 April 2003 9:30am
I definitely need to be near Saratoga, which I guess is near San Francisco. That's all I know. ;O)

Thank you for checking into that for me, the place sounds cool and $88 might be managable! I'll see if I can get that link to work...

My email address is [email protected] - I'd love to see pictures!


Re: Help me on my trip?! by peripatetically on 10 April 2003 4:23pm
Mary I have an appt. today so it might be tomorrow before I send you anything. But I will!!!

I don't know Saratoga. Is it an area of SF or another little town or city?

Re: Help me on my trip?! by peripatetically on 11 April 2003 2:32am
Mary. I found Saratoga on the map. It's SW f SF, much closer to San Jose, so I don't know if you want to stay in SF and drive to Saratoga. You can't take a cable car from SF to Ssaratoga , that's for sure!!!!! Much too far and not available. DId you realize that? I have the Hotel Beresford info, but not your email. Let me know if you think you still want it since Saratoga isn't convenient to the city without rental or bus. I guess you can get a bus....?

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