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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A 4th of July Caution by KikiO on 4 July 2007 1:17am
Know your neighbors. Find out what is acceptable to them regarding your use of fireworks as you celebrate the 4th of July. Be kind.

My 4 year old son is autistic and the 4th is always a horrible experience for us. If you could see his reaction to all the loud noises, you would never set off fireworks on your block again. Imagine Dustin Hoffman setting off the smoke alarm in Rainman. It's pure misery for the little guy.

If it were only the one night, we could manage that. But it goes on for days before and days after here. It is, for us, a week of hell.

So, please know your neighbors and know their needs, and do your best to work with them so that everyone can enjoy the holiday as best as they can.

Re: A 4th of July Caution by tucsonmike on 4 July 2007 7:26am
I feel for you KikiO. You will hear some bottlerockets here, but fireworks are strictly controlled in Arizona, because it is so dry. They are only legal @ professionally organized displays. Have you checked Kansas law on fireworks?

Re: A 4th of July Caution by Spursfan on 4 July 2007 10:39am
How awful for you and your son, KikiO.

Since we have had our beautiful (now 2 1/2 year old) Staffie - Tosun - we have noticed how often people in the UK use fireworks. He is petrified of them (despite CDs on how to "de-petrify" dogs - if there is such a word! and helpful guidance from Geraldine) and sits in the shower cubicle shaking.

There are fireworks at Xmas, at New Year, at Firework Night (of course) and various people's birthdays, plus open air concerts etc in the Summer months.

We haven't had any for a while, but I suspect that is more to do with the weather than anything else.

Before Firework Night (Nov 5th - or Guy Fawkes Night) there are loads of warnings in the media about keeping your pets indoors - but what are we supposed to do about the other fireworks? Keep our pets indoors permanently?

I do sympathise with you.

Anne :-)
Re: A 4th of July Caution by johnnythemonkey on 4 July 2007 10:44am
I agree, each 'occasion' when fireworks are set off seems to be gettting longer each year.Morons.
Re: A 4th of July Caution by geordiegirl on 4 July 2007 11:50am
I'm so sorry, Kikio. When my neice was younger her condition too meant she was frightened, but as folks say there were a lot less around then.Living in such a multiethnic area means there are so many festivals now, most of which involve fireworks & people do go over the top with them. Mike your state has it right: we have the exhortations only to attend public displays but no element of compulsion.
Kikio, I hope today passes quickly for you all.
And Happy 4th July to our American Friends (geddit?) - do you say this to each other?
Re: A 4th of July Caution by canaveralgumby on 4 July 2007 6:35pm
kikiO, I wish I had some advice for you. Sending a virtual hug your son's way.

As for a dog, I start to medicate my dog with Benedryl in the morning. She still hides and shakes like a leaf at this time of year, but it's less severe with the meds. A few years ago, I got Rx sedatives from the vet, but they had no effect.

BTW I'm in Florida, which is worse than a redneck state, it's a redneck wannabe state, so it tries even harder at redneckdom. Fireworks are on sale all over. We were "blessed" last night with a torrential thunderstorm and the kids on the street who were getting ready to set 'em off couldn't do it. Alas, there's the rest of the week and the weekend.

Re: A 4th of July Caution by KikiO on 6 July 2007 9:44pm
Things went okay. Not great, but okay. He gets a little beter every year.

But it's not just about my kid. With 1/150 births = autism, it's likely there is an autistic child living on nearly every block in America. Some can handle noises, and some can't.

I appreciate the support and good wishes here. I posted a similar message on every board and site I actively participate in, and I was shocked and saddened by the number of "Hey, it's not MY problem" type of responses I received. My suggestion to not set off fireworks "in town" was met with comments such as "I own my property and I can do whatever I want to do. It's not my responsiblity to protect your kid."

So much for the old "It takes a village" way of thinking. *sigh*

But, the way I see it, if even a few people adjusted their fireworks usage because of some awareness I brought to them about the trauma fireworks can create for autistic children/adults, then I've done my part....ya' know? :-)

Re: A 4th of July Caution by canaveralgumby on 7 July 2007 6:06am
Yeah, people need to get over that "my property" thing. In those states where fireworks are NOT legal and NOT sold, everyone's used to NOT having them, so I dunno....
Re: A 4th of July Caution by tucsonmike on 7 July 2007 4:19pm
I hate to say this Kiki, but the "it takes a village" is getting to be less and less. People do not volunteer for things as much and do not look out for each other.
Re: A 4th of July Caution by johnnythemonkey on 7 July 2007 8:20pm
I don't think fireworks should be sold to the public at all.
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