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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Mike Needs Some Advice. by tucsonmike on 9 November 2007 6:43pm
I received a shocking phone call today. It was from the Pima County Sheriffs Dept. A friend from my old job was arrested for child abuse and wants to stay with me, because he is banned from his apartment. I am taking him in for now, since I had to make the decision on the spot. Will provide more details. Gotta get back to work.
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by Bunniegirl1979 on 9 November 2007 11:09pm

Be VERY careful.
Whilst it is honourable that you want to help a friend, and everyone is entitled to be innocent until proven otherwise, all of this seems to go out of the window where kids are involved.
I believe that as the named "guardian" of this man, you are entitled to ask the PD for the facts of the case.
Do this, and then make a qualified decision.

Thinking of you.
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by tucsonmike on 10 November 2007 12:50am
Thanx Sally. He is with me for now. He feels as though he has been dropped into the middle of a Kafka novel. He called his mother in Maryland, not much she can do.
He ended up being responsible for his sister and her three kids. He did not approve of the middle sister's boyfriend. Beth and the boyfriend were brought to the counselors office @ school for smooching. No idea what happened after that, but the next thing Jack knew, he was under arrest. These are felony charges.
I've seen him around those kids. The youngest, the son, needs a good whipping.
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by mrsthing on 10 November 2007 3:58am
I don't know about the laws in AZ, but in CT, you can be reported for child abuse just for admitting that you spank your children. If you actually do it in public, you can be arrested for abuse. Even verbal abuse is considered a low-level version of assault. Older kids know this and exploit it.

But you deserve to know everyone's side of the story. These things are always more complicated than they ought to be.
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by kazzzz on 10 November 2007 10:57am
Well yes that's right , child abuse takes many forms but if I were you I'd say no I'm afraid. I find it a bit odd that he has chosen an ex workmate to go to rather than family.
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by tucsonmike on 10 November 2007 3:27pm
The problem is, Karen, his mother is in Virginia. His sister is on the house he is banned from.
Mrsthing, it is similar in AZ. He goes to court November 29th. I am going with him.
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by geordiegirl on 10 November 2007 4:40pm
Really anxious tiume for you, Mike - as Sally says, we're all concerned for you.

To put my oar in, i have known a couple of teqachers who were (wrongly) accused of child abuse. I imagine your friend will get a good lawyer.
I know you'll keep us posted. What a thing to have dumped on you!
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by tucsonmike on 10 November 2007 8:17pm
The latest. Today after work, Jack and I have to return to the apartment, under police escort to retrieve things for his basic needs. We have to call the police non emergency number when we are within two blocks of the apartment and go in with the escort.
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by tucsonmike on 11 November 2007 1:48am
He has since spoken with an attorney. They said, it is better for me to go. I do not need an escort. I've been plunged into a strange world.
Re: Mike Needs Some Advice. by canaveralgumby on 11 November 2007 3:17am
Well this will give you something to talk about at Toastmasters! Just trying to be positive. :^)

As long as you do not have children around (JUST in case), and as long as you and Mrs. Tuscon don't risk being evicted yourselves..... Perhaps the PD told him he MUST find someone with no children, and you're the only people he's got?

In what way did he become responsible for his sister and her 3 kids? Are they the true delinquents in this case?

We train our little ones to be aware and disclose abuse, and to whom they should go for help. THEN when they're a little older, they realize the power of "telling the authorities" even when it's BS.

My son pulled that threat on me once, when he HAD to go Boy Scouts but just wanted to play video games instead! I suspect most American kids will try this at least once on their parents to see the reaction.

But in seriouslness, I'm afraid that may be what the neice and her stupid boyfriend did. Unfortunately, once the uncle was accused of something, the authorities HAVE to take it seriously. Very scary.

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